My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 549

Chapter 549 carries the legend of the reincarnation of Heavenly Dao

Seeing the six dragon eggs playing more frantically in the spiritual liquid lake, Xu Fan couldn’t help laughing.

“This person has a double standard. If he had been replaced by a normal Spirit Beast egg, he would have been brought to the table and turned into egg fried rice.”

“In the face of these 6 Dragon eggs, you can only condone them.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Xu Fan just sat quietly beside the spiritual liquid lake, emptied his mind, and practiced the Salted Fish Dafa.

“The Great Elder is taking a break here again.” Zhan Ling appeared beside Xu Fan.

“Elder is not the one who came out to relax after cultivating Divine Ability.” Xu Fan responded.

He felt the aftertaste of the Five Elements spiritual realm on his body.

“Although I thought about cultivating this Divine Ability after reincarnate and recultivate.”

“But that time I saw the nuclear explosion Divine that you used to fight the Golden Tiger with a puppet. Ability, I can’t help but pick up cultivation.”

“As a result, I’m dizzy now, so I went out for a walk.” Zhanling shouted the head.

“Don’t worry, it won’t take long to penetrate this Divine Ability with the talent of the Elder.” Xu Fan smiled comforted.

“When I heard someone talk to me like this before, I would definitely feel like he was scolding me.”

“But now I’m relieved to hear the Great Elder say that. “

“It won’t take many years, how many years.” Zhan Ling asked.

“We must reach this level first.” Xu Fan said that there was an extra black and white light in his hand.

“It should take about a thousand years.”


“That’s not much, 1000 years is enough time for me to rebuild to Venerable Yes.” Zhan Ling said speechlessly.

“1000 years is not a long time, this Divine Ability can evolve infinitely in the follow-up, no matter what kind of realm it is cultivation, this Divine Ability can exert the corresponding formidable power.” Xu Fan explained said.

“Great Elder, sometimes I really doubt it.” Having said that, Zhan Ling paused.

“I suspect that I am the reincarnation of some big shot, you are not the only one who said that about me.” Xu Fan preemptively replied.

“Those who say that the Great Elder is reincarnated may not know the Great Elder.”

Xu Fan was curious about the latter sentence.

“Those who really know the Great Elder will say that it is the reincarnation of Heavenly Dao from a certain world.” Zhan Ling said exaggeratedly.

“The big shot is also an immortal cultivator, and it is not omnipotent.”

“But the Great Elder is different, as long as you are interested in things, you can quickly become proficient, even better than The achievements of others who put in a lifetime of hard work are even higher.”

Hearing Zhan Ling’s words, Xu Fan laughed.

β€œBe careful to let this world Heavenly Dao know, maybe it will take out my soul and check it out.” Xu Fan joked.

“I usually just think blindly, if the Great Elder is reincarnated in Heavenly Dao, he must be the kind of ruthless person who cultivates Heartless Dao.” Zhan Ling said with a smile.

“If Heavenly Dao is really reincarnated, it may really be like what Zhanling Elder said, cultivation Heartless Dao!”

Xu Fan thought about Zhanling’s words carefully, feeling It makes sense.

“I always feel like I’ve heard similar things somewhere.” Xu Fan was stunned and touched the chin.

“In the past, the top sect Holy Land, like the cultivation world, could generally be linked to the upper realm, so I also knew something about the Great Thousand Worlds.”

“There it is. One, there was a Heaven Realm boss who suddenly had a thought, ran to an Intermediate Thousand Worlds and merged with that Heavenly Dao Will, and then reincarnated with his left hand.”

β€œ As a result, once reincarnated, his celestial appearance is indeed powerful, and he can be regarded as omniscient and omnipotent, and any Divine Ability in his hands will be understood in an instant.”

“Refining tools, spells, Formation, pill concocting, A puppet…”

“As long as he can touch anything he can touch, he can become a Grandmaster Realm in an instant.”

“However, when countless people in the fairy world are shocked by it, The person who was reincarnated with Heavenly Dao became more and more hopeless, and in the end, although there was no cultivation Heartless Dao, it was better than ruthless.” Zhan Ling stopped here.

“What happened? What happened to that person?” Xu Fan asked curiously, you can’t stop changing at a critical moment!

“As a result, after the reincarnated person cultivated to the realm of the previous life, he returned to the Intermediate Thousand Worlds, self-explained and turned into Heavenly Dao Will, and then in tens of millions of years, the middle heaven world. Promoted to the Great Thousand Worlds.”

“Isn’t this making wedding dresses for others? Too pitiful?” Xu Fan said, and at this moment he had a feeling that he had seen it for a long time.

There is no lack of strange things in the world, and today Xu Fan feels that he has gained a little knowledge.

“So I’m afraid that the Great Elder is also in the same situation, but now it seems that I will worry too much tomorrow.” Zhanling said with a smile.

“Elder Zhanling, you’ve been around in such a big circle, so you mean something!” Xu Fan suddenly realized, didn’t expect that one day he would also be called lazy by others in circles.

“Great Elder, I didn’t mean it was just a joke.” Zhanling said with a smile.

“Elder, you may want to understand a concept.” Xu Fan said seriously.

β€œGreat Elder please speak.”

β€œI am me, my Avatar is me, and my temporary Avatar is me.”

β€œI am in Here, it’s not just being lazy, I’m taking a rest for the other three of me, from physical to spiritual rest.”

“This is very necessary, and long-term labor has caused a mental breakdown. This kind of stress can easily lead to a breakdown over time.”

“So I rest here, just to pass on the feeling to them afterwards, so that they can get a little mental relief.”

“One I’m resting, three I’m working hard, do you think I’m lazy?” Xu Fan said, staring at Zhan Ling.

“This…, it shouldn’t be lazy.”

“Great Elder, I apologize for what I just said, I just did it unintentionally.”

“Besides, what I mean is just to show that the Great Elder’s aptitude against the sky is just like that of Heavenly Dao.”

“Absolutely not to say that the Great Elder is lazy.” Zhan Ling also said solemnly.

At this moment, Xu Fan thought of a sentence.

“The only thing that defeats magic is magic.”

“Many thanks for the compliment from the Elder.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“I’m just telling the truth.”

After Xu Fan’s remarks, Zhan Ling felt that he had learned a certain skill, and it seemed useless, but it was still able to play. to a very important role.

“Great Elder, there is something I want to ask you.”

“When you asked me to reincarnate after 200 years, it’s still more than 130 years away. “

“I want to ask the Great Elder, is there another plan to recruit new Venerable?” Zhan Ling asked.

This is a very serious problem that he realized some time ago.

There is only one Great Ascension Venerable in the sect. Since he has rebuilt himself, he must be replaced by another Great Ascension Venerable in the sect.

Thinking of this, he instantly felt a sense of crisis, a sense of crisis where his status was not guaranteed.

He understands too well the appeal of the name of the Great Grandmaster, the future refiner, as long as his own Great Elder distributes information in the stars of the Human Race channel.

Not to mention the Great Ascension Venerable, the invincible Venerable can also be recruited into the sect.

(End of this chapter)

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