My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 552

Chapter 552 The return of old friend

The Fenglan Yuyan clan migrated to a huge island in the borderland of the huge lake.

The Feng Lanyuyan clan has a total of just over a million demon mouths, and a large island is more than enough.

“This island will be your territory in the future, and there will be basic welfare arrangements for you.” Xiang Yun said.

Because he and Xiong Li were the first people to come into contact with the Feng Lanyuyan clan, it was logical that they would be the Chief-In-Charge of their clan.

“After a period of time, your most basic benefits will be arranged for you.”

“There will be corresponding tasks for you in the future, and there will be corresponding tasks after completion. Reward.”

Several jade slips appeared in Xiang Yun’s hands.

“The requirement to officially become a member of the demon club, Monster Venerable can take a look, when the time comes, send a suitable demon over there.”

Yuyan Monster Venerable took over Xiang Yun With the jade slip in my hand, I glanced at it lightly.

“Human Race, will you really get the treatment you said that day after becoming a member of the Demon Club?” Yuyan Monster Venerable asked expectantly.

“Of course, our sect recruited a Monster Venerable as a member of the demon department some time ago, and now even the customized Dao Items have been refined.” Xiang Yun said with a smile, he felt sect It is really invincible in the aspect of refining.

“Customize Dao Item.” Yuyan Monster Venerable murmured.

There was once a Refiner Sect in their clan, but they were kidnapped by a powerful clan just because of the news leaked, and they threatened to destroy their clan if they did not refine Dao Item for that clan.

The past is unbearable to look back on, Yuyan Monster Venerable sighed, as if expressing emotion for the fate of their family.

Just then, 10 large spirit boats landed on the island.

Tens of thousands of puppets descended from above and began to build infrastructure.

It didn’t take long for a huge mission palace to rise.

Accompanied by the Spirit Gathering Array covering the whole island.

Spiritual Qi on the giant island rose up at a visible speed with naked eyes.

Yuyan Monster Venerable and Xiang Yun came to the task great hall.

As soon as I entered, I saw the huge screen in the office. Above the screen were all tasks assigned to the Feng Lanyuyan clan.

Rewards are also marked after each mission.

Yuyan Monster Venerable looked at these thousands of tasks, and suddenly felt that acknowledge allegiance hidden Spirit Sect is not a bad thing.

“When can I meet you Great Elder.” Yuyan Monster Venerable said expectantly.

“You can apply to Grape, and the Great Elder should be able to see you when he is free recently,” Xiang Yun said.

β€œmany thanks.”

At this time, Xu Fan, who was fishing on the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li, received the news that Yuyan Monster Venerable asked to meet him.

“I have nothing to do, let him come over.” Xu Fan said while fishing.

“Yes, Master,” said Grape.

Not long after, a blue light flashed in the sky, Yuyan Monster Venerable turned into a middle-aged man and appeared next to Xu Fan.

as the saying goes The face is born from the heart, this Monster Venerable turned into the image of Human Race, that is, the square-faced looks very responsible.

“Meet the Great Elder.” Yuyan Monster Venerable saluted according to the etiquette of Human Race.

“Get up, acknowledge allegiance, I hide Spirit Sect, can I complain?” Xu Fan asked with a smile.

“As long as the Great Elder doesn’t wantonly slaughter my clan, my clan will follow you forever.” Yuyan Monster Venerable said sincerely.

Xu Fan just took a light look at Yuyan Monster Venerable.

If you don’t follow, you will die. What kind of loyalty do you show to this?

“What’s the matter with me? Haven’t all the details of your family’s placement been settled?” Xu Fan asked.

“I want to join the sect demon club and saddle up for the sect.” Yuyan Monster Venerable saluted again.

“After thinking about it, joining the Demon Club will be involuntarily involuntarily.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“I’ve made up my mind, I just want the sect to be strong and protect my clan forever.” Yuyan Monster Venerable said.

In fact, in Monster Realm, their family was most severely oppressed by the strong family.

He thought about finding a vassal of the Peak clan, but after a little inquiries, he found that his clan was not qualified enough.

“If you have an idea, let Grape take you to the demon department later.” Xu Fan said with a smile, and the captain who was driving the Snake Spirit starship found it.

A jade slip appeared in the hands of Yuyan Monster Venerable.

“Great Elder, this is all the news my clan got after they came to the human world, I hope it will be useful to sect.”

Hearing the words of Yuyan Monster Venerable, Xu Fan’s Raised eyebrows, this is really useful.

“Grapes, accept this jade slip, extract the content and record it in the database.”

“According to its value, exchange points that match its value.” Xu Fan commanded.

“As you order, master.”

A puppet appeared and took the jade slip from Yuyan Monster Venerable’s hand.

“Although your family acknowledges allegiance and hides Spirit Sect, except for related tasks, sect will not take any advantage of your family.”

“You will get what you pay for.” Xu Fan said.

Over the years, the Monster Race races he killed have gotten the most valuable things from those races’ records about the Monster Realm.

So what Xu Fan means is to dedicate all the information recorded by your race.

β€œI understand, many thanks to the Great Elder.” Yuyan Monster Venerable said.

“You have something to do, I have to concentrate on fishing.”

Xu Fan waved Yuyan Monster Venerable to leave.

A puppet, leading Yuyan Monster Venerable to fly towards the demon department.

“sect has added another General, and the team is starting to grow.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Relying on the location on the island where the Feng Lan Yuyan clan was settled, they were able to come to Yinling Island in such a short time.

Xu Fan can conclude that this race must be far superior to other races in terms of speed, so he can dig deeper.

“The team is getting bigger and bigger, and the income is getting tighter and tighter.” Xu Fan said worriedly.

Now the main benefit of the hidden Spirit Sect is that Zhanling drives the star to go to the extreme sky for mining.

The second is the Refiner order received in Human Race.

Apart from this, those Spirit Stones earned in bits and pieces are not important.

“The consumption of resources has increased, and the income channels have decreased. The problem is very serious.” Xu Fan said, looking at the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li in the distance.

“An extra Monster Venerable can also drive a spirit boat to mine, so the pressure is less, but isn’t this enough?”

Thinking of this, Xu Fan suddenly felt Inductively looked towards the sky.

“Master, there is a Human Race star boat in the Linsen immortal city area, heading towards the sect.” Grape said suddenly.

A light curtain appeared in Xu Fan’s eyes.

It is estimated that a starship that is barely able to mine at the most basic level appeared in front of Xu Fan.

“The railguns are on alert, and the second team of Integration Realm puppets is ready.” Xu Fan said.

He felt that the people on this starship should have something to do with him.

Not long after that, the simple star boat landed on the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li.

A Treasure Item spirit boat flew towards the Hidden Spirit Sect, which was the magic weapon of Hidden Spirit Sect’s early sales.

Xu Fan received a message when the hidden Spirit Sect was approaching.

“Great Elder, I’m finally back!”

There was excitement, excitement, and a hint of grievance in his tone.

Guess who~~

(End of this chapter)

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