My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 555

Chapter 555 How big is the backing [Thanks to the Great Accomplishment of Anti-Missile Prevention and Control Nuclear Fusion for being the first Alliance Leader for this book]

Thousands of miles away from the immortal city of Shuiyun, the invisible Snake Spirit quietly landed here.

“Minister, are you sure you don’t have to follow me?” Jie Yu Monster Venerable asked.

“No, you can just stand by here, I can bring five squid puppets.” Pang Fu said with a smile.

At this time, after Pang Fu went through the mental journey of returning home, the pure meaning on his body was stronger than ever.

A spirit boat with Treasure Item level flew towards the immortal city.

“Hey, isn’t this the president of the China Unicom Chamber of Commerce?”

“I heard that you sold the entire chamber of commerce to Xiao Cloud Sect.”

“I heard that it’s just to rent a star boat to go home to meet my old boss.”

Not long after Pang Fu entered the immortal city, he was stopped by the president of the Great Chamber of Commerce.

“Brother Pang, you broke the rules, you know?”

“But you still have the courage to come back, I admire you.” The chairman of the chamber of commerce had a chill in his eyes, Looking at Pang Fu said.

The China Unicom Chamber of Commerce had already been regarded by him as something in his pocket, but didn’t expect it ended up being cheaper for others.

“So you have to suppress me next.” Pang Fu lightly saying.

If it is still in the previous state, Pang Fu is really a little scared.

Now, Pang Fu, who received investment from the headquarters of Spirit Sect, has an international vision.

This city and place, he has lost sight of.

“Yes, it was suppressed to death.”

“You said you were going to stand to earn the Spirit Stone, but unfortunately you made a blunder.”

“Kneel down. There’s nothing wrong with the next, but the fault is that you didn’t kneel in front of me.” The chairman of the chamber of commerce said in a gloomy tone.

Pang Fu glanced at the chairman of the chamber of commerce with disdain.

“In business, if you only used the means of the Chamber of Commerce to suppress me and compete with me, why would I, the Unicom Chamber of Commerce, send you?”

“Unfortunately, you Not a pure businessman.” After Pang Fu finished speaking, he walked past the chairman of the chamber of commerce.

“I’m not a good man or a woman. I will repay you double what you gave you back then.” Pang Fu’s eyes flashed with cold light.

“It seems that your old employer has given you a lot of confidence, and I hope you can keep standing.”

The chairman of the chamber of commerce smiled and squinted at Pang Fu’s back. , as if staring at the prey.

In the former headquarters of China Unicom Chamber of Commerce, Pang Fu gathered dozens of people with a message.

“Boss, have you seen your old club?”

“Boss, you’re coming back a little sooner. Didn’t you plan to come back in a year? It’s only half a year. “

“Brother Pang, did you find the master you were looking for?”

When everyone saw Pang Fu, everyone seemed to be talking at once.

Pang Fu raised his hand and pressed it down, and the audience fell silent.

“Brothers, I came back from the sect, and we have a backer.” Pang Fu said excitedly.

“How old is the backer?” a middle-aged man said urgently.

“There is a Venerable plus a star boat as big as one.” Pang Fu made a gesture in the void.

Everyone was stunned for a moment, still not understanding what Pang Fu meant.

“Brother found a Great Dao of Light for you. In the future, our chamber of commerce will run through the entire center continent!”

Pang Fu waved his hand, the illusory shadow of the Snake Spirit. appeared in front of everyone.

“This is a star boat, where did Brother Pang see it?”

“It looks like an uncommon military might.” A young man said, revealing in his eyes with an exploratory eye.

Everyone seemed to have thought of something, all excitedly staring at the illusory shadow of the Snake Spirit in front of them.

“This will be our star boat from now on. It was specially prepared for me by the sect Great Elder.” Pang Fu said proudly.

A light curtain appeared in front of everyone again, and above it were the products that Pang Fu brought out from the hidden Spirit Sect to sell.

“16 Dao Items! Void Refinement Realm-level puppets! 20,000 fifth-order Treasure Items!”

The first three items alone stunned everyone.

“Brothers, from today onwards, I will take you all over the center continent, and in the future, I will take you all over the cultivation world.”

“Brother Wang, Brother Yu, Old Brother Zhou, haven’t you always wanted to experience what it’s like to be the president of the Great Chamber of Commerce?”

“One of you will be in charge of an immortal city, with Xingzhou and other battle strengths of Venerable Level behind it. You support.”

“Xiaoyun, you follow me first, and I will take you back to the sect after a while. There are only 5 Refiner Sect divisions in my sect.”

“Our sect Great Elder has the appearance of a Great Grandmaster. I can let him accept you as a honorary disciple, and the rest is up to you.”

“There are still brothers left. , in the future, you will be the backbone of my Yinling Chamber of Commerce, and each of you will be responsible for at least one immortal city or one Human Race channel star.” Pang Fu said passionately.

β€œBoss, won’t we avenge our revenge?” said a middle-aged man who could tell at first glance that he was an honest man.

“Revenge, of course, but they are not important now compared to the road we will take in the future.” Pang Fu smiled.

After he got the Starship, Railgun, and Integration Realm puppets, those Great Chamber of Commerce who had suppressed him in the past had all become scumbags, and Pang Fu was already disdainful to take revenge in person.

“Old Brother Huang, how about you keep the immortal city of Shuiyun, I will make you the head of the chamber of commerce here.” Pang Fu said confidently, whoever controls the transportation channel is the king these days .

“Brother Pang, can I?” said the man surnamed Huang.

Hearing the words of the man surnamed Huang, he smiled slightly, and a small screen of light hit directly in front of the man surnamed Huang.

“Bring these things to talk with Xiao Cloud Sect, the condition is to suppress the three Great Chamber of Commerce of Shuiyun immortal city.”

“At the same time, I will give you a batch of Magic weapon, spirit ore, puppet, set up Shuiyun immortal city Yinling Chamber of Commerce, you specifically block the three Great Chamber of Commerce.”

An imposing manner of planning strategies emanated from Pang Fu.

“Boss, leave this to me!” said the man surnamed Huang excitedly.

With these things in the light curtain, let alone suppress the three Great Chamber of Commerce, let them destroy them secretly without conscience.

“Brothers are people who are underappreciated and sincere in their business ethics. They just didn’t want to bow their heads and went against their own business ethics.”

“From today onwards, I will let brothers stand, Straighten your body to carry out your own business.”

Pang Fu said passionately, and the people below were like chicken blood, their faces were red, and the rays of light called hope flashed in their eyes.

According to Pang Fu’s plan, after the man surnamed Huang had finished talking with Xiao Cloud Sect, he left with a large army and began to lay out the entire central continent.

Huangshan went to Xiao Cloud Sect with a team of Integration Realm puppets and the magic weapon that Pang Fu gave him.

When Huangshan revealed that batch of magic weapons, he was immediately warmly entertained, and even Xiaoyun Venerable personally came out to entertain Huangshan.

The transaction went well. As an additional condition to suppress the three Great Chambers of Commerce, Xiao Cloud Sect immediately fully implemented it.

As the strongest sect in Shuiyun immortal city, speak directly on the surface and cut off all contact with the three Great Chamber of Commerce.

On the way from Huangshan back to Shuiyun immortal city, an accident happened.

Three presidents of the Great Chamber of Commerce and an idle Venerable stopped the team returning from Huangshan.

I woke up today and found that the Great Accomplishment of anti-missile control and nuclear fusion was the first Alliance Leader for this book, and Pork was instantly excited.

Thanks for the great support of anti-missile prevention and control of nuclear fusion.

Don’t say goodbye, today’s pork is added~~

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