My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 556

Chapter 556 The sharp change in Huangshan [Thanks to the Great Accomplishment of Anti-Missile Prevention and Control Nuclear Fusion for being the first Alliance Leader for this book]

Looking at the person who stopped him, there was a trace of fear in his eyes, But then there is a fearless imposing manner.

“Do you three Great Chamber of Commerce only use these despicable means?” Huang Shan said disdainfully looking at the three Great Chamber of Commerce presidents.

“I have to admit, you small business associations are really powerful together.”

“But so what! How good is the means?” A Great Chamber of Commerce president disdainfully said.

“I know you still have the remaining magic weapon in your hand, spirit ore, you hand it over and I’ll buy it at a fair price.” Another Great Chamber of Commerce president said laughed, with a typical smile hiding a knife.

“This Venerable, you really want to stand up for the Three Great Chambers of Commerce.” Huangshan said with courage.

A Hundred Men Squad Integration Realm puppet appeared behind Mount Huang and confronted Venerable’s imposing manner.

“After all, it’s a competition in the Chamber of Commerce. I won’t kill you, I’ll only capture you.”

“To be honest, it’s really a life and death battle, and I can’t beat you. These puppets, but it’s still very easy to just hold you.” The idle Venerable said flatly.

He didn’t want to do this kind of thing, but the other party gave too much.

“Venerable, Xiao Cloud Sect has spoken and officially cut off all transactions with the Three Great Chamber of Commerce. You should know this.”

Huangshan calmed down at this time, thinking of Pang Fu told himself the backhand, he, who used to see Venerable with weak legs, now dares to face Venerable.

“So what? It’s just an exchange of interests, and there’s no such thing as a means. We, the three Great Chamber of Commerce, are all in vain in the immortal city of Shuiyun.”

“In a word, trade all the remaining magic weapons and commodities to us at a fair price, and I will make you the Fourth Great Chambers of Commerce of Shuiyun immortal city.” The head of the chamber of commerce said.

“Four Great Chambers of Commerce, it’s ridiculous, your vision is so shallow, you are ashamed to be in your company.” Huangshan said with a smile.

Playing against the three presidents of the Great Chamber of Commerce who used to be all he could look up to, and having enough cards in his pockets, he exuded an inexplicable imposing manner all over him.

“Now make a choice, whether I will hold you or choose to reconcile.” Idle Venerable said with a blank expression, to be honest, he still admired the man in front of him.

“Venerable, I didn’t mean to offend, since they invited you, I also invited something to guarantee and protect me.” Huang Shan said with a smile, raised his hand slightly, and pointed to the sky .

In an instant, the idle Venerable chills rose, and a cold ball appeared on his mind. He knew that at this moment his life and death were in the hands of the person in front of him.

“Venerable, no offense, please make your choice now.” Huang Shan said blankly, but his heart was beating wildly.

“It’s very offensive to say something to the person behind you.” The idle Venerable said, and disappeared in the sky as a flash of light.

At this time, a thousand Void Refinement Realm puppets appeared in the sky, surrounding the three Great Chamber of Commerce presidents and their subordinates.

“Three presidents, now we need to talk about spiritual compensation.” Huangshan said with a smile.

At the moment when Venerable left at leisure, Huangshan’s spirit instantly sublimated, his eyes became sharper, and his expression became more gentle.

Shuiyun immortal city, the headquarters of China Unicom Chamber of Commerce, Pang Fu looked at the light curtain and laughed.

“Old Huang snatched such a good opportunity. This is the limelight.” A man said enviously.

“Old Huang has been suppressed by the three Great Chambers of Commerce over the years, both before and after joining the alliance. He is the most bullied among you.”

“If the old Big Brother Huang didn’t feel comfortable before we left, how could he be in charge of the business of Shuiyun Immortal City in the future.” Pang Fu said with a smile.

When he came back, he thought about how he would take revenge on the three Great Chambers of Commerce, but after thinking about it, he gave this opportunity to Huangshan.

After the three Great Chamber of Commerce compensated a large amount of spiritual damages, Huangshan returned to China Unicom Chamber of Commerce refreshed.

“Thank you, boss.” Huang Shan said with emotion as he looked at Pang Fu.

He knew it was Pang Fu’s intention.

“Thank you, we are all brothers.” Pang Fu said with a smile.

“Are you confident now that you are in charge of Shuiyun immortal city Yinling Chamber of Commerce?” Pang Fu asked again with a smile.

“Don’t worry, Shuiyun immortal city’s affairs are left to me.” Huangshan assured.

Three days later, the Snake Spirit circled around the immortal city of Shuiyun, looking towards the region of extreme sky.

Hiding the Spirit Sect, Xu Fan looked at the wounded Zhanling who had just returned to the sect, and said somewhat unexpectedly: “I got the news that Monster Venerable is not strong.”


“Strong is not strong, but the strength is similar to me, but there are other Monster Venerable guests in that family.” Zhan Ling said with a painful grin.

“1 versus 2, it’s still a bit reluctant.”

“But the final winner is me, I killed them all.”

Zhan Ling Reached out a hand and held out two Monster Venerable True Spirit light clusters.

Xu Fan looked at Zhan Ling’s expression of fighting desire, and knew that he must be playing very well.

“Put it in the core of the Spirit Gathering Array and store it.”

After Zhan Ling finished speaking, he had an expression like I’m not arrogant, expecting Xu Fan to praise him one sentence.

“Grape, take away these two groups of Monster Venerable True Spirit.” Xu Fan instructed.

The two groups of Monster Venerable True Spirit in Zhan Ling’s hands were pulled by the grapes and flew towards the core of the Spirit Gathering Array.

β€œWhen I was fighting with those two Monster Venerables, I got some important news.”

β€œThe invincible Monster Venerable of the Red Scale Monster Race has recently been in the sky in the sky. Injured in the domain, it is expected to rest for a hundred years.” Zhan Ling said.

“Are you sure!”

Xu Fan’s mood instantly improved.

“This is the information provided by Monster Venerable, who was a guest there.”

“And after my soul search, it is confirmed that this is true.” Zhanling said with a smile .

“That’s great, a hundred years is enough.” Xu Fan said confidently.

“Great Elder, after your Great Ascension Realm battle strength puppet comes out, I must give it a try.” Zhan Ling said expectantly.

“Then you have to prepare for being abused, that puppet is specially designed to deal with the invincible Monster Venerable.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

In recent times, the pressure on the invincible Monster Venerable has been a lot less instantly.

“Looks like I have to hurry up recently.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Although he was in the salted fish recently, his mind was all thinking about how to make a puppet that could make an immortal weapon.

“Great Elder, after my cultivation for a while, I will go to the inner area of the extreme sky to continue mining, and try to let sect build more Integration Realm puppets.” Zhan Ling said with a smile.

“Let’s go, Elder Slaying Spirit, but it’s best to stay on the periphery of the inner area, don’t go deeper inside. I’ve been thinking about it recently, and it has become a place of right and wrong.” Xu Fan said.

When the Qianling Venerable accident happened, Xu Fan took a hexagram and found that there was something wrong. He extended deeper and deeper, and the result was that the inner area had become a Great Ominous Land.

“Also, pay attention to the raid of the giant beast in the extreme sky. In an emergency, just hand over the control to Grape.”

(End of this chapter)

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