My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 563

Chapter 563 The consumption of the Great Ascension Realm puppet

“You can be considered, but this is enough for normal use. When it comes to the big scene, we must show the style of our hidden Spirit Sect. “Xu Fan said with a smile.

He let the Monster Race Refiner Sect divisions work together to make a very convincing magic weapon.

“Of course, I always use the nine-cornered Jiaojiao hearse you gave me outside, and every time I take it out, I will receive a grand reception.” Pang Fu said with a smile.

“That’s right.”

At this moment, Xu Fan’s fishing rod sank, and a ten-foot-long dragon whale took the bait.

“The meat quality is not good, let’s go back and stay.”

Xu Fan said with a flick of the pole, threw the dragon whale away kilometers away.

In recent years, as the Spiritual Qi in Yinling Island has become more and more thick, gradually began to affect the entire huge lake of hundreds of thousands li.

Now the monster beast in the huge lake of hundred thousand li, the top layer has reached the level of Divine Transformation Realm, all of them are swimming from the undercurrent of the endless sea.

“The Star Stone you left for me, I looked at it, it should contain the coordinates of a Secret Realm in the Territory of Extreme Sky.”

“There are indeed A trace of the immortal spiritual qi breath of the upper realm should be a secret related to the upper realm.”

“After a while, the coordinates will appear, when the time comes let’s go and see. “Xu Fan continued to fish, leisurely said.

“This Star Stone is a meteor that I encountered when I was traveling in the extreme sky and just hit the Serpent Spirit. When I picked up the Star Stone, this information appeared. in my mind.” Pang Fu said.

“The Secret Realm might have something good, or maybe it’s a trap.”

I don’t know why, Xu Fan thought about him a little when he was fishing brother.

It seems that I haven’t seen him for a long time. I don’t know how his health is. Will he be persecuted again?

“Trap?” Pang Fu said suspiciously.

“murdering to seize the treasures, immortal body possession, sealing monsters to break traps, there are many such cases.”

“But there is no major event, so make a purchase before you go. Gua, there should be no big problem.” Xu Fan said.

“It’s good to have the Great Elder in control.” Pang Fu said with a smile, in his cognition, Xu Fan is always so calm, as if nothing is disturbed.

“After all your hard work over the years, we’ve realized that Spirit Sect is no longer short of spirit ore. In the future, Spirit Stone and spirit ore should be divided equally.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

Since adding several large Space Warehouses to the Snake Spirit, Pang Fu has brought back more spirit ore from time to time.

The spirit ore stored in the sect is enough to keep the Spirit Sect routinely used for thirty years.

“The basic spirit ore is controlled by you, and the Dao Item level spirit ore is controlled by the Elder.”

“I dare to say that the entire central continent is now the sect Holy Land. , no one is more comfortable than our Spirit Sect.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this moment, the slayer driver Yinling 2 slowly landed in the hidden Spirit Sect.

Pang Fu looked at Yinling No. 2 in a trance, with a hint of surprise in his eyes.

During the three years of driving the Serpent Spirit in the Extreme Sky Domain, he has changed from a novice to an experienced driver.

Now he’s driving the Snake Spirit like driving an entry level luxury car, even if it’s noticeable on the street.

But it still couldn’t stop him from looking towards the top luxury car with an envious expression.

The performance of the Snake Spirit is far beyond the ordinary star boats in the extreme sky that he has seen.

But compared to the Yinling No. 2 in front of him, he felt that it was not a grade.

“Wait, wait until the spirit ore resources on the sect side are enough, I will specially refine a few star boats for you to run business in the extreme sky.” Xu Fan said with a smile, Pang The astonishing look in Fu’s eyes was seen by him.

After Yinling 2 landed on the hidden Spirit Sect, Zhanling flew towards Xu Fan.

“Great Elder, I’m lucky this time, I met a wind-breathing disaster in the depths of the extreme sky, and got a lot of wind-breathing spar.” Zhan Ling said with a smile.

“The wind breath spar, a good thing! You can refine a set of star boat acceleration accessories and install it on the Snake Spirit.” Xu Fan said with some surprise.

“Great Elder, there are a lot of wind breath spar, we can refine two sets and add all the two new boats.” Zhan Ling said, and then let the grapes call out the wind breath spar. stock.

“The speed of the Yinling No. 2 is already fast enough, and this thing can’t improve it much.”

“The snake spirit is different. After adding it, the speed can be instantly improved Take it up a notch,” said Xu Fan.

“Okay, I thought the speed of Yinling No. 2 could be improved by another level.” Zhan Ling said with some disappointment.

“The Yinling No. 2 is limited by the spirit ore, and its performance is like that. If you want to improve it, you can only rely on our Senior Brother Sha.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Sha Peak Master?” Zhan Ling said suspiciously.

β€œThis matter is kept secret for now and will be discussed later when there is a chance.” Xu Fan said.

In the past three years, Sand Sculpture has stabilized the most basic all-purpose Dao Item alloy, and is currently researching a high-performance all-purpose Dao Item alloy.

Attempting to evolve its 50% characteristics into its devouring fairy-level spirit ore, which is currently the most concerned item by Xu Fan.

“Is there such a mystery? When the time comes, can we build a starship with better performance than the Yinling 2?”

“That’s probably what it means.” Xu Fan nods.

“By the way, Great Elder, you have finished refining that Dao Item. When will we be able to refine the first Great Ascension Realm puppet!” Zhan Ling asked excitedly. road.

“How do you say this, it’s still a little difficult for you to see it during this time.” Xu Fan said helplessly.

I thought that I could reach the Great Grandmaster level of the refiner through special means, but I felt that it would not be a problem to refine a Great Ascension Realm level puppet.

I don’t know that there was a little accident on the way. Xu Fan had nothing to do when he was fishing, and deduced the puppet structural diagram of the Great Ascension Realm level.

Suddenly discovered a very serious problem, that is, if you want to drive the Great Ascension Realm level puppet, you must consume the Five Elements Essence spiritual power with a trace of Immortal Spirit Energy.

Xu Fan deduced the consumption of Five Elements Essence spiritual power a little and suddenly felt that it was more cost-effective to use the invincible Venerable Avatar jade talisman.

Xu Fan explained the consumption of puppets to Zhanling.

“My God, in just a short while, the Five Elements Essence share for the entire sect year is gone.” Zhan Ling said in shock.

Pang Fu next to him also showed a shocked expression, feeling that he didn’t earn enough Spirit Stones.

“Not only these, but also need to consume True Spirit of Monster Venerable Level.” Xu Fan spread his hands helplessly.

With this consumption, he would rather let the railgun fire a few more shots to solve the problem.

“Then this Great Ascension Realm puppet can deal with the invincible Venerable?” Zhan Ling asked.

“If I control and break the spirit, I should be able to resist it, provided that the Five Elements Essence Spiritual Qi is enough to consume.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

(End of this chapter)

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