My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 568

Chapter 568 acknowledge allegiance and cooperation

“This leader of the Spirit Armor clan is quite tough.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

The mortal kingdom at this time has been surrounded by millions of puppets sent by Xu Fan.

Above the Heavens and Under the Earth Not a fly can fly out.

In the sky above the mortal kingdom, there is an accessory space-based satellite for the Spirit Gathering Array.

“There is a saying in the cultivation world called refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit. It seems that you don’t understand the meaning of this sentence.” The head puppet coldly said.

“You have the ability to turn us into demon slaves, but before we become demon slaves, I will pull the entire mortal kingdom for companionship.” A trace of very ruthless flashed across the face of the Shining Armor. color.

At this moment, countless auras shot up from the borders of the mortal kingdom, and finally formed a space that blocked Spiritual Qi’s entry and exit.

“You have no chance.”

As soon as the puppets led by them finished speaking, the Spirit Gathering Array in the sky started.

Suddenly, Spiritual Qi of the mortal kingdom where the Spirit Armor clan was located was sucked away in large numbers.

At the same time, a wonderful voice sounded in the sky, such as Fairy chanting and the sound of heaven.

The Spirit Armor clan just wanted to resist when they were trapped, but they were confused by the sound, and turned into a state of armor, tenacious, invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable.

“If you don’t find a thigh to hug the characteristics of the Spirit Armor clan, it’s just courting death.” Xu Fan looked at the light curtain and said with a smile.

From the time he saw the group of Spirit Armor like slimes, he knew all the advantages and disadvantages of this group.

The advantage is the super defensive power of the Spirit Armor family, whether it is spell attack or physical attack, it has excellent defensive power.

And the Divine Ability that gives you the A-family is also related to defense.

The disadvantage is that the resistance to spells such as ecstasy is weak, and once unconscious, it will turn into a hard armor.

“Unconscious, I’ll take Spiritual Qi away from you, so you can obediently turn into jelly one by one.” Xu Fan said while looking at the light curtain.

“Hidden Spirit Sect, you underestimate my Spirit Armor clan, and my clan now has a way to guard against the spell of ecstasy.”

“My clan’s shortcomings It’s been hundreds of years ago.”

Just when Shining Armor was complacent, he suddenly felt something was wrong. He found that his body was slowly softening, and his spiritual power was being consumed at a very fast rate. .

Before they finished speaking, they turned into a pool of viscous liquid and rolled down from the middle-aged man.

For a time, the entire mortal kingdom of hundreds of thousands of Spirit Armor tribes turned into jelly.

“Let’s keep it first. If you don’t know allegiance, you can only do brainwashing.” Xu Fan said.

He has some good feelings for the various behaviors of this family coming to the human world.

Even if it is attached to a mortal with a spirit root, it does not control its mind and live in peace with it.

β€œAs you bid.” Grape responded.

Three days later, Xu Fan had a mass of silver jelly-like substance in front of him.

“Have you made up your mind? Acknowledge allegiance, I know that Spirit Sect has great benefits.” Xu Fan said, looking at the pool of unwilling silver jelly on the ground.

“As I said, we leave this lineage of the Spirit Armor family, and it is impossible for us to acknowledge allegiance to other races or powerhouses in this life.”

“Even if we are all controlled, our family The spirit will last forever.”

A face appeared on the silver jelly and said excitedly.

“Spirit of this thing, someone will sing praises to it, and you this lineage will be taken away by me.”

“Even if I kill you, who else is there but I know? Know?” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Anyway, we this lineage impossible to acknowledge allegiance to Human Race.” Silver Jelly said stubbornly.

“I have read the Life Source Divine Ability of your family.”

“To be honest, your family’s innate talent is very strong, but this Life Source cultivation technique Divine Ability is really a hindrance to your Spirit Armor clan.”

Xu Fan sat leisurely on the reclining chair, admiring Xiong Er Yun Duo in the sky, with all kinds of snacks on hand, this is him most comfortable state.

“I appreciate your clan, how about giving your clan a chance to cooperate with me in Spirit Sect?”

Silver Jelly was interrupted by Xu Fan just as she was about to speak here. .

“As a sincerity of cooperation, I will help your family optimize the cultivation technique and Divine Ability, and provide basic benefits.”

A light curtain appeared in front of silver jelly.

“Large Spirit Gathering Array, basic attachment puppet, magic weapon trading privilege, Five Elements Essence top special offer…”

Silver Jelly looked at the benefits and responsibilities of all kinds in the light curtain , gradually some heartbeat.

But in the end, he realized, wasn’t this the acknowledgement allegiance condition that tmd gave him?

“What’s the difference between this and the acknowledge allegiance condition you gave? And it’s even worse than the last condition!” Silver jelly felt cheated.

β€œThe difference is big, the acknowledge allegiance condition has become a cooperation condition, and our relationship is now equal.”

Xu Fan pointed at the silver jelly again. He pointed to himself, and then drew an equality sign in the air.

β€œIt makes no difference to me,” said Silver Jelly.

“At least it sounds better, just like the two big clans of my clan, the Yuguangtu clan and the Fenglanyuyan clan, they are all dependent clans.”

” And you are the Monster Race that cooperated with our Spirit Sect, except that you can’t run too far, the rest are very free.” Xu Fan said leisurely.

He had seen too many stubborn people like this before.

“The word cooperation represents freedom, and it also means that the spirit of your lineage can be passed down.”

Xu Fan’s words hit silver jelly’s heart.

“You have to think about it, I have no patience for a small force like you who doesn’t even have a Monster Venerable.”

“If you miss this opportunity, you can only let this All lineages have become demon slaves.”

Xu Fan, lying on the reclining chair, turned his head and glanced lightly at silver jelly.

He is in a good mood today, so he will take the initiative to persuade him.

Silver Jelly didn’t speak, just shrunk her body into a standard sphere.

A long time later, a sound came from the standard silver sphere.

“The conditions set, I ask you to issue Heavenly Dao Oath, so that our family can cooperate with you.”

The silver ball turned into a pool of silver jelly.

“Yes, cooperation is mutual, Heavenly Dao Oath, you should also send it.” Xu Fan said with a smile. He picked up Spirit Fruit like grapes and stuffed it into his mouth.

“Okay, our family is working with you,” said silver jelly.

When they knew of the existence of the hidden Spirit Sect, they thought about the migration of the whole family, but they were reluctant to cultivate the companion Human Race that they had cultivated for so long.

Just when they were hesitating, Xu Yuexian found them, so the scene in front of them came into being.

“That’s right, not all Monster Races can cooperate with our Spirit Sect.” Xu Fan said and took out an Integration Realm puppet.

“This is a personal gift from me. I modified it a little according to the characteristics of your family.”

“This puppet should be very suitable for your family.”


(End of this chapter)

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