My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 573

Chapter 573 Best Allies

“Since Venerable is so open, I can’t be stingy here. If the giant beast can refine magic weapons, I will help Venerable refine them all for free. .” Xu Fan said with some surprise.

It’s true, Sai Weng loses his horse, and An Zhi is not a blessing.

One less Yinling II, but took over a huge order, making up for the loss exponentially.

“Great Elder atmosphere, my Spirit Sect is willing to form close allies with the hidden Spirit Sect.” Qian Ling Venerable said.

There is a saying that sects are close allies.

That is, except for Disciple, sect inheritance, cultivation technique Divine Ability, and treasure house, the rest are like family.

“I am willing to become a close ally with Spirit Sect.” Xu Fan responded with a smile.

At this time, Xu Fan felt a slight change in the sect’s luck loaded on the grape itself.

At the same time, the Supreme Great Elder guarded in the Thousand Spirit Sect also felt the change in his sect’s luck.

“That’s fine.” Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder nodded.

Xu Fan, who was chatting with Qianling Venerable, suddenly thought of the consumption of the Great Ascension Realm puppet, so he thought about the second Avatar sound transmission.

“Go to the plain behind the main peak, take a little bit of the blood essence of the giant beast of the extreme sky, and see if it can replace the puppet consumption.”

I am reading a novel Avatar No. 2, closed the large book in his hand.

“I can’t live in peace every day.”

Avatar No. 2 left his warm nest as he spoke.

In the welcoming hall on the sect master peak, Qianling Venerable looked at the Star Stone handed over by Xu Fan.

“You said that the Secret Realm guarded by the Monster Race has something to do with the Great Thousand Worlds.”

Xu Fan nodded, waving his hand to project part of the map of the area in the extreme sky, The area guarded by Monster Race is circled.

“It’s here, and I feel a connection to the Secret Realm. Would Venerable want to go in and have a look?” Xu Fan said, and he always had a familiar aura when he divination in this area.

“The Monster Race is heavily guarded there, is there a way for the Great Elder to get in?” Qianling Venerable asked.

β€œIt’s easy to say, let’s inform the Elder Council first, and when they forcefully intervene, we can fish in troubled waters.” Xu Fan hehe said.

Qian Ling Venerable pondered for a while, then clicked nodded and said, “Then I will go in with the Great Elder and have a look. When the time comes, I will bring the eldest’s Avatar to guarantee and protect the Great Elder.”

“Then I’ll trouble Venerable.” Xu Fan said with some surprise.

He was simply inviting, didn’t expect surprises.

“What are we polite between the two sects~” Qian Ling Venerable waved said with a smile.

In the following period, the Monster Race Refiner Sect division in the sect quickly repaired the classical star boat.

On the plain behind the main peak, Xu Fan waved to the sky to say goodbye to Venerable.

“Master, are you really going to the Secret Realm in the Extreme Sky Domain?” Xu Gang asked.

“Go ahead, I feel the place is familiar, there must be something I need,” Xu Fan said.

He didn’t know whether it was God who gave him welfare or whether his brother gave him welfare.

“I’ll go with Master, so I can take care of you.” Xu Gang said worriedly.

“There are thousands of spirits Venerable on the road, I don’t need you to protect me.”

“Although you are a little better now.”

Xu Fan looked up and down Xu Gang, I feel that this elder apprentice has been enlightened recently, and the progress is so fast that even he is a little surprised.

“Then Venerable is an outsider after all, how can I protect him?” Xu Gang said with concern.

Xu Fan clapped a hand on Xu Gang’s shoulder, and a ban entered Xu Gang’s body.

β€œIf you can break free from this restriction within three years, I will take you with me,” Xu Fan said.

As soon as Xu Fan said this, Xu Yuexian also wanted to follow.

“Master, I…”

Before she could finish speaking, Xu Fan entered her body with a restraint.

“You are the same as your brother.” Xu Fan said and returned to the small courtyard leisurely.

sect no major event, in Xu Fan’s salted fish, three years have passed.

Above the hundred thousand li giant lake, Xu Fan is holding a dragon egg for egg teaching.

After several years of Xu Fan’s teaching of vomiting blood, the green dragon eggs have become obedient and good babies.

“Okay, let’s go play.” Xu Fan said, and in the eyes of Tianji Tortoise, he threw 6 dragon eggs into the huge lake of hundreds in turn.

“Great Elder, the appointment time with Qianling Fellow Daoist has come, do you want me to go with you?” Zhan Ling said beside him.

“No, Elder Zhan Ling will just stay and sit in the sect. There is Qian Ling Venerable over there, nothing can happen.” Xu Fan said, looking at the green dragon egg playing in the distance.

“That’s good, pay attention to safety on the road.” Zhan Ling nodded said.

Although sometimes he can play a role in the sect is not as good as a railgun, but there is a difference between the two.

Xu Fan nodded, and finally took out a ring and handed it to Zhan Ling.

“Elder, you have the authority to mobilize the Five Elements Essence Spiritual Qi of half of the sect and the Avatar jade talisman of the invincible Venerable that I left in the treasure trove.”

“When I was away, I encountered problems that I couldn’t solve, so I kept my cards.” Xu Fan said.

Slayer looked at the ring, and then took it on his hand.

“What if I can’t resist using Avatar jade talisman.” Zhan Ling asked a question.

β€œThen the sect emergency plan will be activated,” Xu Fan said.

The sect emergency plan is a record that Xu Fan uses to deal with the sudden attack of the invincible Monster Venerable, or the appearance of an irresistible enemy.

At that time, the entire Hidden Island will be teleported to a pre-prepared location.

“What is a sect emergency plan?” Zhan Ling asked curiously, it was the first time he heard the word.

“You’ll know when the time comes.” Xu Fan said with a smile, with a very mysterious expression.

Three days later, in the underground space of Yinling Island, Xu Fan looked at this simplified version of the Great Ascension Realm puppet that had been driven out after working overtime.

“The main body, this simple version of the puppet can maintain its strength for a maximum of 100 years, plus the blood essence of the extremely empty giant beast, it is enough to exert other battle strengths of the Venerable Level.”

“Combined with your fine control, you are an invincible Venerable under the rounding.” Avatar No. 2 introduced, with a little tiredness in his expression.

In order to refine this puppet, he and No. 1 directly turned on the overclocking state, which shortened the construction period by more than half.

“It’s hard work, hurry up and take a rest, I’ll ask Jade Rabbit Monster Venerable to come to you for physical therapy later.” Xu Fan said quickly looking at the tired expressions of the two Avatars.

Is it my own?

Hearing Xu Fan’s words, Avatar No. 1 and No. 2 smiled at each other and returned to Cave Mansion.

After the two Avatars left, Xu Fan couldn’t help but sigh.

“Some things are only 0 times and countless times, and sure enough, no matter which world a man goes to, he can do it.”

After Xu Fan finished with emotion, he turned around and looked towards the Great Ascension Realm puppet.

A dark black paint, like an assassin hidden in the dark.

(End of this chapter)

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