My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 574

Chapter 574 Mirror Small World, Accelerated Time Reward

“This aesthetic is the same as mine.” Xu Fan touched the chin and looked up and down the dark black puppet.

A huge and ugly stick appeared next to Xu Fan.

“Since the first magic weapon you used was a stick, then your name should be Wukong.”

Xu Fan stepped forward to patted Wukong, and then received the Dao Item palace among.

“All the preparations are done, just waiting for Qianling Venerable.” Xu Fan said.

For some reason, the closer the secret realm opens, the more familiar Xu Fan feels.


In a mysterious Secret Realm, a man and three women are looking at the huge star gate slowly opening in the sky.

“Father, do you think there is really an exit in this Secret Realm?” Wang Linger looked at the Stargate in shock and said.

“There may be an exit if we go in, but if we don’t go in, we can only be trapped in this Small Secret Realm.” Wang Yulun said.

Although he was not worried about food and clothing in Secret Realm, his long-term life in Secret Realm made him a little depressed.

β€œThere is nothing to miss in this small space of Secret Realm. Spirit Treasure spirit ore spiritual medicine has been scavenged by us, and it is meaningless to stay.” Wang Yulun said.

“I felt an Immortal Spirit Energy from this stargate. Could it be that this stargate leads to the Great Thousand Worlds.” Xiu Xin said, feeling the breath of the stargate.

β€œLet’s go in and have a look, won’t we?” Murong Qian’er said.

In fact, she was a little reluctant to live here. She lived here with the company of her family, as if she was isolated from the world, and was extremely close and comfortable.

At this time, all the star gates in the sky have been unfolded, and the length and width are at least ten thousand zhang.

“Let’s go in, take a small spirit boat first, this Secret Realm is not simple to me.”

Looking at the star gate, Wang Yulun knew that this Secret Realm was not Simple, with the imposing manner of the door, no Great Ascension Realm dared to walk in confidently.

Wang Yulun received all the spirit boats into his Dao Item palace, and the robes he wore also changed, and he started the battle mode.

In an instant, that handsome boy with incomparably handsome charm appeared again.

Xiu Xin glanced at Wang Yulun lightly, then turned her head away, her heart beating a little faster.

“Let’s go, let’s keep a low profile when we get there.” Wang Yulun said as he drove the star boat and flew the three towards the star gate.

The moment Wang Yulun’s spirit boat entered, everyone felt as if they had entered another world.

A world that is extremely weird and broken, appears in front of everyone, and the broken mirrors form one Small World after another.

β€œThe Great Dao Law here is wrong.” Xiu Xin frowned said.

Then he held up a light group in his hand and presented it in front of everyone.

“There is a problem with the Time Flow Speed here.” Xiu Xin looked at where everyone was.

It’s where one fragmentary plane meets another.

“We’re all limited to a mirror Small World and see what happens.” Wang Yulun said after a while.


One man and three women stepped into a mirror Small World.

At the moment when all 4 people entered, the mirrors other than the mirror surface Small World were all broken, leaving only the mirror surface Small World where they were.

At the same time, everyone felt a little strange and felt that time passed quickly.

“The Time Flow Speed here is accelerating.” Xiu Xin said, looking at the ball of Spiritual Qi in her hands.

“Yes, that’s the feeling, Time Acceleration, the feeling of being deprived of life.” When Wang Yulun’s face was solemn, it reminded him of that unpleasant experience.

“What do we do now? Are we going to die?” Wang Linger said in a panic.

β€œJust wait and see, this world should have its own rules, but it should never kill us,” said Wang Yulun.

Once he heard Xu Fan say a word, using Dao of Time to accelerate time to seize the vitality of cultivator is the most profitable business.

Sure enough, the Time Flow Speed of the mirror Small World where the four of them were located stabilized in no time.

The scenery in front of everyone began to change quietly.

A huge platform slowly rises, on which various spirit material rare treasures are placed.

β€œTime Flow Speed accelerated by 10 years.” Wang Yulun said, feeling his body condition.

“It’s about the same time as I calculated, it seems that it should be 10 years.”

“As for the treasure on the platform, is it the mirror world that rewarded us?” Xiu The core looked at the treasure on the platform and said suspiciously.

At this time, Wang Linger had already run to the platform and started to check those spirit material rare treasures.

“Father, mother, Master, these are all things, the most valuable is this Dao Item Spirit Bead.”

Wang Linger holds an azure the size of a billiard ball in her hand Spirit Bead said.

“It feels a bit of a loss to trade time for treasure.” Wang Yulun frowned said, Spirit Stone magic weapon, heavy treasure Divine Ability is like a floating cloud in his eyes.

“Linger, give this Dao Item Spirit Bead to your Master.”

“She is the most suitable person to use Dao Item here.” Wang Yulun said, He can’t say that he doesn’t like this thing.

“Let’s put it away, Linger, this is a Dao Item that assists Cultivation, it’s good for you.” Xiu Xin declined.

p> Wang Linger turned her attention to Wang Yulun, and she happily accepted the Spirit Bead in her hand when she saw Wang Yulun nod.

“Since Linger has taken the Dao Item, let’s take the rest of the senior.” Wang Yulun made a gesture of please.

“Then I’m welcome.” Xiu Xin said, one after another waved away all the spirit material rare treasures on the platform.

Just after Xiu Xin collected the treasure on the spiritual platform, the world in front of everyone began to change again.

The previously vanished Mirror Small Worlds reappeared around, and each had a bridge to the Mirror Small World they were in.

“This should let us enter the next Small World. Let’s stay still and see if this Mirror Small World will force us to go.” Xiu Xin said while looking at the changing Mirror Small World.

“Yes, if we enter the next realm, Small World, the time may continue to accelerate, which indirectly consumes our lifespan.” Murong Qian’er said.

At this time, Wang Yulun looked into the distance through the mirrored Small World and found that it was all white and covered by fog.

“If I feel good, these mirror Small Worlds are connected to each other, and there should be mirror Small Worlds that connect to the exit, we need to find them.” Wang Yulun said.

As soon as Wang Yulun finished speaking, the mirror Small World they were in began to shrink inward, squeezing the space for the four of them.

“Sure enough, this Secret Realm won’t let us stay in one place for a long time.” Xiu Xin said.

“Then change to a Small World, don’t change the rewards on this platform, and see what happens?” the next mirror world.

The 4 people walked to another mirror Small World, and then time accelerated rapidly. It didn’t take long for everyone to consume 11 years of lifespan.

Then a platform slowly rises, above which is a ferocious Integration Realm monster beast.

(End of this chapter)

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