My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 587

Chapter 587 The best quality leeks

Hidden Spirit Sect, hundreds of thousands of li above the giant lake.

Xu Fan looked at the spirit ore on Wang Yulun’s hook and said with a smile: “It’s still interesting to fish with you, I’ll never guess what will be caught on your hook next time. .”

Xu Fan came back to retreat for 3 months later, completely stabilized the Void Refinement Realm, and integrated the insights and insights at the time of breakthrough into his own great scriptures.

“This is very strange, you can never catch normal fish.” Wang Yulun untied the spirit iron ore hanging on the hook and threw it into the lake.

“Brother Xu, I went to see Chi’er yesterday and found that his state is not right.” Wang Yulun said.

“That proves that your son is about to wake up.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Enlightenment?” Wang Yulun wondered.

“In a nutshell, your son is about to become smarter.”

“Once enlightened, his aptitude and perception will rise to a new level.” Xu Fan said leisurely, feeling As soon as you get out, you have to relax.

Xu Fan feels extremely comfortable now.

“This is a good thing, don’t worry.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“You should be worried about another thing, Xiu Xin Elder seems to be very rare of you, don’t let the harem catch fire when the time comes.”

A pale red with a length of ten feet The big fish was caught by Xu Fan, and then the puppet was sent into the cafeteria.

β€œHow did the Great Elder feel?” Wang Yulun wondered.

“A man’s intuition, or the reason for your destiny.”

“Although I’ve covered it up for you, some things will still happen.”


“Just won’t let you be forced every time.” Xu Fan swings again, throwing the hook far away.

β€œIt shouldn’t be a big problem, it’s fine to have less contact in the future,” said Wang Yulun.

“You can do it yourself.”

Xu Fan took out a turquoise Spirit Bead and handed it to Wang Yulun.

“What’s this?” Wang Yulun has obtained.

“Help you upgrade this Dao Item suit.”

As soon as the Spirit Bead touched Wang Yulun, it instantly turned into a pool of liquid and penetrated into Wang Yulun’s body.

“Brother Xu, the Dao Item set you made with refine for me has been very difficult to deal with, so don’t rush to help me.” Wang Yulun said moved.

“Relax, now I have been promoted to the Great Grandmaster of Refiner. You are just my hand refining, without any delay.” Xu Fan waved his hand and said.

“Brother Xu is now the Great Grandmaster of the trainer!!” Wang Yulun said in shock.

“Yes, at Wanjing Heavenly Palace, I had a little insight, and finally I couldn’t help being promoted to the Great Grandmaster.” Xu Fan said, patted Wang Yulun’s shoulder.

“The spirit ore at the fairy level is not enough now, or I’ll just get you a fairy set, which will make you invincible in this world.” Xu Fan joked.

“Invincible or invincible, just bring Brother Xu.” Wang Yulun laughed.

At this time, a silver white puppet appeared beside Xu Fan.

“Meet the Great Elder.” The silver white puppet saluted.

“I haven’t seen you for a while, have you guys still adapted after cooperating with the Hidden Spirit Sect?” Xu Fan asked with a smile.

“As if we were in the fairy world, our family felt the freedom to dominate ourselves for the first time,” said the silver puppet.

The Spirit Armor family felt that they had come to heaven only after they came to the location arranged by the hidden Spirit Sect.

Here you can buy a wide variety of Spirit Treasure spirit ore Magical Artifact , as well as a companion spirit puppet that makes them crazy.

An Integration Realm’s Spirit Armor is parasitic on the Integration Realm half-spirit puppet, which can produce 1+1=2 effect.

The Spirit Armor family of Integration Realm already has the defensive power of Dao Item level, and then adds the battle strength to control the companion puppet.

This is equivalent to defending Dao Item one more than others at the beginning, so how do ordinary people play?

The Spirit Armor clan, who are now cooperating with the hidden Spirit Sect, have become tools for ruthlessly brushing tasks for their favorite companion spirit puppets.

This made some Monster Races who couldn’t receive the quest very dissatisfied.

“That’s good. During this period of time, your family has undertaken almost 80% of the tasks of our Spirit Sect. It’s really not easy for your family to complete such a huge amount of tasks with quality and quantity. “

“So I called you here this time to persuade you. Those puppets that belong to your family are there. Don’t worry, when the time comes, they are all yours.”

“The spirit puppets are destroyed and can be rebuilt. If your Spirit Armor family perishes, it will be a great loss to the Spirit Sect.” Xu Fan persuaded.

Now that the Spirit Armor family has been brushing red-eyed quests, they are already not in because the quest itself is dangerous or not, and they do it as long as they don’t die, which has also led to a significant reduction in the Spirit Armor family.

“I understand the meaning of the Great Elder. It’s just that the little Spirit Armors in the clan have an almost crazy obsession with this companion spirit puppet, and they all want to get the companion spirit puppet as quickly as possible.” Shining Armor The puppet lowered his head and said.

“Let’s do this first, I’ll ask Grape to allow your family to loan installments.”

“It’s just to give you the companion spirit puppets first, and then pay back the points for the companion spirit puppets every month.” Xu Fan thought about it and said.

In his eyes, the Spirit Armor family is the best quality leek he has ever seen, and he doesn’t want to spoil this leek field by spilling things through excessive enthusiasm in advance.

“In the future, I will let Grape assign your family’s exclusive tasks, and insist that you are working so hard on tasks.” Xu Fan said.

“As you order, Great Elder.”

The Shining Armor puppet saluted and retired.

β€œThis Spirit Armor family is really strange, like a self-conscious armor.” Wang Yulun said.

“Unfortunately, Spirit Armor clan Cultivation is extremely difficult, and it is extremely difficult to give birth to offspring.”

“If I don’t find this clan, maybe they will naturally become extinct in ten thousand years. .” Xu Fan said regretfully.

“Also, I’ve read the information about this clan, and the production of offspring was an eye-opener for me,” said Wang Yulun.

The Spirit Armor family has no gender. If they want to reproduce, they rely on their own efforts to cultivate. They will have a chance to separate a small piece from the core during the promotion stage of Golden Core Realm, Divine Transformation Realm, and Integration Realm. kernel.

After a series of training, this small kernel has been transformed into the Spirit Armor family.

“What’s wrong with this? I’ve seen even more weird ones.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Underground space, Xu Fan came here after fishing.

At this time, No. 1 and No. 2 were listening to Xu Fan’s temporary Avatar’s storytelling with keen interest pleasure.

“Ask the main body, I suddenly found out that you have the potential to talk about storytelling. We won’t read novels in the future. You can directly let the temporary Avatar tell us.” Avatar No. 2 said with a smile.

“Then do you want to give you some more meaty jokes?” Xu Fan joked.

“Forget it, talking too much will easily affect Dao Heart.” Avatar No. 1 said with a smile.

“I’m looking for you this time to refine another Great Ascension Realm puppet and become the Qi Refinement Great Grandmaster.”

“I understand, many of the keys are, There was a problem with the Great Ascension Realm puppet we designed before,” said Xu Fan.

“No. 2 and I also know that this is waiting for you to come over and discuss.”

At this time, Xu Fan’s temporary Avatar just finished speaking.

(End of this chapter)

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