My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 592

Chapter 592 You’re in trouble!

After the Great Ascension Realm puppet disappeared, Sui Ying flew back from the spirit boat with his head covered.

“Great Elder, I am overestimating myself.” Sui Ying lowered his head and said.

“It’s good to be aware of your own problems, and slowly cultivate in the future. After reaching a certain realm, you may not be able to cut Monster Venerable with a sword.” Xu Fan patted Sui Ying’s shoulder and encouraged.

β€œmany thanks to the Great Elder for teaching,” said the shadow.

At this moment, in the light curtain in front of the three of them, the dark black Great Ascension machine puppet collided head-on with the two Monster Venerables.

“We sect the 1st generation Great Ascension Realm puppet, using the fairy weapon given by your wife, so I specially deduced a Divine Ability for this stick.”

Maybe the two Monster Venerables felt the Great Ascension Realm puppet not to be trifled with.

So the leading Thunder Monster Venerable made a direct attack.

In an instant, a sea of thunder filled his area.

“Fenglei, let’s join forces to defeat the incoming enemy first, and then talk about other things.” Jilei Monster Venerable said to Fenglei Monster Venerable behind him.

“You can work together, and come back to sect after you finish the fight.”

The wind and thunder Monster Venerable behind him directly swung several thunder pills the size of grinding discs with one wing, which contained a terrifying aura. , flew towards the dark black puppet.

“This Divine Ability deduced for the teacher is called Six-Stick Concentration.”

Xu Fan said, half of his consciousness instantly took over the puppet of the Great Ascension Realm.

“This first rod is called Ding Soul!”

Xu Gang and Sui Ying saw a Heavenly Giant Rod appear in the sea of thunder displayed by the light curtain.

The one through the Heavenly Giant Rod went straight through the entire sea of thunder, and hit the skull of the Thunder Monster Venerable directly.


The Monster Venerable, which was smashed by a stick, instantly turned into a stream of light and smashed into the ground.

The two people watching the light curtain at this time, although they did not come to the scene, were also shocked by this stick and their scalps tingled.

The terrifying sea of thunder was instantly pierced by this stick, and stunned the terrifying Monster Venerable.

After the Great Ascension Realm smashed a stick, it moved quickly and jumped a hundred miles away.

Escaped the 6 terrifying thunder pills inspired by the Monster Venerable.

Wind and Thunder Monster Venerable Regardless of the puppet of the Great Ascension Realm, it directly transformed into a purple thunder and lightning across the space and came to the side of the Thunder Monster Venerable who was smashed into the ground.

Wind and Thunder Monster Venerable grabbed the Thunder Monster Venerable with one hand and turned into lightning again to flee into the distance.

“Master, they are going to escape!” Xu Gang said hurriedly, looking at the light curtain.

“Don’t worry, since you’re here, there’s no reason to let it go.” Xu Fan laughed.

Comparing his speed with his Great Ascension Realm puppet is like eating and going to the toilet.

“This second stick is called Dingling!”

The Great Ascension Realm puppet in the light curtain instantly burst out with a Power of Space, directly crossing the space and appearing On top of the wind and thunder Monster Venerable.

Then use a virtual connection to Heavenly Giant Rod, as if connecting Heaven and Earth, and directly hit Fenglei Monster Venerable.

“The person behind the puppet, I don’t care who you are, you got into trouble with my thunderbird clan!”

With Fenglei Monster Venerable angry roar, he It turned into a purple lightning bolt and escaped directly into the void.

“You can’t run away!” Xu Fan said.

“The Great Ascension Realm puppet I made can’t defend against your space teleportation. It is called the Great Grandmaster.”

The Heavenly that crosses between Heaven and Earth Giant Rod, directly locked the surrounding space and forced out the Fenglei Monster Venerable.

In the end, the stick fell on Fenglei Monster Venerable, and in an instant, he lost consciousness.

“Master is amazing! didn’t expect the Great Ascension Realm puppet refined by Master to one against two under Master’s control!” Xu Gang said in shock.

“Great Elder is amazing!” Sui Ying also said in shock.

At this moment, golden light appeared in his eyes. They thought that their ability to control puppets was the limit, but they didn’t expect there is Person beyond the Person, there is Heaven beyond the Heaven.

The Great Ascension Realm puppet can kill two Monster Venerables in seconds.

“Great Elder, when will I get to the realm where you control the puppets!” said Sue Ying.

“Go slowly, you control the Integration Realm puppet and control the Great Ascension Realm puppet, the difficulty of which is at least separated by a huge lake of hundreds of thousands li.” Xu Fan said.

A puppet master, he can quickly advance to the seventh-order puppet master with his innate talent.

But after that, every step is like crossing the sky.

“No matter how far the gap is, I believe I can cross it.”

“Many thanks to the Great Elder, I have seen the power of the ninth-order puppet master.” Sui Ying said, Very grateful in his tone.

“Really understand, when you advance to the Nine Steps to Heaven puppet master, I will give you a Great Ascension Realm puppet.” Xu Fan said boldly.

Anyway, it belongs to the sect, and it is not for whoever uses it.

β€œmany thanks Great Elder!” Suiying said gratefully.

At this moment, a stream of light flashed across the sky, and the Great Ascension Realm puppet landed in front of Xu Fan with a huge thunderbird in one hand.

Xu Fan waved his hand and put the Great Ascension Realm puppet into the Dao Item palace.

“The thunderbird clan is barely considered the Peak clan of the Monster Race. There are often invincible Venerable Monster Venerables in the clan, and they belong to the last peak clan.” Grape’s voice sounded.

“How did these two birds get here?”

“It stands to reason that the passage between the two realms can’t be opened here?” Xu Fan said with some doubts.

At this moment, Ji Lei Monster Venerable woke up.

“Human Race, if you don’t want Human Race in this area to be slaughtered, you’d better let me go.” Monster Venerable looked at Xu Fan coldly and said.

“Are all of your Peak clan’s Monster Venerables so confident?” Xu Fan said amusedly.

“It seems that you haven’t figured out your own identity.”

At this time, Xu Yuexian came to Xu Fan’s side.

β€œMaster, who are these two big birds?” Xu Yuexian asked curiously.

“Monster Venerable, who inadvertently broke into the grape warning range, happened to be in the cage of ten thousand beasts as two bodyguards for you.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Are these two Thunderbirds of the Monster Venerable Level?” Xu Yuexian said with some doubts, looking at the tragic appearance of the two big birds.

“Yes, put it in the cage of all beasts first, and after returning to the sect, let the teacher train you well.”

Xu Fan said that both hands forming seals, two The road prohibition penetrates into the body of the Thunder Monster Venerable and the Wind Thunder Monster Venerable.

Just when Xu Yuexian was about to put them in the cage of all beasts, a spiritual object on Fenglei Monster Venerable suddenly cracked.

A huge thunderbird illusory shadow appears.

“Human Race, how about making a deal?”

“Let go of the two Monster Venerables of our clan, Ji Lei and Feng Lei, you can mention the conditions.” The huge thunderbird illusory shadow Said, the tone was very peaceful, and there was no sign of anger.

“That’s right. Just now, the Monster Venerable of your clan threatened me to destroy Human Race as soon as I woke up.” Xu Fan said while looking at the thunderbird illusory shadow.

It is at least an invincible Monster Venerable who can cross such a long distance and talk to him.

β€œHuman Race, can we treat the two Monster Venerables of our family kindly first, and then there will be thunderbirds of our family who come to the door with sincerity.” thunderbird illusory shadow said.

Xu Fan narrowed his eyes when he heard this.

“I didn’t feel the slightest bit of sincerity when you said it, but it was full of threats.” Xu Fan said indifferently.

(End of this chapter)

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