My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 598

Chapter 598 I can save it.

Qianling Venerable is overjoyed, why did he send such a heavy gift, for this step.

A space Dao Item Spirit Bead appeared in the hands of Qianling Venerable, along with three jade slips.

“I knew~”

Xu Fan’s face was black, knowing that this wave was arranged perfectly clear.

“Who came up with this idea?” Xu Fan asked casually.

“It must be the third child. He said it’s not surprising that there are many people. He asked me to take these with me when I left. Maybe the Great Elder will need it.” Qianling Venerable said happily.

There are three good things in his life, one is a good star boat, two is a good look at the boss, and the three are good at the third.

“Oh, I see.” Xu Fan nodded.

Although he hit a little trick, the opposite party sincerely took the heavy treasure spirit ore and smashed it. Xu Fan said that as long as No. 1 and No. 2 can withstand it, then he will have more.

The two of them were speaking while they were speaking, and they dropped three or four streams of light in the sky.

“When did these streamers immortal jade become heads?” Xu Fan said helplessly.

This streamer immortal jade contains a strange rule. When it falls by your side, you will definitely catch it with your hands. This will greatly affect the No. 2 Avatar refining star boat.

“If there is no accident, it should be 108 pieces of streamer immortal jade, and generally there will be no more after that.” Qianling Venerable said.

β€œHow do you know so clearly?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

“After the boss was promoted to Invincible, he also received so many pieces of streamer immortal jade, which are still in the sect treasure house.”

“This belongs to the invincible Venerable. It’s a secret without words.”

“So the premise of Elder Council’s evaluation of the serial number Venerable is that there are 108 pieces of streamer immortal jade.” Qianling Venerable said with a smile.

β€œSo it is, it seems like it will be a while,” Xu Fan said.

“This method of recruiting elites in advance is quite advanced. Knowing that you can advertise in advance will give you a little benefit.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“This is nothing? After the Great Elder refines the first immortal artifact, those high-level forces who are eager for talents will try their best to sneak into this world to recruit the Great Elder. ” Qianling Venerable said again.

“Then will they force me to join their forces?” Xu Fan asked.

“That’s not true, Heavenly Dao doesn’t allow it either. The Avatar they came down will eventually dissipate in the cultivation world.”

“Only join or not join, the memory in it , I can’t take it back.” Qian Ling Venerable gestured to Xu Fan and said with peace of mind.

Xu Fan nods, indeed, he has lived until he is old and learned, and today he added another knowledge point.

β€œmany thanks Venerable for pointing out.” Xu Fan said politely.

“It’s just some superficial information, and should not be directed.” Qianling Venerable waved said with a smile.

“Venerable will come to get the first fairy weapon in a hundred years. Who will refine it first?” Xu Fan asked.

“Of course” Qian Ling Venerable paused.


As if making great determination, Qian Ling Venerable said it.

Xu Fan nods, indicating that he has received it.

Then Zhan Ling came to the Welcome Hall and had a friendly chat with Qian Ling Venerable.

After all, I was there for a while.

The transparent wings waving in the classical star boat, like feathers in the breeze, floated up and disappeared into the sky.

At this time, Xu Fan turned around and saw a few streams of light in the sky again.

“This should be the last batch.” Xu Fan said while looking at the streamer.

“Why is the streamer immortal jade that the No. 2 Elder received first.” Zhan Ling asked in confusion.

“I don’t know very well either,” Xu Fan shrugged said.

A few hundred thousand li from Linsen immortal city, there is a team of cultivators cautiously approaching the direction of immortal city.

“Eldest Senior Brother, do you feel that the closer to immortal city, the less Monster Race we have encountered.” A girl wearing a blue daoist robe said.

The man called Eldest Senior Brother has a tired look in his eyes.

He heard the girl’s words, nodded said: “Unsurprisingly, Linsen immortal city has not been breached by Monster Race.”

“There should be a powerful Venerable senior guarding there. After arriving in immortal city, I hope to settle down there, inherit Master’s wishes, and build a sect.”

Eldest Senior Brother’s eyes were firm, as if this matter was the only meaning of his life.

“If the map shows correctly, we are still 140,000 miles away from the immortal city of Linsen,” said a chubby cultivator who weighs at least 200 pounds.

β€œWhen there is no Monster Race all around, we hurry up and try to get to Linsen immortal city earlier.” Eldest Senior Brother encouraged everyone.

At this moment, an experienced youth ran over.

“Eldest Uncle-Master, my father is going to die soon, you can go see my father for the last time.” Eyes full of unbearable color.

Eldest Senior Brother and the teenager came to the back of the team, looked at the cultivator lying on the stretcher, and said silently: “Go in peace, I will take care of Feng’er.”

“Excuse me,” said the cultivator weakly on the stretcher.

“The wind and rain came along the way, didn’t expect I fell here.”

A green line extending from the cultivator’s heart to the eyebrows And go.

At this time, there were many people around the stretcher.

All of them looked at the injured cultivator with tears in their eyes, and a teenager was crying beside him.

β€œIf I had saved that medicine pill, Third Senior Brother would not have to die now,” said a female cultivator crying.

“My fate is up, but unfortunately I didn’t see you enter the immortal city with my own eyes.” When the cultivator spoke, the green line had already extended to his neck.

As long as the green thread reaches the center of the forehead, all the toxins contained in the heart will explode.

Just when everyone was sad, a strange voice suddenly sounded.

“The communication Magical Artifact has received a signal.”

A man’s voice was heard in the distance.

At this time, Magical Artifact, a communication with cultivator, began to receive messages one after another.

At this time, rays of light of hope suddenly lit up in Eldest Senior Brother’s eyes.

β€œWho has an acquaintance in Linsen immortal city!” Eldest Senior Brother exclaimed excitedly.

“A cousin of mine is serving as Vice-President in a chamber of commerce in Linsen immortal city.” A man’s voice came.

“Contact immediately, promise 1000high grade Spirit Stone, let him quickly buy top-level healing and detox Spirit Pill and send it over!”

“Anyone who has all contact me!”

At this point, Eldest Senior Brother seems to have caught a life-saving straw.

The cultivator lying on the stretcher also had hope in his eyes.

“Transmit spiritual power to me, and I can hold on for three more days.”

The injured cultivator, the teenager around him, immediately began to transmit spiritual power to the cultivator desperately.

At this moment, in the sky, several Divine Transformation Realm puppets flew.

“There is no data detected, please enter the information.”

The puppet headed by the crowd said.

“Name, sect, where did it come from, what is the purpose, is there any guarantee in this county?”

“I have an injured cultivator here, I can buy one first High-quality Spirit Pill?”

Eldest Senior Brother trying to find anyone or anything in a crisis, asked the puppet.

I wanted to write more today, but my daughter-in-law has returned to her parents’ house.

So Pork can only pick up the child by himself and come back to teach the child’s homework.

Now the blood pressure is a bit high, let the pork slow down~~~~

Now the pork is thinking about whether to practice the number again~~~~~~

(End of this chapter)

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