My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 600

Chapter 600 The star boat of empress

Zhu Yue looked at the outline of Linsen immortal city in the distance with a hint of relief in his eyes.

“Master, we have finally reached a safe place.” Zhu Yue said silently in his heart.

The spirit boat landed not far from the gate of Linsen immortal city.

“I still have a mission, so I won’t accompany you.” The Spirit Sect Outer Circle Disciple said and left.

β€œEldest Senior Brother, what should we do now?”

Everyone looked towards Zhu Yue.

“Let’s recuperate in immortal city for a period of time. After we find out the situation here, we will discuss the establishment of a sect.” Zhu Yue decided to say.

A group of people walked into Linsen immortal city grandiosely.

After Qiu Ziyuan received the mission, he came to Linsen Immortal City and checked into the hotel where Zhu Yue’s group of people were.

In the early morning, on the second floor of a teahouse, Zhu Yue leaned against the window seat and drank tea silently.

“didn’t expect Implicit Spirit Sect is so powerful that it has almost monopolized the entire immortal city of Linsen. The sect is established here, and there is no chance for development at all.” Zhu Yue looked out the window, thinking to himself. .

At this moment, an elegant and easy-going man wearing a daoist robe sat next to Zhu Yue.

“Fellow Daoist, there are people here.” Zhu Yue said.

“I’m here to find you.” Qiu Ziyuan said with a smile.

“Introduce myself, I’m the deputy head teacher of Hidden Spirit Sect. I have something to discuss this time.” Qiu Ziyuan said

Zhu Yue was stunned and looked at Qiu Ziyuan with some doubts. .

“As far as I know, your sect was broken by Monster Race a hundred years ago. I wonder if Fellow Daoist has the idea of rebuilding the sect.” Qiu Ziyuan asked.

“After a while, I will apply to the Immortal City Elder Council to re-establish the Shuijing Sect.”

“I don’t know why the headmaster is here.” Zhu Yue looked at Qiu Ziyuan Said, with a hint of alertness in his eyes.

β€œI am under the order of the Great Elder, and I want to invite you to become a hidden Spirit Sect Outer Member. Seeing that Fellow Daoist is ambitious and has no intention of relying on others, this item is considered invalid.”

“This time we come to discuss with you is another matter, I will help you to rebuild the sect.”

“In the future, between our two sects, we will issue Heavenly Dao Oath to cooperate with each other, accurate. It is said that the hidden Spirit Sect assigns you a task, and you can receive the corresponding reward after completion.” Qiu Ziyuan said succinctly and clearly.

“Why does the Great Elder value me so much?” Zhu Yue said suspiciously, with a little guess in his heart.

“Our Great Elder is mainly interested in you and the fairy weapon on you.” Qiu Ziyuan said slowly.


A spiritual pressure erupted from Zhu Yue’s body, he stared at Qiu Ziyuan, this was the last card handed to him by his Master before his death.

It is also the basis for him to re-establish the sect.

Spiritual pressure erupted, Qiu Ziyuan laughed.

Ten Integration Realm puppets, as if escaping from the void, surrounded Zhu Yue’s table.

“Sit down, don’t get excited, our Great Elder has no idea about your fairy weapon, and even wants to help you.” Qiu Ziyuan said with a smile.

Seeing the ten Integration Realm puppets, Zhu Yue calmed down.

Although he is not afraid of these ten puppets, once they fight, they may not be able to gain a foothold in Linsen Immortal City.

“The immortal aura on your body is deeply hidden, but our Great Elder is a top-level Refiner Sect master, and we cannot hide this from him.”

“We Hidden Spirit Sect helped you build the Water Mirror Sect, and when you need your help in the future, you can’t hold back.”

“It’s as simple as that, and it’s a good thing for you.” Qiu Ziyuan said.

“Can I think about the headmaster?” Zhu Yue said in a complicated way.

“Yes.” Qiu Ziyuan nodded got up and was about to leave.

“If you agree, and there are some additional benefits, our Great Elder will help you repair the fairy artifact.”

Qiu Ziyuan left after saying that.

Zhu Yue looked towards the teacup in his hand, pondered, and finally got up and returned to the hotel.

Qiu Ziyuan, who returned to the sect, came to the Affairs Hall and began to deal with daily affairs.

“Thousands of soldiers have applied for ten Void Refinement Realm puppets, and I hope they can pay in installments.”

“I want to reject this directly. Recently, this smelly brat is very ambitious, and I still want to Go out to hunt, give him the approval, and don’t let him die.”

“Luo Yongfeng Junior Brother and Xiasha Junior Sister want to formally become a Dao Companion, and hope the Great Elder will be the officiant.”


“This matter.” Qiu Ziyuan touched the chin and thought.

“Grape, does Great Elder like to go fishing recently?” Qiu Ziyuan asked.

“There is no sign yet. It is predicted that after a month, the owner will turn on the idle fish mode.” Grape responded.

“Then this is to be determined, wait for me to find the Great Elder.” Qiu Ziyuan waved his hand and operated it in the light curtain.

β€œXiong Li applied to go abroad to train for ten years?”

β€œForget it, approve it directly, or Eldest Senior Brother will annoy me.” Qiu Ziyuan clicked the option he agreed.

“The Disciple of the refining lineage has recently applied for a bit more spirit ore. There are also Dao Item level applications. It’s a waste to approve too much.”

“Beast Peak One of the purple light beasts escaped from the sect when they were out for the wind, hoping to mobilize the authority to hunt them down.”

“Go, either this one runs away every day, or that one runs away, and another day builds a big cage to put you all together. Lock it together.” Qiu Ziyuan complained.

Since he took over the role of Sect Master, the agent of the Hidden Spirit Sect, he felt that his heart was being severely tested every day.

From then on, he began to respect grapes.

Just after Qiu Ziyuan finished his daily affairs, his communication magic rang.

“In the end, there are more people who understand.” Qiu Ziyuan saw that Zhu Yue’s information improved.

Three days later, after Xu Fan joined the Dao Companion of Disciple and formed a ceremony, he couldn’t help but miss his daughter-in-law again.

Even a generation of Disciple has Dao Companion, why hasn’t his daughter-in-law come back?

“Is this life?” Xu Fan said, looking at the sky.

“What’s the matter? Great Elder doesn’t want his daughter-in-law, right?” Zhan Ling said with a smile.

He also came to participate in the Dao Companion ceremony of the pair of Disciples.

“What’s the use of thinking? She won’t suddenly appear in front of me.” Xu Fan said indifferently.

Man, it’s not ashamed to think of a daughter-in-law when you are alone.

Zhan Ling patted Xu Fan’s shoulder and left.

Just when Xu Fan was thinking about what to do next, he suddenly received a report from Grape.

It is said that a starship modified by the Monster Race giant beast battleship has been detected to appear over the immortal city of Linsen.

“Is it the star boat of another immortal city chamber of commerce?” Xu Fan said.

Now with Pang Fu’s travel business in the extreme sky, the popularity of Linsen Immortal City is slowly rising.

From time to time, there will be one or two star boats coming to the immortal city to sell some bulk cargo.

A light curtain appeared in front of Xu Fan, above which was the starship transformed by the Monster Race giant beast battleship.

“This style should be from the empress side, what are they doing?” Xu Fan asked in confusion.

“Do you want to shoot down the rail gun, Master?” Grape’s voice sounded.

“No, it appeared so generously, definitely not here to steal the house.” Xu Fan waved his hand and said.

(End of this chapter)

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