My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 603

Chapter 603 Little One-Horned Snake

A thunderous sound resounded throughout the Hidden Spirit Island.

Everyone saw a lightning that flew into the distance and disappeared into the sky in the blink of an eye.

β€œThis speed is much faster than when I first saw him,” Xu Fan joked.

“This is not for seeing my wife and child.” Zhan Ling said with a smile beside him.

When Zhan Ling came, Xu Fan was posting Heavenly Dao Oath.

“Look, once you have a family, whether it’s a human or a demon, it will be involuntarily.” Xu Fan said with emotion.

“So that’s why you fooled their family.” Zhan Ling “puchi” laughed.

“I’m doing this for his own good, otherwise the orphans and widows will be very pitiful.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Isn’t this orphan and widowed mother suitable for Monster Venerable?”

“Although the Blue Bird clan is not considered a Peak clan, its patriarch strength is strong, and it can be regarded as a half-invincible Monster. Venerable.”

“The strength to bully a kin who is pregnant with a different race is this not just reaching over to snatch away the grain.”

Xu Fan waved his hand and slapped the blue bird clan’s The data is called up.

“Great Elder, didn’t expect your tentacles have extended there.”

Zhan Ling looked at the time on the data, the latest one was half a month ago ?

“How can it be so powerful, this is just the information I asked for Ning Dao’s big brother, they can now go directly to the Elder Council headquarters.”

Xu Fan said and pointed to the light curtain a message in .

“The Blue Bird clan’s Third Elder harbors a different species, causing dissatisfaction within the clan.”

“It is this news that at least accelerated the speed of Ji Lei Monster Venerable by 30%.”

Hearing Xu Fan’s words, Zhan Ling began to make plans.

“Yuguang Monster Venerable, Jieyu Monster Venerable, Yuyan Monster Venerable, Jilei Monster Venerable, Fenglei Monster Venerable, plus me and the Great Ascension Realm puppet, let’s hide the Spirit Sect. There are seven other battle strengths of Venerable Level.” Zhan Ling said that he was surprised.

“Do you know that apart from the three Supreme Elders in the Thousand Spirit Sect, there are also three Great Ascension Realm Elders, all of whom have just been promoted in the past thousand years.”

“The battle strength, you can beat three of them.”

“Don’t look at how many Spirit Sect Monster Venerables we have, except for the two thunderbirds, the rest are just like goods, at most can control a star boat.”

β€œIf this is a serious fight, they will go up to deliver food,” Xu Fan explained.

“Except for those two thunderbirds?” Zhan Ling looked towards Xu Fan in disbelief.

Feeling that Zhan Ling’s tone was wrong, Xu Fan replied “?”

“Except for the two thunderbirds!” Zhan Ling strengthened his tone again.

Xu Fan understood what he meant.

“I’m talking about Monster Venerable, what are you doing with this Venerable?”

“You want to get a fairy weapon, aren’t you more powerful than those two thunderbird Monster Venerables?” Xu Fan Without thinking, I just told the truth.

“Take the fairy weapon!”

A thorn fiercely stuck in Zhan Ling’s heart.

“Uh, my judgment on battle strength is more accurate. If you don’t take the fairy weapon, the best result is a tie.” Xu Fan said softly.

“Great Elder, is my battle strength really that bad in your eyes?” Zhan Ling asked.

“I’ll give you an analogy.”

Xu Fan waved a long line, one end of which represented the ordinary cultivator who had just been promoted to the Great Ascension Realm, and the other end connected to the Invincible Venerable.

I understand this line.

“Is the Great Elder trying to show me that my strength is in that position?” Zhan Ling said.

Xu Fan nodded and pointed to the two-fifths from the ordinary Venerable to the invincible Venerable.

After thinking for a while, he moved his hand to the invincible Venerable again.

“Great Elder, is my strength here?”

Zhan Ling looked towards the direction of Xu Fan’s finger, with a hint of sadness in his tone.

“If you take the fairy weapon, your strength will be here.” Xu Fan’s fingers moved 1/2 in the middle direction.

Zhan Ling stared at Xu Fan’s fingers that were not at the midpoint, with only one thought in mind.

This number is obsolete, let’s practice again.

“Great Elder, I went back to the Divine Ability where the cultivation was transformed and rebuilt.” Zhan Ling turned into a ray of blood and flew towards his Cave Mansion.

“The cruel reality is not acceptable to everyone.” Xu Fan looked towards the direction where the blood light disappeared.

Just as Xu Fan was sighing, Cloud Flower Deer jumped to Xu Fan’s side.

“You’re not staying in the source world, what are you doing here?” Xu Fan looked at Cloud Flower Deer and said with a smile.

β€œε˜€ε˜€~” (I found a poor little beast homeless, can we adopt it.)

Cloud Flower Deer uses a bright and intelligent big Looking at Xu Fan, as if a disagreement, Cloud Flower Deer will cry in the next second.

At this time, Xu Fan suddenly became vigilant, something was abnormal, there must be something strange.

When Cloud Flower Deer brought his friends home, he never told Xu Fan.

“You won’t kidnap another Holy Land auspicious beast, it’s not good.” Xu Fan taught patiently.

At this time, Cloud Flower Deer turned his head and took out a strange looking one-horned snake from the sky, four inches long, grayish-yellow, and a little ugly.

Suddenly from one environment to another, the little one-horned snake was a little stunned. When it saw Cloud Flower Deer, it instantly uttered a si si snake cry, and then jumped up and down on Cloud Flower Deer’s head. .

β€œε˜€ε˜€~”(It is really a beast, in a Small World, if we don’t eat or drink, let’s just accept it.)

Xu Fan no Ignoring Cloud Flower Deer’s words, he was looking at the ugly little snake with an extremely strange expression.

“Grape, check the database, what variety is this? Why didn’t I see it?” Xu Fan asked.

“There is no information about this beast.” Grape replied.

“Could it be a new variant.” Xu Fan touched the chin and said.

“Xiaolu, tell me the truth, does this little beast really have no owner or parents?” Xu Fan asked seriously.

Cloud Flower Deer is also nodded with a serious expression.

“Then accept it, the hidden Spirit Sect is not bad for eating and drinking.”

Xu Fan said, a high-quality Spirit Pill appeared in his hand and handed it to the sole. In front of the horned snake.

Although he didn’t know what species this little snake was, he could feel that this little snake was definitely not simple.

The one-horned snake looked at the Spirit Pill, swallowed it, and finally rubbed Xu Fan’s finger affectionately.

“Okay, you can play with his little snake in the future.”

“But if his master or parents come to look for it, you must not hide it. ‘ Xu Fan warned.

Cloud Flower Deer was nodded with joy, and ran to the distance with the little snake.

Xu Fan looked at the little snake on top of Cloud Flower Deer’s head, and the more he looked, the worse he felt.

“Always feel that something is wrong?” Xu Fan asked in confusion.

“Forget it, don’t care. When that little snake grows, you’ll know what species it is.”

Xu Fan said, returning to his small courtyard and continuing Salted fish.

In the early morning of the second day, Xu Fan had just finished his daily cultivation when he heard bad news from Grapevine.

β€œThe one-horned snake brought back by Cloud Flower Deer yesterday, the Spiritual Qi that it sucked occupies one thousandth of the hidden Spirit Sect!!”

(End of this chapter)

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