My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 605

Chapter 605 Venerable

The lead puppet is the only Great Ascension Realm puppet in the Hidden Spirit Sect.

Holding a spirit-breaker, leading 600 Integration Realm puppets on both sides, waiting for the three Heavenly Devil Sect Supreme Elder.

“Great Elder, the Heavenly Devil Sect is led by Venerable, the invincible realm.”

“He is followed by those two, Zhenhua Venerable and Moonfish. Venerable, according to what you said, they are all at the midpoint of the invincible Venerable, and they are better than me anyway.”

Hearing Zhanling’s sound transmission, Xu Fan still felt that he underestimated his refiner. The face of the Great Grandmaster.

Xu Fan could hear a hint of embarrassment in Zanling’s tone, but didn’t pay much attention to it.

At this moment, Venerable, the demonic ape headed, was staring at the spirit-breaking fairy stick, unable to move his eyes away.

Swallowed with great difficulty.

“What should I do if I really want to grab this fairy weapon?” Venerable shouted in his heart.

He used great willpower to move his eyes away from the broken spirit, and then looked towards Xu Fan under the hidden Spirit Sect gate with fiery eyes.

At this moment, the hundreds of Integration Realm puppets and Great Ascension Realm puppets that surprised him were not as attractive as this stick.

The two Supreme Elders behind Venerable, the magic ape, had expressions of surprise on their faces.

Six hundred Integration Realm golems and the Great Ascension Realm, enough to shock them.

Xu Fan looked at the expressions of the three Heavenly Devil Sect Supreme Elder, and whispered to Grape: “Don’t use the latter method.”

“Understood.” Grape responded.

At this moment, Xu Fan felt a fiery gaze.

The fiery eyes made Xu Fan feel bad.

A kilometer-long Spirit Crystal road, the three Supreme Elders walked for five minutes.

The magic ape Venerable came to Xu Fan and said with a smile: “I know the name of the Grandmaster, it’s a bit rude to come to visit so late.”

“What’s the rudeness? Where?, Venerable can visit our hidden Spirit Sect, it has made my island full of brilliance.” Xu Fan said politely in the official language.

“Besides, Venerable has all the way to the stars, I’m really flattered that Venerable can come here in such a short time.” Xu Fan added.

“When I learned the name of the Grandmaster, even if the sky and the sea were separated, I could not wait to step in front of the Grandmaster.”

The magic ape Venerable said, from the moon fish Venerable behind him. The generous gift of the visit was kindly handed to Xu Gang beside Xu Fan.

According to the etiquette, this generous gift must be received by the Disciple of the most honorable person in the sect.

Xu Fan saw that Xu Gang received the generous gift, and smiled and led the three into the main peak welcoming hall.

It was another series of mutual flattery, and everyone started to talk about business.

“My Heavenly Devil Sect candidate, Saintess, can marry the grandmaster’s disciple, which is her honor, but she can’t be Saintess.” Venerable said.

β€œHaha, my disciple and your sect candidate Saintess are destined by fate, otherwise it will not disrupt your sect’s plan.” Xu Fan said.

“As compensation, I will personally refine a custom Dao Item for your sect Saintess.”

This is the face you give me, and I will give you face, everyone will They are good friends, and no one can let anyone suffer.

“This is an honor for that girl, I’ll let her come over to thank herself later.”

Venerable said with a smile, and finally turned his eyes to Zhan Ling.

Zhan Ling shivered and said a little embarrassedly: “Boss Demon, you’ve been doing well recently.”

He was in Heavenly Devil Sect, and the most feared thing was this Venerable. Counted as half of his master, he once saved his life when he was in danger.

Leaving Heavenly Devil Sect division, Venerable also retained some.

Seeing not to persuade, I just laughed and scolded.

“Go away, let me see you again and break my legs.”

“Fellow Daoist, didn’t expect you and I to meet again.”


Just a few words made Zhan Ling’s legs tremble.

“Master Demon Ape, you should call me Zhanling, you call me Fellow Daoist, I’m afraid.”

Xu Fan curiously looked at Zhanling who was afraid and looked at it again. Looking at Venerable, it is determined that it is not a major event, and he does not need to be involved.

“It’s okay, I want to say, you have a better future with Grandmaster than with Heavenly Devil Sect.” Venerable said with a smile.

“Boss Demon Ape, don’t worry, Zhan Ling is not an ungrateful person,” Zhan Ling said.

Hearing this sentence, Venerable showed satisfaction. Then he said: “I heard that Grandmaster is about to be promoted to Grandmaster Realm, so I hereby send congratulations in advance.”

Eight Avatar jade talismans of different colors were placed in front of Xu Fan.

Xu Fan looked at the things on the table and said with a smile: “This gift sent in advance is too expensive for Junior to accept.”

“Great Elder can Pick something you like.” Venerable did not look like I expected.

“Which Avatar jade talisman is from Venerable?” Xu Fan asked.

A black Avatar jade talisman floated up and was included in the space ring by Xu Fan.

“Which is from Heavenly Devil Sect, Supreme Great Elder.” Xu Fan asked again.

A dark red Avatar jade talisman floated up and was taken by Xu Fan.

“That’s it, no more Junior can’t stand it.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“I understand what Grandmaster means.” Venerable said with a smile, the corners of his mouth splitting to the base of his ears.

For the visit this time, he secretly fought five or six other Venerables, before finally settling on the lead.

Two space rings appeared in Venerable’s hands and handed them to Xu Fan. Since they accepted their Avatar jade talisman, they also accepted their congratulations.

Xu Fan took two space rings and gave them to Xu Gang next to him.

“Grandmaster is a cheerful person. If you say hello in the future, my magic ape will come across thousands of mountains and rivers.” The magic ape Venerable assured.

A young genius, entering Heavenly Devil Sect, he is the most dazzling existence in Disciple of the same generation when he comes into contact with cultivation.

Until the Great Ascension Venerable, few people in this world can make him look at him.

What if you have the magic weapon Dao Item, it’s not a great suppress and kill.

It wasn’t until he met Venerable, who had a fairy weapon in the Elder Council, that he realized that some gaps could not be bridged.

“I believe in Venerable.”

“A hundred years later, when I become the Great Grandmaster of the refining machine, I must celebrate with Venerable.” Xu Fan said with a smile, in his heart Thinking about how long it will take for the two of them to refine the Immortal Artifact.

“I can’t ask for anything.” Venerable laughed and said, wishing that day would come sooner, so that his regrets could be made up.

After a while, Xu Fan grandly entertained the three Supreme Elders of Heavenly Devil Sect, and presented them with several Dao Items.

Finally, under the reluctant eyes of Xu Fan and Zhan Ling, they sat on the star boat and headed towards the Territory of Extreme Sky.

“Great Elder, thank you.” Zhan Ling said gratefully.

Fortunately, she was Venerable, the magic ape she met in this situation. If it were elsewhere, he would probably be holding his leg to heal his wounds.

“There’s nothing to be thankful for, it’s not for free to help them refine the fairy artifact.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

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