My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 611

Chapter 611 Spirit Domain Five Elements Disc

Xu Fan looked at his own discipline and his disciples with concerned eyes, said with a smile: “Can be cured, but not necessary.”

“My suggestion is to directly transfer the spirit to rebuild and eliminate the hidden dangers of the Elder.”

“Otherwise, even if the cultivation technique is modified this time, there will be more brewing in the future. It’s a big hidden danger.”

“How do you choose?” Xu Fan looked towards the three and said.

Su Rantian first looked at his Husband, then at Li Chufan, and laughed weakly.

“Great Elder, I want to reincarnate.”

“This is the best choice. With the aptitude of this Elder, it is not a problem to ascend to the fairyland.” Xu Fan took Out a jade slip and hand it to Su Rantian.

“This is the Divine Ability of the cultivation required for the rebirth of the soul. Within 10 years, the Elder can cultivate to the Small Accomplishment.” Xu Fan said.

“many thanks Great Elder.”

“Thank you, it’s all my family. When you are reborn, we will send Spirit Sect to the Elder Dyeing. Last big gift.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“As for the current situation of the Elder, I made a Spirit Pill for it, and if you eat it, you can suppress the injury caused by the disorder of the cultivation technique for decades.”

Xu Fan sent Li Xingci’s family away and stood on the edge of the cliff in their small courtyard, watching the direction they were leaving.

“Fate, sometimes it’s so magical, what goes wrong in this cultivation art can’t be saved if you put it elsewhere. Fortunately, there is me.”

Xu Fan is at ease. After a few days, I went back to concentrate on practicing my fairy weapon. After all, Avatar couldn’t last long.

Two years later, a strange wave spreads throughout the hidden Spirit Sect.

One after another, the clouds of robbery began to gather, and there was a kind of black cloud pressure.

The entire hidden Spirit Sect is shrouded in robbery clouds.

At this moment, a fairy weapon in the shape of a compass rose to meet the test of the thundercloud.

Xu Fan stood at the highest point on the main peak and looked at the robbery cloud in the sky with novel eyes.

“It’s really amazing that this huge energy can be gathered directly without a hint of omen.” Xu Fan said with emotion.

“Is this the Thunder Tribulation when the legendary fairy was formed?” Sand Sculpture said beside Xu Fan.

“Witnessing the formation of a fairy in this life is not a waste of Artifact Refinement Master.”

The sand sculpture’s expression is a little frantic, and his eyes are staring at the spirit in the sky. Domain Five Elements disk.

“Don’t get excited, it’s just a fairy weapon, you will also refine it in the future.” Xu Fan comforted.

“Great Elder, don’t tease me, Master Refiner Sect is my limit.” Sand Sculpture said.

“Senior Brother Sha, you’ve seen me tell lies.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this moment, the thunder in the sky was loud, and countless thunder and lightning began to churn in the robbery cloud, illuminating the entire hidden Spirit Sect.

“My practice of immortal weapons is the most basic, as long as I endure the 3rd-layer calamity, it can be formed.” Xu Fan said, staring at the Five Elements disk in the sky.


A huge thunder as thick as a waist smashed directly on the Five Elements plate of the spiritual realm.

“The quality is better than the impression, and it can resist the first Thunder Tribulation.” Xu Fan said.

After the first Thunder Tribulation, the Spirit Realm Five Elements disc began to mobilize its own charm to mobilize the Five Elements Spiritual Qi to form multiple protections.


The second Thunder Tribulation smashed down, directly piercing all the shields of the Five Elements plate of the spiritual realm.

At this moment, a blood mist appeared beside Xu Fan, which slowly condensed into the appearance of beheading.

He saw the sky and said excitedly: “Great Elder, is this a fairy weapon made by you refined for me?”

Xu Fan nods.

“After the fairy artifact is formed, the Spirit Slaying Elder can be rebuilt.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

After the first immortal artifact was successfully refined, there was nothing to do with him afterward.

Zhan Ling did not expect this day to come so quickly.

After the second Thunder Tribulation, the Five Elements plate of the spirit realm began to build a new shield, which made the spectators of the battle in full bloom.

The immortal artifact that has just been refined has such power.

“Grape, has the Spirit Gathering Array been released from the hunger strike?”

“If the energy in this robbery cloud is allowed to dissipate, it will be a waste.” Xu Fan asked in his heart road.

“The Spirit Gathering Array has been arranged above the robbery cloud. As long as the third Thunder Tribulation splits out, the Spirit Gathering Array will start immediately, ensuring that no energy is wasted.” Grape said.

“That’s good.”

At this moment, the robbery cloud in the sky changed.

Before the third Thunder Tribulation was split, a part of the tribulation cloud began to dissipate at a very fast speed.

In the end, only one robbery cloud was left, which turned into the Thunder Tribulation of the third lane.

Then the sky was clear and cloudless, and the good weather returned to normal.

At this time, a huge Immortal Spirit Energy fell from the sky and poured into the Five Elements plate of the spiritual realm.

Xu Fan knows, this is the feedback after Thunder Tribulation.

“No. 2 comes out, it’s your turn.” Xu Fan said.

The second Avatar stood beside Xu Fan reluctantly.

“Small make up for your feelings, big make up for your body, but the feedback from Immortal Artifacts is obviously overdone.” No. 2 Avatar frowned, he felt that he couldn’t stand it.

“You can’t stand No. 1. If you really can’t, just replace me. Can’t the three of us overcome one feedback?” Xu Fan said.

At this moment, an incomparably huge Immortal Qi feedback place condensed towards Xu Fan.

Xu Fan just waved his hand lightly, the energy looked towards the second Avatar and condensed away.

The second Avatar opened his hands, looking like he was going to die.

This enormous force instantly covered the second Avatar.

It seems that there are countless pairs of small hands gently massaging the whole body, and I feel that there are a pair of small hands lightly rubbing on the soul.

The feeling is even more refreshing than archery, so that the second Avatar almost called out regardless of his identity.

“Ontology, I can’t stand it anymore, let No. 1 come on.” No. 2 Avatar’s overly cool voice made Xu Fan know that No. 2 was excited.

“Problem, I feel that No. 2 can still bear it. You see that he is so comfortable. It is obviously humility to give this energy to me.” Avatar No. 1 said with an unknown glint in his eyes. .

“How can there be so much nonsense? I’m not satisfied if you make a big sword.” body.

β€œLet me enjoy both obediently and honestly.”

Xu Fan’s rain and dew are both on Avatar No. 1 and Avatar No. 2, and no one spares them.

The feedback from the fairy tool lasted for three hours, making Avatar No. 1 and No. 2 unlovable.

“This bug in you is causing us so much pain?” said the two Avatars.

“There’s no way, otherwise we’d be in a different place.”

Xu Fan waved his hand, guarding the Five Elements disk beside Xu Fan, such as Like a good baby, it fell into the hands of Xu Fan.

“This is the first fairy weapon I made, not bad.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“How do you guys feel about this fairy weapon?” Xu Fan said.

“Abandoning those bells and whistles, focusing only on the transfer between Spiritual Qi, you have grown a lot.” Avatar No. 1 said.

“Looking at the workmanship of the fairy artifact, you can tell that the body is intentional.” Avatar No. 2 said.

(End of this chapter)

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