My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 612

Chapter 612 Great Millstone

3 months later , the plain behind the Hidden Island Lord Peak, not far from where the No. 2 refining starship is located.

A huge array with a light diameter of hundreds of zhang appeared in front of Zhan Ling.

“Great Elder, is this the array that helped me with my spiritual transformation?”

Zhan Ling looked at the densely packed rune in the array, a little dizzy.

“Yes, this Formation is very difficult to arrange, and the material consumed is no less than a fairy device.” Xu Fan said with a nod.

“No less than an immortal weapon, Great Elder, I have what skills and abilities I have in Zhanling!” Zhanling said excitedly.

“It’s okay, as long as the Elder Soul Slaying is rebuilt and becomes an invincible Venerable, it’s not worth it.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Xu Fan made Zhan Ling stand in the middle of the big formation.

“Elder, after the war starts, you will run the Divine Ability, it hurts a little bit, you hold on.”

“It will only take one hour soon.” Xu Fan warned.

“Come on, Great Elder, what are you afraid of this trifling pain?” Laughed heartily said.

“That’s for the Elder to hold back.” Xu Fan said and started Formation.

At this time, Disciple, who was wandering in the plain, discovered the situation here and began to watch around in an orderly manner.

“Don’t step into the big formation, I don’t care if you turn into meat dregs.” Xu Fan told Grape to inform.

The array is activated, and the Divine Ability is supported for Zhanling.

At this moment, a tragic cry rang out in the great formation.

At this point, Zhan Ling only felt like he was in a Great Millstone.

All of his meridian flesh, spiritual soul, was smashed into the Great Millstone, and milled round after round.

The extremely miserable cry made all the Disciple complexion greatly changed.

“Great Elder, what kind of Formation are you? I don’t understand.” Zhang Xueling asked as he walked beside Xu Fan.

“Why are you willing to come out today?” Xu Fan asked Zhang Xueling, who had already broken through to the Foundation Establishment Realm.

“Observe the Divine Ability, come across a bottleneck, go out and digest it.” Zhang Xueling said with a smile, exuding a frank and knowledgeable temperament.

“Go out and do better.”

“This is a great formation of spiritual transformation and reconstruction. Its function is to return the cultivator to the way it was at the beginning of the cultivation, and then re-insert the cultivation The road.”

“It’s especially suitable for Disciple that has a bad road.” Xu Fan squinted at Zhang Xueling and said.

At this time, the screams of Zhan Ling have not stopped.

“If you want to regenerate your soul, you must put the fleshy body and soul into the Great Millstone, crush it little by little, leave its essence, and condense the fleshy body and soul again.”

“The whole process is a little painful, but it’s not a big problem.”

Xu Fan looked at Zhan Ling who was still screaming, and suddenly didn’t understand, why didn’t he make a painless version?

“Great Elder, I feel that if you let Zhanling Elder’s consciousness be free, you can avoid pain.” Zhang Xueling said after thinking for a while.

Xu Fan clapped his hands abruptly and said, “It’s such a simple method, how come I didn’t think that divine consciousness can pass through Divine Ability tempering, so that many drawbacks can be avoided.”

“Yes, in the future you can give me some advice on the new Divine Ability Art in the Hidden Scripture Pavilion.” Xu Fan patted Zhang Xueling’s shoulder and said.

“As ordered, Great Elder.”

At this time, Soul Slaying, who was still struggling in endless pain, didn’t know that this Soul Transformation had been revised.

After one hour, an egg less than half a zhang high appeared in the center of the big formation.


Xu Fan waved his hand to remove the big formation and came to the front of the egg.

“You can come out, Elder Zhanling.” Xu Fan called.

“Great Elder, can you give me a child’s clothes?” A childish voice came from inside the egg.

“Haha, I’ve long been ready for the Elder.” Xu Fan saw a ball of ten thousand clothes in his hand, made a small hole in the egg and sent it in.

A short while later, the egg was broken, and a child in a fancy dress came out, with red lips, white teeth, and clear eyes, like a holy child walking out of a painting.

Between the brows, there is a vague sense of the domineering arrogance of the original beheading.

“Great Elder, you are not being authentic, is that a little painful? It almost killed me.” The child opened his mouth and said with an old-fashioned look.

“Compared to the world that Elder Slaying Spirit has seen, what is this pain?” Xu Fan said with a smile, and there was a bit of sadness in his tone.

β€œNow the Elder is like a blank piece of paper, everything can be rewritten, and the road of cultivation is at the foot of the Elder.”

Xu Fan said that he had just refined the I took out the Five Elements disk of the Spirit Domain.

“The Elder is not finished yet, the next step is to seal the ceremony.” Xu Fan said.

“Does this hurt?” Zhan Ling, who had become a child, asked a little scared.

“This doesn’t hurt at all.”

Xu Fan said and started Second Layer Formation, directly recognizing Master, and sealed Immortal Qi in Spirit Physique.

“Elder Zhanling, do you want to find a few Yuguang rabbits to take care of you for a while?” Xu Fan asked with a smile while looking at the little Lord Zhanling.

“No, Fasting Pill and the medicine pill of cultivation, I have already prepared it, and I will start retreating Cultivation after I go back.” Zhan Ling doesn’t like the current appearance, it looks too cute, and it’s lethal at all. No.

“It’s better to send a few. Elder Zhang Zhanling is still young and has become a mortal. Now is the time to grow his body, how can he eat Fasting Pill every day.” Xu Fan said with a smile, turning his head to let Grape selected a few Yuguang rabbits who are good at taking care of people.

“Then Zhan Ling will live up to the kindness of the Great Elder.” Zhan Ling looked at his small body and said.

“Then I wish the Spirit Slayer Elder to return to the Venerable realm as soon as possible.” Xu Fan said.

The grapes were moving very fast. Not long after, a small spirit boat brought three human-shaped Yuguang rabbits to the front of Zhan Ling.

“In the future, the Elder will be your master. You must serve with your heart.” Xu Fan looked at the three jade-light rabbit girls who had transformed into human figures.

“Follow your orders, Great Elder.”

“pay respects to Master.” The three Yuguang rabbits saluted towards Zhan Ling.

Looking at the cute child with red lips, white teeth, and the appearance of a little adult, the three Yuguang rabbits showed their love.

“Great Elder, then I’ll go back to cultivated.” Like a beheading reborn, some can’t wait to hurry up and cultivate.

Xu Fan said with a nod, “Go, Elder Zhanling, pay attention to the combination of work and rest.”

The small spirit boat took Zhanling away.

β€œMaster, can spiritual transformation increase aptitude?”

I don’t know when Xu Gang appeared beside Xu Fan.

“No, but in comparison, it will definitely be better than before.” Xu Fan said leisurely.

“You don’t need to think about it. Obediently and honestly cultivation is fine, aptitude is almost fine, and battle strength is fine.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“As per your order, Master.” Xu Gang said.

“Your performance is very good now, far beyond the expectations of being a teacher.”

“Just follow this feeling, and those Heaven’s Chosen evildoers in the future will not be punished. You are stepping on your feet.” Xu Fan encouraged.

(End of this chapter)

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