My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 614

Chapter 614 Xuanyue giant eagle

“many thanks Great Elder ~” sand sculpture said with a smile, thinking that if that Dao Item can really help him, Let him become an authentic Refiner Sect teacher, then his years of regret can be realized.

“The two of us have nothing to say about thanking you. I really want to thank you.” Xu Fan said.

Now, with the strength of Xu Fan’s Great Grandmaster, refining a Dao Item is no longer the same as it used to take a few months or even a year.

“Then Great Elder, after refining your Dao Item, can Pang Fu send me to the Medicine King Valley.” The sand sculpture said with a smile, if he fulfilled his original promise.

“These are all small issues.”

Xu Fan knew what he was thinking by looking at the sand sculpture’s expression.

No matter who you are, as long as you succeed, you want to prove yourself.

After Xu Fan walked around, he brought Yuyan Monster Venerable and a group of Integration Realm-level Feng Lan Yuyan to the source realm.

At this point, there are two Great Ascension Realm puppets standing behind Xu Fan.

The breath radiated by that group of windy blue rain geese, including the rain geese Monster Venerable shiver coldly.

Especially the Great Ascension Realm puppet with a stick, Yuyan Monster Venerable felt like he couldn’t stand it with a stick.

In the source realm, a small passage between the two realms has already been opened.

“Great Elder, don’t worry, I will definitely bring back the news you need.” Feng Lanyuyan said solemnly.

“This mission is not that serious, it just lets you find out what’s going on around you, and just come back in case of danger,” Xu Fan said.

“Simply put, just sneak around and come back.”

“Although Yuyan Monster Venerable is not strong, the speed of escape is still acceptable, as long as you don’t meet the invincible Monster. Venerable, there is no problem in escaping.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

This Feng Lan Yuyan clan has at least added 80% of their innate talent points to speed.

And then it becomes, can only bully the weaker race.

“As you order, Great Elder.”

Then Yuyan Monster Venerable led the clansman into the passage between the two realms.

“Hey, I don’t know what happened to the Pangolin I put on Monster Realm?”

Xu Fan suddenly remembered that he also put a Pangolin on Monster Realm. Pangolin.

“The Monster Suppression Star released so far has not found the information about Pangolin.” Grape’s voice sounded.

As early as the opening of this trumpet two-world channel, Grape put several demon-suppressing stars there.

“I guess he ran away.”

Xu Fan didn’t care, just like a chess piece that fell at random, he didn’t know when it would be his turn to play.


Monster Realm, on a weird bone boat, Pangolin in human form stands on the deck, behind which is Monster Race of different shapes.

“City Lord, where are we going next?”

A demon behind Pangolin asked.

“We need to avoid those strong families and find a hidden place to develop. Our strength is really too weak. Even many people can’t resist a Monster Venerable.”

Pangolin said looking towards the huge fleet of bone boats behind the bone boat.

“Master, I really tried my best for you, but the enemy is too powerful, I can only avoid its edge.”

“Wait for me to fool a few Monster Venerables for my master. Join my force, I’m returning.” Pangolin said, looking in the direction of the original Monster Realm steel Great Wall.

While Pangolin was sighing, the communication Magical Artifact on his body suddenly vibrated.

“Has the master returned to Monster Realm?” Pangolin said excitedly.

Pangolin took out the communication Magical Artifact and glanced at it, and it was indeed a message from Xu Fan.

At this point, Xu Fan, who just returned to his small courtyard, learned about Pangolin from Grape.

“It turned out that I was bullied and took my younger brother to other places to develop?” Xu Fan said with a smile.

A screen of light appeared in front of him, with the words Pangolin’s experience in Monster Realm over the years, Xu Fan was filled with emotion.

“I’ve wronged you now. Under the influence of so many great clans, struggling on whilst at death’s door, and still able to make such achievements, is really a good loyal slave.”

“Grape, give you a little Avatar, with three railguns to assist Pangolin.”

“It’s been too difficult for him these years.” Xu Fan said.

Whether it is your own person or your own demon, if you are wronged, you must help them get it back.

“Yes, Master,” Grape responded.

While Xu Fan was waiting for news from Monster Realm.

The head of Yuyan Monster Venerable suddenly rolled out from the passage between the two realms.

When an invincible Monster Venerable tried to force his way through the passage between the two realms, he was shut down by the grapes.

“Master, that invincible Monster Venerable didn’t go back then, and is still hiding here.” Grape’s tone was a little anxious.

Xu Fan’s complexion also became serious.

“It’s too much, squatting on me for so long, and killing me to hide Spirit Sect Venerable, it’s bully intolerably.” Anger appeared on Xu Fan’s face.

Clay Bodhisattva still has three points of anger, which makes Xu Fan feel unbearable.

Six Avatar jade talismans floated in front of Xu Fan’s eyes.

“This time, even if you accompany the family property, I have to kill you.”

Xu Fan’s tone was full of killing intent.

“Try the formidable power of my puppet giant stick with you today.”

Heavenly Might No. 1 appeared behind Xu Fan, holding a spirit-breaker in his hand.

Two pieces of red Avatar jade talisman are hidden inside the puppet.

Monster Realm, above the steel Great Wall, an invincible Monster Venerable in human form looked angrily at the place where the passage between the two worlds disappeared.

“Didn’t expect, I haven’t left yet. The other two passages connecting your area are also guarded by an invincible Monster Venerable.”

“It’s not your thing, you If you take it, you must bear the cause and effect.” said the invincible drug Monster Venerable.

At this time, Heavenly Might No. 1 was holding a magic wand. Standing in front of the invincible Monster Venerable.

“The puppet of the Invincible Venerable Realm! It’s really rare, are you going to use this to avenge that bird?” Invincible Monster Venerable looked at the puppet and said with a smile.

“It seems that this fairy weapon in your hand will be cheaper for me!”

Invincible Monster Venerable’s eyes are a bit fiery. Bit Monster Venerable can refuse.

At this moment, Heavenly Might No. 1 crushed an Avatar jade talisman.

The Avatar of Venerable appears next to Heavenly Might 1.

“I can only withstand less than a quarter of an hour.” Yuan Yan Venerable looked at the invincible Monster Venerable expressionlessly and said.

“It’s not you fighting alone and me.”

Xu Fan’s voice came from the puppet’s mouth.

“It turned out that the Great Elder was controlling the puppet.” Venerable laughed.

“Did you think I would be afraid of you with Avatar jade talisman of Invincible Venerable?” Invincible Monster Venerable laughed, and then his figure began to change.

A Xuanyue giant eagle appeared, and then plunged into darkness for thousands of miles.

Gen Yan Venerable looked at the persuaded fairy weapon in the puppet’s hand: “If you can escape in a quarter of an hour, I will break it for you.”

“A Great Ascension Realm puppet, plus a fairy weapon, the loss will be too great if something happens.”

(end of this chapter)

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