My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 616

Chapter 616 Broken Fairy Item


Venerable, who is about to dissipate, expresses all his emotions in just two words .

“It’s barely comparable to Monster Venerable, who has just entered the invincible realm.” Xu Fan said with some disappointment.

The frozen head of Monster Venerable appears.

“He screwed your head off, and I broke his head. Although he didn’t die, I’ve paid half of your revenge.”

“Don’t worry, That Xuanyue Monster Venerable has been recorded in my notebook, then he must die, no one can keep him.” Xu Fan said indifferently, looking at the frozen head of Yuyan Monster Venerable.

“I will count your death as a work-related injury, and your ethnic group will enjoy the protection of sect in the future.”

“There is only so much I can do, maybe you are the first A Monster Venerable, who died of a work-related injury, died quite suffocating.” Xu Fan sighed said.

Xu Fan felt a little pity that he was screwed out of his head so unclearly.

At this moment, a huge spiritual pressure instantly suppressed the Great Ascension Realm puppet.

“Human Race, didn’t expect we have an invincible Monster Venerable here.”

It was the Xuanyue giant eagle who escaped and returned, next to a giant eagle. A strange bird with four wings and a dragon head on its back.

“Our two invincible Monster Venerables, let’s see how you escape today.” Xuanyue giant eagle said proudly, looking towards the Great Ascension Realm puppet’s eyes, as if looking at the lamb to be slaughtered.

“Human Race, open the passage between the two realms, let us search in the past, I will give you a chance to escape.” The strange bird with a dragon head said, unemotional in his tone, as if everything had nothing to do with him generally.

“That’s a good thing to hear, at least give me some leeway.” Xu Fan laughed.

“You guys leave now while I’m in a good mood, maybe I’ll spare your life.”

Xu Fan’s fearless tone made Xuanyue giant eagle angry stand up.

“Human Race, your invincible Venerable Avatar jade talisman is gone, I see how arrogant you are.” Xuanyue giant eagle said angrily, and was about to start.

Just as he was about to start, he suddenly saw the dim-blue Avatar jade talisman swaying in the hands of the Great Ascension Realm puppet.

“want to die?”

“I want to die for you!”

The Great Ascension Realm puppet looked at the two invincible Monster Venerable and sneered.

“Nether Venerable!”

The two invincible Monster Venerables were shocked for a moment, as if they had encountered something terrifying, they broke through the space and teleported away.

“didn’t expect sister-in-law’s name is so good!” Xu Fan said, looking at Avatar jade talisman in dim-blue in his hand.

“The cost of using sister-in-law’s Avatar jade talisman is too high. I might as well wait for my breakthrough to the Great Ascension Realm to avenge you.” Xu Fan looked at the head of Yuyan Monster Venerable and said.

“Grape, build a temporary base here, this Great Ascension Realm puppet is sitting here!” Xu Fan ordered.

“Follow your orders, Master.”

Xu Fan transferred his consciousness back to his body, and said with some emotion, “It’s better to have a backer.”

Experience A big battle, when Xu Fan was about to rest.

Pang Fu returns in the Serpent Spirit.

β€œMeet the Great Elder.” Pang Fu said happily.

“Seeing how happy you are, have you received something good?” Xu Fan asked with a smile.

Since the return of Xu Fan’s Minister of Commerce, the types of materials in the hidden Spirit Sect treasure house have gradually become richer.

I’m thinking about eating now, is it necessary to migrate a Small World as a treasure house.

“Great Elder, I really received some good things around me.”

As if offering a treasure, he took out a broken fairy and handed it to Xu Fan.

“This time I went to a once brilliant sector, and the ship happened to have the Spirit Treasure ore they needed most.”

“That sect doesn’t have that many Spirit Stones, so Just take this broken fairy artifact and put it on top.” Pang Fu said.

“If I can repair this fairy artifact, it will be the best. If I can’t, I can sell it to Tianlianzong.”

“It’s a guaranteed profit. ”

He used to do magic weapon business and made some achievements in the identification of magic weapon Dao Item.

Xu Fan curiously took the broken fairy artifact.

“This fairy artifact is not fake, but it is seriously damaged and it is more troublesome to repair.”

“But overall, it is slightly more difficult than re-refining a fairy artifact. It’s easier.” Xu Fan appraised.

The fairy is like a broken Small Mirror, the entire mirror has become all split up and in pieces, and some places are missing a lot.

“Great Elder, shall we keep this fairy or sell it to the Tianlian Sect?” Pang Fu asked.

“Let’s keep it for now, I can’t see the depth of this fairy artifact a bit. If it is repaired, it should be a help to my sect.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“If this fairy weapon is suitable for Minister Pang, I will give it to you after I repair it.”

“I don’t need the fairy weapon. The Great Elder will assign me a few more ships. Xingzhou will do.”

“Now as long as there is Xingzhou, you can earn a lot of Spirit Stone, spirit ore.” Pang Fu said, according to his observation, he can do a lot of big business, only Unfortunately, there are not enough star boats.

“Okay, I’ll let those Monster Race Refiner Sect masters refine a few star boats for you later, and they can also finish apprenticeship.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Then many thanks to the Great Elder.”

“When you go next time, take the No. 1 Great Elder and Sand Peak Master with you, and you will send them off.” Xu Fan said .

“This is easy, just run a few more places.”

After Xu Fan explained, he returned to his small courtyard and began to rest.

That battle cost him a lot of energy. Although only 8 shots were made, the energy lost was enough to support him in daily battles for a few days.

In the small courtyard, Xu Fan rubbed his head on the reclining chair, as if he suddenly remembered something.

“Grape, what is Yuguang Monster Venerable doing?” Xu Fan asked suddenly.

“She is teaching her clansman a class, imparting more high-end Divine Ability, in order to stabilize the status of Yuguang Rabbit’s soul sanatorium.” Grape said.

“Then inform her and let her come over after completing the Divine Ability, so that I can relax.” Xu Fan said sternly.

“As you order, master.”

Not long after, a dignified looking girl with rabbit ears, wearing a set of white dress that shows her figure, came to the Xu Fan small courtyard.

Xu Fan just glanced at it lightly and then retracted his eyes.

“Grape said that the Great Elder needs to relax.” Yuguang Monster Venerable said with a smile, with a hint of excitement in his expression.

This was the first time the Great Elder had called her over to serve, and she must have performed well.

“Manipulating the puppet to fight a powerful Monster Venerable at Monster Realm, it’s a bit overloaded now, please, please.” Xu Fan said politely, his expression was very formal, as if he was going to a business meeting generally.

“I’m good at this, does Great Elder go back to the house or do it here?” Yuguang Monster Venerable said.

“Is there any difference?”

“Head physiotherapy is done outside. If I go back to the house, I can do body physiotherapy for the Great Elder.” Yuguang Monster Venerable said with a smile .

“Which one is better?”

“Of course it’s a full-body physiotherapy, because the mental overload will cause fatigue in other parts of the body.”

“Then Let’s go back to the house and sit.” Xu Fan got up and said.

The expression is still so serious.

(End of this chapter)

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