My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 621

Chapter 621 When you have a skill, you can eat your fill.

“Then what does Master think the end of the Tao is?” Li Xingci said with interest.

“The end of the Tao?” Xu Fan suddenly frowned, and carefully scrutinized the discipline that had always made him feel at ease.

“Why are you suddenly interested in this? The end of the Tao is simply chaos.” Xu Fan said.

“A chaos?” Li Xingci did not understand.

“The Tao is the rule.”

“When your strength can create the Tao, it proves that you have stood at the end of the Tao.”

“But it’s better not to do that,” Xu Fan said.

“Why?” Li Xingci felt that he understood a little.

“Because that would be boring.” Xu Fan said and stepped out.

The body began to fade, and finally turned into the purest spiritual power to feed back between Heaven and Earth.

“Master’s temporary Avatar Technique is getting more and more subtle.” Li Xingci said with a smile.

At this moment, Li Chufan appeared beside him.

“Aren’t you going to compete with the Grandfather Zhanling?” Li Xingci said with a smile.

“Young Master is a fool. He even uses a magic weapon to speed up, so he doesn’t play with him anymore.” Li Chufan said.

“Dad, when will my mother rehabilitate?”

“After I get smaller, I will take my mother out to play.” Li Chufan said with a smile, he thought that he would turn to zero and rehabilitate will become a child.

“Your mother’s situation is different and she will not become a child.” Li Xingci said.

“Then let Master Ancestor change it, you must be cute if you become a little girl.” Li Chufan said with a smile.

Hearing his son’s words, Li Xingci suddenly felt that this proposal seemed to be a good idea.

“Go back, I’ll tell you Master Ancestor.” Li Xingci said.


Half a month later, in the expectation of Xu Fan, Pang Fu returned to the sect with the No. 1 Avatar.

“Ontology, what are you waiting for?” said No. 1 Avatar frowned.

β€œYou must be aware of the shortage of Spiritual Qi,” Xu Fan said.

“Then you are on a hunger strike for Spirit Gathering Array, what are you waiting for?” Avatar No. 1 said again.

“No. 2 is refining the extremely empty giant beast star boat, so I can only find you.”

“I’m thinking of making one step further and directly refining a fairy artifact as a The core Spirit Gathering Array will also facilitate our follow-up plans.” Xu Fan said.

“Are you ready for a spirit ore at the fairy level? As far as I know, there is no spirit ore for refining that kind of spirit in the sect treasure house.” Avatar No. 1 said.

“You forgot who we are. If you are missing something, just brush your face.”

“When Pang Fu went to pick you up, Qianling Venerable just went back. The time is already on the way to deliver.” Xu Fan said that you can rest assured that everything has been arranged by me.

“Ontology, you are a real dog~” No. 1 Avatar spat.

“You can scold me, but you have to work~” Xu Fan had an indifferent attitude.

“Call me when the spirit ore is ready,” said Avatar One, returning to his Cave Mansion.

“I counted the time, it should arrive tomorrow, when the time comes hard work.” Xu Fan’s voice came over.

“Dogs open the door to the dog~”

“You and I are one, so I will call you No. 1 dog in the future.” Xu Fan responded with a smile.

Avatar No. 1 ignored Xu Fan, who was rude, and returned to his Cave Mansion.

At this time, in his Cave Mansion, Er Yuan was holding a bag of snacks and watching his big brother Er Yuan make a magic weapon.

“Master is back!” Eryuan said happily with snacks.

“It seems that you and your brother are very diligent during the time I am gone.” Avatar No. 1 said with a smile.

“Of course, I have successfully challenged the Golden Core Realm to advance to the primary level puppet.” Er Yuan said proudly.

“What progress has your brother made recently?” No. 1 Avatar looked at the second iron, which was refining magic weapons.

A normal Artifact Refinement Master will not be distracted by other things while refining.

“There are more and more Senior Brother Senior Sisters who come to ask my brother to make magic weapons.” Eryuan said, and handed a package of snacks in his hand to No. 1.

He reached out and took out a piece of roasted and crispy meat and put it in his mouth.

Avatar No. 1 took another look at his cheap recipe for refining magic weapons. Although it was clumsy in his eyes, his performance in the Artifact Refinement Master at the same level was already very good.

After a short while, Ertie finished refining the Pagoda-like magic weapon.

When I saw my master coming back, my face instantly burst into a smile.

“Master, this is a magic weapon that I just refined, the soul tower.”

Ertie happily put the refined magic weapon in the hands of Avatar No. 1 .

No. 1 Avatar moved towards this pagoda for a long time, and finally looked towards his own discipline and said it very politely.

“Have you ever heard a word about Ertie?”

“There is no master.”

“That is When you have a skill, you can eat your fill, you will concentrate on refining Spirit Sword in the future, and the future is definitely promising.” Avatar No. 1 said.

Avatar No. 1 understands the second iron.

“Master, will I only be able to refine Spirit Sword in the future?” Ertie said in frustration.

“It depends on your future positioning.”

“If you just want to be promoted to a Refiner Sect in the future, you can develop in an all-round way. .”

“But do you know what the teacher’s position is for you? It’s also your expectation, at least the Great Grandmaster, but to achieve this realm, you only have one way to specialize. .” No. 1 Avatar indifferently said.

When Ertie heard his master’s words, the originally depressed expression instantly became excited.

“Master, can I really reach that realm in the future?” Ertie’s voice trembled.

“It can only be said that it is possible.”

“Master, I understand. Disciple will focus on refining Spirit Sword in the future.” Ertie said firmly.

Er Yuan, who had been watching beside him at this time, was a little worried.

“Then do I want to become a sword cultivator?” Eryuan said with some embarrassment.

“You don’t have to, your big brother has really become the Great Grandmaster of the refining tool, and you will lose your magic weapon.” Number 1 began to look at Er Yuan and said.

Just after the second iron was firmed and he specialized in refining Spirit Sword, Xiang Yun, who was on a mission outside the sect, suddenly felt better, feeling that something good was about to happen to him.

On the second day, the classical star boat landed on the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li.

Qianling Venerable grinned from the classical star boat and found Xu Fan.

“Venerable, who are you?” Xu Fan asked suspiciously.

“Ai, I wanted to go out and hide for a while, but I’ll be fine when I go back.”

“How do you know? There will always be some, but there is no way to hide, the boss is On purpose.” Qian Ling Venerable was a little helpless.

“But don’t worry, Great Elder, I brought you all the spirit ore you asked for, and they are all good.”

“Many thanks Venerable.” Xu Fan said A jade bottle appears.

β€œThis is Diyuan Dan. It is good for your physical and mental health.”

β€œIt can relieve the pain of Venerable body and soul.”

( End of this chapter)

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