My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 625

Chapter 625 Leaving

Xu Fan and Profound Light Huajun chat more and more, and there is a tendency to become brothers.

“Many thanks, you two have told me so much about the fairy world.” Xu Fan said politely.

“Where is this going? These things really have to be said of which, 100 years is not enough.” Profound Light said with a smile.

Since the two of them talked about joining the sect once and never mentioned it again, they have been very close to making friends with Xu Fan.

“Profound Light Fellow Daoist, I have a question.” Xu Fan asked.

“What’s the problem, Fellow Daoist asks me to be blunt,” Profound Light assured.

“Which is the strongest clan in Muyuan Realm?” Xu Fan asked, chatting with Profound Light for a while, and what he said and said felt a little bit different.

“The strongest is the Wood Spirit Race, and it is the race that has dominated this world since ancient times.”

“They are quiet by nature and don’t like fighting, So now the whole Muyuan world is still calm.” Profound Light said.

“Then where does our Human Race rank in Muyuan?” Xu Fan asked again.

“If you think about the ranking, it should be third. Ancient Monster Clan is ahead of us, but they have a small base and don’t have much conflict with our Human Race.” Profound Light added.

Hearing Profound Light’s words, Xu Fan couldn’t help but looked up and looked towards Xiong Eryun Duo in the sky, wondering how he was doing in Muyuan Realm now.

β€œmany thanks Profound Light Fellow Daoist informs.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Just when Profound Light was going to continue to talk about the mountains, Xu Fan stopped him.

“The two Fellow Daoists, from today onwards, I’m going to retreat and refine fairy weapons.”

Xu Fan means you don’t come to me in the future.

“That’s all right, so we’ll come back to you when we’re not in retreat. Fellow Daoist Xu and I hit it off right away, as if there were endless things to say.” Profound Light said with a smile.

Besides Hua Jun also not to be outdone.

“Fellow Daoist Xu, handsome in appearance, is also a Great Grandmaster with double alchemy skills. For such young, talented people, my Heavenly Immortal Little Junior Sisters specially asked me, must have a good relationship, It will be convenient to introduce you to meet in the upper realm in the future.” Hua Jun said that a light curtain appeared in the projection.

It is full of many enchanting females such as Heavenly Immortal-like scenes of women’s lives, and there are all types of them.

Yan is thin and fat, with chest, legs, waist and feet, as long as you can think of one, there is always one you like.

Xu Fan looked at the picture in the light curtain and said with a serious expression: “Are there many Fairy girls in Immortal Palace?”

“Not many, the whole Immortal Palace 200 There are thousands of Disciples, and 80% of them are female disciples.” Profound Light looked resentful.

During his time as a Welcoming Envoy, Hua Jun’s attack made him miserable.

“Okay, when the time comes Ascension to the Upper Realm, I must get to know the Junior Sisters of Fellow Daoist.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Hey guys, did your Immortal Palace commercials use ass?

Put this scene on, whoever doesn’t get up, who doesn’t get confused.

Xu Fan decided that after ascending to the upper realm, he must establish a hidden Spirit Sect not far from the Immortal Palace.

This will not only make you happy, but also help sect disciple solve the major event in life.

“Looking forward to Fellow Daoist Xu’s ascension to the upper realm!” Hua Jun said with a smile.

Xu Fan kept sending the two to the door of the hidden Spirit Sect, and he was sighed in relief until the two disappeared.

“This guy is going to fight me for a long time.” Xu Fan said helplessly.

Every time these two come back to hide the Spirit Sect, Xu Fan has to go to great lengths to hide all the things that cannot be seen.

“If it really doesn’t work, then secluded cultivation and get promoted to Integration Realm before coming out.” Xu Fan said ruthlessly.

“That’s not good, there are still a lot of things to do, you can’t secluded cultivation.”

“It’s really not good, go out and play!” Xu Fan touched the chin and said, feeling that this is ok .

In a small courtyard in Linsen immortal city.

Profound Light and Hua Jun are facing off.

“Huajun, Fellow Daoist, this time you are going to be disappointed. Fellow Daoist Xu has a Dao Companion, so he won’t be biased towards you just because you visit too many Immortal Palace female disciples.” Profound Light said.

“Really?” Hua Jun said with a smile.

“You and I both know such a talent, the Immortal Gate behind us will not let go.”

“So let him build a Small Immortal Gate in the Immortal Realm to befriend him, It’s actually a good choice,” Profound Light said.

Hua Jun shook his head and said with a sneer, “I don’t know how careful you are about your immortals?”

“The last Great Grandmaster with the appearance of a master craftsman has been taken by you. Take it away, this one must be the one I visited Immortal Palace.”

“Although you have Great Firmament in your fairy gate, don’t think we are vegetarians when visiting Immortal Palace.” Hua Jun said.

“How about that? You can also see the attitude of Fellow Daoist Xu. Typically, he is unwilling to be restrained and builds a Small Immortal Gate to live his life leisurely.”

“Even if your Golden Immortal big shot from Immortal Sect comes forward in person, you can only get a Great Grandmaster, a relentless refiner, which is of no benefit,” Profound Light said.

“So we might as well go back and report to each other, help it build the Small Immortal Gate, befriend it, and reap benefits from it.”

“It’s good for both parties.” Profound Light said with a smile.

Hua Jun pondered for a long time, as if thinking of something, and finally nodded.

It didn’t take long for Xu Fan to receive a message from the two.

The two agreed that Xianmen had something to recall, and hoped to meet in Muyuanjie in the future.

In the end, Profound Light also kindly presented a fairyland knowledge encyclopedia.

“Is this an agreement? Did you leave so quickly?” Xu Fan asked in confusion.

Originally, he had already decided to take half of the sect disciple and play around outside first, didn’t expect them to leave now.

Xu Fan looked towards the sky, and could vaguely feel their breath.

“Actually, we didn’t talk about solicitation, we had a good chat.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this moment, a dragon roar with milky voice came from Xu Fan’s arms.

A Four Clawed Golden Dragon snake less than 10 inches drilled out, and then began to sprint in the air like bullets, like a wild horse.

“The past few days have been suffocated.” Xu Fan said dotingly, with a Five Elements Dan in his hand, which bounced directly into the air.

Little Golden Dragon with four claws, like a fish swimming in the sea, directly caught the Five Elements Dan in the air and swallowed it in one bite.

Although looking at the four-clawed Little Golden Dragon in the air, I suddenly thought of a question.

“How can the green skin dragon egg hatch the Four Clawed Golden Dragon ?” Xu Fan touched the chin and thought.

At this moment, a strange cry came from the spiritual liquid lake.

“There’s another one.”

Xu Fan said and walked towards the spiritual liquid lake with the four-clawed Little Golden Dragon.

Xu Fan looked at the scattered eggshells and said, “Call Xingci over, his egg is born.”

This time came out of the egg was a The authentic Dragon Tortoise has a dragon head and a snake tail, looking at its shape, it has a kind of imposing manner that loads the world.

Three escapes, Li Xingci’s family of three is dispatched.

(End of this chapter)

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