My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 626

Chapter 626 Returns

“There is True Dragon Bloodline, the dragon Turtle God beast, and the future is also promising.” Li Xingci looked at the little turtle said with a smile .

“I think this little turtle is better than those four-clawed Little Golden Dragons.”

“As long as you live obediently and honestly, your strength can rise over time, and it’s not good for us to sect Disbanded, it is still alive.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Master, are those two immortal Avatars who won you over yet?” Li Xingci asked, thinking about whether to bring this Dragon Tortoise into the Dao Item palace.

“They’re gone, so these little things don’t need to be hidden and tucked away in the future.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, the small dragon turtle on the ground seemed to be hungry, climbed up to the eggshell, and began to eat the eggshell ka ka.

After eating, he jumped on Li Xingci’s shoulder, and hu hu fell asleep.

The family looked at the palm-sized Dragon Tortoise and all expressed their joy.

But the Spiritual Qi volume like Dragon Inhaling Water in the sky seems to be raising this Xu Fan, hurry up and refine the Spirit Gathering Array fairy core.

Xu Fan came to the underground space after finishing all this.

Avatar No. 1 is still refining the fairy core as usual.

The meeting gifts from Profound Light and Hua Jun are all spirit ore based on Five Elements.

Although it is not very precious, it does have two sets of Spirit Gathering Array core spirit ore that Xu Fan is in short supply.

“What’s the matter? Do you want to come over and refine together.” Avatar No. 1 invited.

“Refining together, refining together.” Xu Fan said with a smile, anyway, he has nothing else right now, and the symptoms of advanced lazy cancer have not occurred.

Xu Fan and No. 1 divided into two people and made fairy weapons in the underground space.


Approaching the nearest Human Race channel in Linsen immortal city, a star boat is sailing fast.

Han Feiyu and his party stood on the deck.

“There is still more than half a month, and it will be the sect.” Han Feiyu said with emotion.

Their three people’s journey is really not easy.

“When the time comes I must see, is Big Brother Han’s sect as magical as you said?” Tie Lan said with a smile.

“After so many years of development, sect may be even more powerful than before.” Han Feiyu said with a smile, his eyes full of anticipation.

I can finally return to that warm and safe sector. I wonder what happened to Senior Brother Wuji?

“After arriving at Linsen immortal city, my little sister and I will live in immortal city for a while. As for joining the hidden Spirit Sect, we will talk about it later.” Iron Pagoda said in a loud voice.

He looked at his little sister and then at Han Feiyu, his eyes full of helplessness.

He is already quite sure that his little sister is unrequited love, and Han Feiyu has no male or female affection for his little sister.

“Didn’t Big Brother Tie agree at the beginning?” Han Feiyu looked at Iron Pagoda.

“I suddenly wanted to take my little sister to see other immortal cities, maybe there are different scenery.” Iron Pagoda said meaningfully.

Han Feiyu’s eyes were rather helpless when she heard the tone contained in these words.

He’s not stupid. After being together for so many years, Tie Lan doesn’t know about his friendship.

But he really can’t feel the love between men and women for this iron basket like his own little sister.

He also knew what Iron Pagoda meant. He wanted to take the little girl out of Linsen immortal city, and he stopped thinking about it, but he was a little reluctant.

“Big brother, we agreed to join Big Brother Han sect outer sect together, how come it suddenly changed?” Tie Lan said in confusion.

“It’s okay, Big Brother Tie also wants to take you to see other scenery, maybe there will be some other fortuitous encounters in other immortal cities.” Han Feiyu said reluctantly.

“I’m not going anywhere, I just want to be with Brother Raindance, big brother, can you come with me?” Tie Lan looked at Iron Pagoda and prayed.

Iron Pagoda was a little helpless when she saw her little sister’s expression that she only recognized Han Feiyu in her life.

In his whole life, he just couldn’t beat his little sister.

Half a month later, a star boat slowly descended to the outside of Linsen immortal city.

Not long after that, a sword light rushed out of the hidden Spirit Sect and flew towards the direction of Linsen immortal city.



The two have not seen each other for many years, and their love for each other broke out when they met.

“Where have you been all these years? You make me want to die!” Jian Wuji said excitedly.

“I went to a very far place and finally came back after so many years.” Han Feiyu said with emotion as she looked at the familiar immortal city of Linsen.

“Let’s go, let’s not talk outside, go back to sect first.” Jian Wuji said excitedly.

“Let’s go, but before that, I need to settle my companions first.” Han Feiyu turned his head and gestured.

“These two have always been my brother and sister who accompanied me. Otherwise, it would be really difficult for me to come back from such a far place alone.” Han Feiyu said.

Jian Wuji glanced at the siblings.

“It’s a thousand mountains and rivers, many thanks to two Fellow Daoists to take care of.” Jian Wuji saluted.

“It’s all my own brother, thank you or not.” Iron Pagoda said nonchalantly, at the same time feeling a little unhappy, feeling that his good friend was going to be taken away by someone else.

“Big Brother Tie and Xiaolan, you should go back to the immortal city of Sen for a while, and I will settle the matter of your entering the outer sect.” Han Feiyu said with a smile.

The siblings nod p and went to Linsen immortal city.

At this time, Xu Fan also received the news of Han Feiyu’s return to sect.

“The two protagonists are back, and I feel so lucky.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“What does the return of the protagonist have to do with you? This is just a temporary haven for them. When the time comes, they still have to fly away.” said No. 1, who was refining the fairy weapon.

“What’s the matter? Even if these protagonists succeed in the end and become Peak, he will never forget the tender time he brought you.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“When the time comes, after these protagonists are awesome, if you give us a little bit of luck and a little bit of Spirit Sect, then you will make a lot of money.”

“What do you think? Thank you for reading so many novels in your previous life, that Jian Wuji is hard to say, but that Han Feiyu will really become the legendary Immortal Emperor daofather in the future, sect or something, in their eyes just a passing scene.”

“The help you can get is very limited. It’s better to wait until after the epoch, when you become the Xeon in the world.” Avatar No. 1 said.

“That’s not necessarily true. In the novels I read, there are also many stories in which the protagonists return to the sect after being powerful and fly with the sect.” Xu Fan said.

“Then why don’t you say that, there are still many protagonists’ sects that have been sacrificed to heaven.” No. 1 said with a smile.

“Everything depends on big data. You just need to make sure that our Spirit Sect will not be sacrificed to heaven. As long as we can survive, the rest is pure profit.”

“It seems that you are still a pessimist.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Aren’t you very cautious before?”

(End of this chapter)

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