My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 634

Chapter 634 Xuan Qingshi

β€œXuan Qingshi.”

Xu Fan took the Xuan Qingshi from Monster Venerable.

“Yes, Great Elder, that is Xuan Qingshi, I found it when I walked through the disaster area in the inner district.”

“The Xuan Qingshi spirit ore star with a diameter of at least three miles, at that time I can’t believe it.” Ji Lei Monster Venerable said excitedly.

Xuanqingshi is owned in the cultivation world because it is too versatile and can be integrated into various spirit ore.

As long as the black stone powder is fused in a certain proportion, the performance of the fused spirit ore will increase by at least 20%.

Xu Fan looked at the Xuan Qingshi in his hand, and there was only a single thought in his mind, that is, to create the strongest puppet Legion of the Great Ascension Realm.

“Master, if there is a large amount of Xuan Qingshi, then the production line of the Great Ascension Realm puppet will be solved.”

“The cost will also be relatively reduced by 30%.”

The sound of grapes rang out.

“Has the final time for the deduction of the Great Ascension Realm puppet production line been determined?” Xu Fan asked.

“Not yet, but give me a little more time and I will give the master an accurate answer.” The grape’s voice sounded.

After talking with Grape, Xu Fan looked towards Monster Venerable, who was standing beside him, and asked with a smile, “Have you been used to living in the Spirit Sect all these years?”


“Thanks to the Great Elder for letting me live a yearn for something even in dreams and the family can be reunited.” Jilei Monster Venerable thanked.

A wish that was once unfulfilled in the thunderbirds has been fulfilled in a Human Race sect.

The family is safe and happy together.

“You deserve all these. We trust each other and we will go further in the future.” Xu Fan said nodding.

β€œYou did a great job this time, what reward do you want?” Xu Fan asked.

“These are all things I should do, but I want to ask the Great Elder one thing.” Swift Thunder Monster Venerable asked.

“You said.”

“Can you spare the Wind Thunder Monster Venerable.” Ji Lei Monster Venerable said.

Hearing this request, Xu Fan touched his chin and fell into deep thought.

“It wasn’t possible at first. The Wind and Thunder Monster Venerable is about to be domesticated, isn’t it a waste of time to give up.”

“But you actually spoke up, so I’ll give you a chance. .”

“You can replace the Fenglei Monster Venerable with a Monster Venerable with the same or higher battle strength as Fenglei Monster Venerable.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

Anyway, it can be regarded as a great contribution, and it can’t be denied any sweetness.

Ji Lei Monster Venerable was a little embarrassed, he thought that Xu Fan was asking him to catch another Monster Race that was equivalent to Feng Lei Monster Venerable.

This task is basically impossible for him. His battle strength is slightly weaker than that of Fenglei Monster Venerable, and it is impossible to catch a Monster Venerable of the same level.

“It’s not for you to catch them, but to lead you into the range of the hidden Spirit Sect.”

“When the time comes, someone will catch them, and this will happen. If it doesn’t work, your mission is complete.” Xu Fan said.

Ji Lei Monster Venerable’s eyes lit up when he heard Xu Fan’s words.

“I don’t need to take action to catch it myself?”

“Of course not, you can’t catch it even if you catch it.” Xu Fan rolled his eyes at Monster Venerable, why is this? Silly bird is a little confused? .

“Understood, Great Elder, don’t worry, if possible, I can bring in a few more Monster Venerables, don’t you know what Great Elder needs?” Lightning Monster Venerable instantly became excited.

As the big clan of the Monster Realm, how could there not be a few hostile races?

“At most three are attracted, and if there are more, they will be killed on the spot.” Xu Fan said.

“Understood, the Great Elder gave me a few years and promised to bring you here.” Lightning Monster Venerable said excitedly.

Xu Fan nods, and Ji Lei Monster Venerable leaves excitedly.

“Grapes, refine and store the Xuan Qingshi, and send some to Senior Brother Sha by the way to see if it can improve the performance of the universal alloy.” Xu Fan said.

Now the all-purpose alloy of the sand sculpture is the main material for some important components of the Void Refinement Realm puppet and the Integration Realm puppet.

“Understand the master.”

Xu Fan returned to the underground space after dealing with this matter.

Avatar No. 1 and No. 2 in the underground space is refining the Great Ascension Realm Golem.

“That little star boat collected a star full of mysterious bluestone in the disaster area in the inner district.”

“The structure and power of the puppet will bring it in the future. up a level.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Xuanqingshi! Ontology, you are lucky.” Avatar No. 1 said with a smile.

“It just so happens that this puppet hasn’t been refined for a long time, and some of the spirit ore should have time to fuse the black stone.” No. 2 Avatar suggested.

“Then make two versions, a basic version for dealing with trash fish, and a performance version for dealing with the invincible Monster Venerable.” Xu Fan said.

“The basic version is made 5, and the performance version is also made 5, so it should be enough if you don’t travel far.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

“Of course it’s enough, and it’s not like there is an invincible Monster Venerable coming to your door every day.” No. 2 Avatar said with a smile.

At this moment, the sand sculpture came to the underground space excitedly.

“Great Elder, I have refined the most perfect all-purpose alloy.” The sand sculpture said excitedly.

“Incorporating the powder of Xuanqingshi into the universal alloy according to a certain proportion will not only perfectly reproduce the spirit ore below the level of the fairy, but also improve the performance by 20%.”

Xu Fan, who was about to continue refining the Great Ascension Realm puppet, was suddenly excited when he heard the news.

“Grape, hurry up and deduce. If it’s as Senior Brother Sha said, then can we hide the Spirit Sect’s Integration Realm puppet production line at full speed?” Xu Fan said excitedly.

“Yes, not only that, the integrated Realm puppet that has been refined is two layers stronger than before.” Grape said

A jade slip appeared in his hand at the sand sculpture, and he handed it with a smile. To Xu Fan.

“This is the ratio of the black bluestone powder used in spirit ore under different circumstances, I hope it will be useful in the Great Elder.” Sand Sculpture said.

β€œSenior Brother Sha is indeed a research talent.” Xu Fan praised with a smile.

“The biggest contribution is that the Great Elder sent that piece of mysterious bluestone, otherwise my universal alloy will never reach this level.” Sand Sculpture said.

After chatting for a while, the sand sculpture who drank chicken blood returned to his Cave Mansion to study the next alloy.

And Xu Fan is the puppet of the Great Ascension Realm who started refining the performance version.

Under the whole-hearted refining of the three people, 10 years have passed in a flash.

At this time, Xu Fan looked at the ten puppets in front of him with tired but excited eyes.

“From now on, the hidden Spirit Sect is no longer the small sect that encounters the invincible Monster Venerable and only knows how to escape.” Xu Fan said proudly.

“The foundation of standing is already there.” Avatar No. 1 said with a smile.

“Ontology, you must give us a long vacation. I’m exhausted from running around for a while.” Avatar No. 2 said with a smile.

“That’s a must, I have invited Yuguang Monster Venerable for you.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Only men understand men best.

(End of this chapter)

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