My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 638

Chapter 638 The World of Swords

“many thanks to Ancestor Master.” Han Feiyu said.

“I just can’t bear to waste it.” Xu Fan said with a nod.

Originally, he wanted to say that if there is something good in the sect, no one will snatch it from him.

The words reached his lips and were swallowed by Xu Fan.

You boy’s cautious character, even if you say it, he will still be like that.

Han Feiyu held the transparent cube in his hand and handed it to Xu Fan.

“Master Ancestor, this thing doesn’t play any role in my hands, it’s better to keep it in the sect.” Han Feiyu said.

“That’s right, this thing does have a little use in the sect.”

“The sect will not be used for nothing, your things should be borrowed, according to the size of the use. You will be paid a certain amount of points every year.”

“When you need it in the future, you can tell the grapes and it will be paid back to you.” Xu Fan said.

He is very principled in his life, and generally does not steal things from children, even more how is his own apprentice and grandson.

“many thanks Ancestor Master.” Han Feiyu said with a salute.

“It’s rare for you to come here to show Master Ancestor how much you have cultivated to with your sword array?” Xu Fan said with a smile.

He is the Ancestor Master who is also the protagonist in terms of identity, and it is normal to give pointers occasionally.

As for the reason, maybe he just had nothing to do.

Hearing Xu Fan’s words, Han Feiyu’s eyes flashed with joy.

It wasn’t that he never thought of asking this Ancestor Master for advice before, but he could find books to solve his doubts in the Hidden Scripture Pavilion because of his superficial problems.

So he also apologized to the Ancestor Master for advice, even if he was very busy sometimes.

Han Feiyu has a sword seal in his hand, and three hundred and sixty Treasure Item Spirit Swords soar into the sky, evolving various sword arrays in midair.

Xu Fan did not speak, but silently looked at the sword array in the sky.

in the sky The sword array that seemed to him to be full of loopholes was actually quite acceptable among his peers.

Even in the Disciple with the hidden Spirit Sect sword array, it does not belong to the bottom.

According to this aptitude, it proves that the protagonist usually works very hard in cultivation.

After the evolution of the standard sword array of the Spirit Sect Hidden Scripture Pavilion, Han Feiyu saluted and stood there waiting for Xu Fan’s comment.

“It’s okay, you can already see your efforts from the proficiency of the sword array, and you are about to reach the realm of the teacher.” Xu Fan affirmed at first, he has already seen the fault of the protagonist’s sword array. where is it.

“But there are some things that you need to understand.”

“In the process of enlightenment, there is definitely nothing wrong with more practice, but more to explore its essence.” Xu Fan waved his hand lightly.

The two instantly came to the world full of Spirit Sword.

In this world, some Spirit Swords are unique and have a sense of freedom.

Some Spirit Swords gather in groups and evolve various sword arrays to resist the attack of other Spirit Swords.

Han Feiyu was deeply fascinated by this world that evolved from Spirit Sword.

He stared at the group of Spirit Swords in the sky, a clear comprehension flashed in his eyes.

Then took out 360 and added Spirit Sword to this world, turning himself into the existence of sword array.

It will be half a month after Han Feiyu wakes up again.

You can also open your eyes and see Xu Fan drinking tea in the pavilion.

“Are you enlightened?” Xu Fan asked with a smile.

“I understand, but not fully.” Han Feiyu said respectfully.

“This is a world that has evolved with my own sword array, and I put it in the trial Small World.”

“You have a year to comprehend, just when It is the first payment for the sect to use your Rare Item in this space.” Xu Fan said.

“many thanks Ancestor Master.” Han Feiyu was immediately excited.

After Han Feiyu left, Xu Fan looked thoughtful and said, “Passive scouring wool, is it considered scouring wool?”

Xu Fan looked at the cube in his hand and began to study.

“Does this thing have no effect other than breaking the space seal?” After studying for a long time, Xu Fan asked in confusion.

“Grape, can you see if you can research something?” Xu Fan asked.

“In this transparent cube, there is a sense of being sealed. It is suspected that it is the kind that has become a treasure and has been sealed.” Grape said.

“Why didn’t I feel it?” Xu Fan asked with some doubts.

“I don’t know, the grapes can really feel it.”

Listening to the grapes, Xu Fan touched the chin and said, “It seems that this thing is really not simple.”

“It’s a pity that it’s not ours, or we’ll let you merge with him.” Xu Fan said regretfully.

“Why didn’t the master buy it?” Grape asked.

“It’s best not to take things like this pig’s feet, especially not with utilitarian intentions, otherwise there will be problems in the future.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Put this cube on top of your core, you should study it slowly, and try to dig out more functions.” Xu Fan said.

“As you order, Great Elder.”

I was eating and planning to go to the underground space to work hard.

A huge new boat slowly landed outside Linsen immortal city.

“Master, the large star boat of the Heavenly Refinement Sect has descended outside the immortal city of Linsen.” Grape said suddenly.

“Tianlianzong, won’t you come to me?” Xu Fan said with some doubts.

It didn’t take long for a spirit boat with the flag of Tianlianzong to set off from the star boat and head towards the hidden Spirit Sect.

“The Thousand Refinements Sect wants to meet the Great Elder.”

A letter of greeting sent by an Integration Realm cultivator, which is the first time the two sects meet.

“Three days later, I would like to welcome all the seniors from Qianlianzong.” As the representative of the sect, Xu Gang accepted the post and said.

Xu Fan looked at the invitation post in his hand, and thought of the cost of welcoming Heavenly Devil Sect last time, and his heart ached.

β€œMaster, how do we greet him?” Xu Gang asked.

“This time, it’s a professional sect for refining equipment, so let’s welcome him in a professional way.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

I won’t let you waste such a Great Accomplishment book, let’s play some technical flow this time.

Three days have passed in a blink of an eye, and the star boat of the Thousand Refinements Sect descended on the huge lake of the hundred thousand li.

They were greeted by a ten-mile rune, inspired by 10 Monster Race Refiner Sect divisions.

Let’s not say anything else, the number of Refiner Sect divisions alone can make the plasmolysis that the average sect envy.

There are four Refiner Sect masters from the Thousand Refinement Sect, all of whom are at the Elder level.

The three Refiner Sect masters of Tianlianzong walked step by step towards the hidden Spirit Sect on the rune continent.

“Wen Xing, it is said that the Great Elder of the hidden Spirit Sect has been promoted to the Great Grandmaster of Refiner, is it true?” said the leading Refiner Sect master, which was the purpose of their trip. one.

“It is said that the three Spirit Sects have already paid the deposit, which seems to be true,” said the Refiner Sect division known as Wenxing.

At this point, they were not far from the hidden Spirit Sect gate.

At this time, they felt a faint breath.

An aura above all Refiner Sect teachers.

(End of this chapter)

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