My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 639

Chapter 639 Starship Design Diagram

Seeing the expressions of the three Refiner Sect masters, Xu Fan knew that the aura of his Great Grandmaster was not concealed.

There are some excellent ones that exhibit one’s feelings in one’s speech, and Xu Fan doesn’t want to do that either, but there is no other way.

The three Refiner Sect masters of Tianlianzong walking on the rune road instantly became respectful.

Approaching Xu Fan, he immediately saluted and said, “I have seen the Great Grandmaster.”

“The visitor is a guest, so don’t do that.” Xu Fan laughed.

The welcoming hall of the main peak, Xu Fan knew the purpose of the three elders of Tianlianzong.

“It’s very simple to ask me to help design a few star boats. It’s not necessary for three elders to come and run.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“We Supreme Second Elder, we knew that Great Elder was very accomplished in this field when we saw the classical star boat of Thousand Spirit Sect, so we specially photographed us to ask for advice.”

“Come on. Only later did I find out that the Great Elder is the Great Grandmaster of the refining tool, and I didn’t prepare enough gifts, which is really rude.” The head Refiner Sect teacher said, with a sincere expression on his face.

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome.” Xu Fan quickly waved his hand and said, in fact, he didn’t want Tianlianzong to know that he had been promoted to the Great Grandmaster. quality Great Ascension Venerable Come to visit. .

The things you give are generally good. If you can’t refuse the things you give out, wouldn’t number one and number two kill him. After all, they will do the work in the future.

Three jade plates appeared in Xu Fan’s hands. These are star boats designed by Grape in his spare time, and they are all eliminated versions.

But its structure is definitely better than ordinary star boats.

“This is a carefully designed star boat by me and the Refiner Sect master in the sect, but there has been no spirit ore production, and it has been put on hold for the time being.”

“If your Take the sect if it is useful.” Xu Fan said generously.

In fact, the design of these star boats took less than half a day for grapes.

There is an overall framework, and grapes take this as a prototype, and there are as many sets as you want.

“How could my Thousand Refinements Sect take things from the Great Grandmaster for nothing?” The Refiner Sect division headed said and took out a Dao Item palace similar to a warehouse.

“This is my sect’s thank you gift, I hope the Great Grandmaster will accept it.”

The Refiner Sect master said that he stuffed the Dao Item to Xu Gang, Xu Gang was also very natural It was accepted, and Xu Fan was not given a chance to be humble at all.

“Uh, that’s fine, but I have something to ask for,” Xu Fan said.

“If you need a Great Grandmaster, please tell me.”

“It’s the identity of the Great Grandmaster of my refiner, can the three Elders be kept secret?” Xu Fan said.

The three looked at each other.

“Yes, but the identity of the Great Grandmaster is estimated to be hidden for long.” Wen Xing said.

Hearing this, Xu Fan cast a questioning look.

“Our Supreme Great Elder will be out in a few years, and we will definitely be able to sense the existence of the Great Grandmaster.”

“How long can we hide it, look three Keep it a secret from the Elder.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“I’ll keep it a secret.” The three Refiner Sect teachers said together.

Xu Fan nodded with satisfaction upon hearing this clear answer.

Afterwards, several people discussed Dao of Refining with Xu Fan.

After three days of talking like this, the three Refiner Sect masters of Tianlianzong left with satisfaction.

“It’s an eventful time.” Xu Fan sighed.

At this time, the grapes said Qianling Venerable came to visit.

Above the hundred thousand li giant lake, Xu Fan and Qianling Venerable are basking in the sun.

“With the two star boats refined by the Great Elder, I dare to say that in addition to meeting the large-scale battleship of Monster Race, I feel that I can traverse the universe.” Qianling Venerable said with a smile.

“Have you collected any good things recently? After all, the star boat made of giant beast in the extreme sky can be seen intensively in the inner region.” Xu Fan said.

“I want to go, but the boss won’t let him. Just the spirit ore collected at the edge is enough to satisfy the boss.” Qianling Venerable said.

β€œSupreme Great Elder said not to go or not to go, so you don’t get whipped when the time comes.”

β€œI think the Supreme Great Elder is good to you, But when it comes to beating you up, he won’t show mercy.” Xu Fan said with a smile, imagining in his mind the scene of Qian Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder whipping Qian Ling Venerable with lightning.

Millennium Venerable suddenly felt that he had met a bosom friend, looked at Xu Fan with bright and intelligent eyes and said, “It’s the Great Elder who understands my pain, the boss really kills me every time. .”

“Last time your Pang Fu sent me this news, and I received it.”

“It just so happens that our sect has a special kind of special suitable for refining Dao Item Spirit Sword. spirit ore.”

“There are a lot of them, this time I came here and brought you half.” Qian Ling Venerable said.

“many thanks Venerable.”

“The relationship between the two of us, the Great Elder has seen the outside world.” Qian Ling Venerable brows slightly wrinkle said.

“I meant to say thank you, that is, I took this batch for nothing.”

“…” It’s because I am small~~

” Take it and take it away, look at the Great Elder, is this prepared for your future sect sword array Disciple?” Qian Ling Venerable speculated.

Xu Fan smiled and nodded, now there are six Disciple in sword array, including Spirit Sect and pig’s feet.

Thinking about designing a Dao Item Spirit Sword production line, save the trouble when the time comes when those Disciple cultivation bases are enough.

Besides, after Dao Item has more Spirit Swords, you can build a 10,000 sword pond.

One is for maintenance, and the other is to catalyze the Dao Item Spirit Sword with Sword Spirit.

“I have to say, it would be really troublesome if there were not a few Refiner Sect teachers in the sect to raise several Disciples with sword arrays.” Qianling Venerable said with emotion.

“Since our sect captured the Monster Race Refiner Sect, the Disciples in the sword array have gone crazy.”

“Especially, our sect also has a major The Great Ascension Realm Venerable with the sword array, the two poor Refiner Sect masters I sect used to avoid him.”

“Now I am finally proud, sixteen Dao Item Spirit Swords, eight hundred Ten Treasure Item Peak Spirit Swords, it’s a bit of a posture that pushes me down.” Qian Ling Venerable said with a smile.

β€œWhat if you said you were going to give him three swords of Artifact Spirit?” Xu Fan joked.

“Then he will become the Supreme Fourth Elder of the Thousand Spirit Sect, but unfortunately he does not have the three Artifact Spirit swords.”

“Can he overwhelm you in battle strength? ?”

“No, he has three Artifact Spirit swords, so it’s not too much for me to carry five artifact weapons?” Qian Ling Venerable hehe said.

“Speaking of fairy artifact, you ask Supreme Great Elder to wait for a while, at most 20 years, and the customized fairy artifact will be delivered to him.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

No. 1 refines fairy artifacts for himself, and No. 2 is responsible for making orders. This is Xu Fan’s future plan.

“20 years, that’s a good feeling, I don’t know how long I have to wait for my fairy weapon.” Qianling Venerable finally couldn’t help but ask.

In fact, every time he came, he didn’t say anything about their fairy weapons.

But with every look and every form, Xu Fan could feel that this guy was urging orders.

“It will be postponed for another 10 years. After all, fairy items are not like Dao Items and can be continuously refined.”

(end of this chapter)

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