My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 640

Chapter 640 If it were earlier, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to leave you with a whole corpse

While Xu Fan was chatting with Qianling Venerable.

In the sky, a five-color escaping light flashed, and then Zhan Ling appeared in front of the two of them.

“Qianling Fellow Daoist long time no see.” said Zhan Ling, who was still young.

At this time, Zhan Ling has been promoted to the Golden Core Realm, and already has a good battle strength.

At the same level, it can be called an almost invincible existence.

“I’ve been in retreat recently, and it’s rare to hear that Qianling Fellow Daoist is here, so I came here to have a look.” Zhan Ling said with a smile, while exuding a huge aura from his body.

“It seems that this time Zhanling Fellow Daoist will regenerate the plentiful harvest.”

Qianling Venerable knows what Zhanling is going to do?

He came here to show off, showing off the fairy weapon that was sealed on him.

“Thanks to the love of the Great Elder.” Zhan Ling said with a smile.

After the number of sunbathers went from two to three, the conversation started to change, but the results were good.

After living in the Hidden Spirit Sect for a while, the Venerable of the Thousand Spirits began his journey to the extreme sky again.

And Xu Fan also started to get busy.

In the underground space, a miniature illusory shadow appears in midair.

Xu Fan and No. 1 and No. 2 are discussing whether or not to refinish Yinling Island as a fairy?

“It’s too wasteful, I suggest to use the fairy as the skeleton and the Dao Item as the filling to make it modular and easy to upgrade in the future.” Avatar No. 1 said.

“No. 1, you don’t even think about how many family properties there are. All the external parts are made into Dao Item level, and the core uses fairy weapons, so that it is possible to complete the refining before the body’s ascension.” No. 2 touched the chin said.

“Modularization is needed to facilitate future upgrades.”

“I think the main force should be placed on the Formation of the sector, and first make yourself hard, when the Time comes and then solve the internal problems, it’s easy to talk about it.” Xu Fan said, looking at the shrinking Yinling Island illusory shadow.

The three behind them insisted on their own ideas and began to quarrel.

Finally, Xu Fan came up with a compromise solution, which is to listen to him.

“Grape, according to my method, get the design drawing first.” Xu Fan ordered.

“As ordered, Master.”

“Most of you recently have a good rest. When the spirit ore is abundant, we will start working.” Xu Fan ordered.

“I know the main body.”

1 month later, Fengleihao came back, bringing back a lot of spiritual ore, spiritual medicine, and all kinds of things needed by sect.

“Pang Fu meets the Great Elder.”

“Is it going well this time?” Xu Fan asked.

“I met a giant beast battleship fleet of Monster Race on the road, trying to encircle and suppress Fenglei, but I avoided it.” Pang Fu said calmly, this kind of thing he met was not one or two. times.

“Have there been a lot of giant beast battleships in Monster Race in the extreme sky recently?” Xu Fan asked with some doubts.

“It’s a lot more than before. It seems that the Starship Fleet on the Elder Council has lost, causing so many Monster Race giant beast battleships to invade the Human Race extreme sky.” Pang Fu said .

But these didn’t affect his running business at all, and even increased his profits.

As long as you meet the Monster Race giant beast battleship in the extreme sky, Fenglei will go straight to full speed, throwing those Monster Race giant beast battleships, even the taillights can’t be seen.

“This time the number is right, no wonder Tianlianzong sent me the design drawing.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Great Elder, there are many Monster Race battleships in the extreme sky. Those giant beast battleships that form a fleet are said to be led by moon-level battleships, and the Elder Council is very difficult to deal with.” Fu said another piece of information.

“It seems that the world is not peaceful again.” Xu Fan said with emotion.

After Xu Fan sighed, he looked towards Pang Fu and said with a smile: “Pang Fu, you have been positioned.”

“Tell me about this, you Who have you been in contact with?”

“There are spies from Monster Race among them.”

As soon as Pang Fu arrived, Xu Fan felt that something was wrong with Pang Fu, faintly There is a trace of causality in Jojo.

Then Xu Fan found out that Pang Fu was located, and it was not a general location.

Pang Fu was shocked.

“What about the Great Elder? Will the giant beast battleship of Monster Race come?” Pang Fu said nervously.

“Don’t be nervous, they’re already here.”

A light curtain appeared in front of the two of them, with five giant beast battleships of Monster Race on a giant monster. Under the leadership of the Race battleship, attacked towards the hidden Spirit Sect.

Xu Fan didn’t panic when he saw this scene, and even wanted to laugh.

“If I come earlier, I’m really a little scared, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to leave the whole body for your battleship.”

“But now, you can go in peace, I will carry forward your giant beast battleship.” Xu Fan looked at the sky and said something Pang Fu didn’t understand.

“Great Elder, you mean it’s all right.” Pang Fu asked cautiously.

“Of course nothing, just a few giant beast battleships. This time you’re great, I’ll give you a credit.”

“Grape, did you understand the cube research?” Xu Fan asked, the research did not understand that he still had to reseal space.

“I haven’t fully researched it, but as the Great Elder said, the bizarre power emitted by the cube can be blessed on the puppet, and it can be teleported quickly.” Grape said.

“Okay then, the five ordinary giant beast battleships in the back are handed over to you.”

“As for which one is the biggest, I’ll try it out.”

Ten Great Ascension Realm puppets appeared behind Xu Fan, and then each puppet exudes space power, like fish in the sea, and can float in space.

All boarding puppets were disappeared instantly, and all were teleported to the main control room of that giant beast battleship.

All the Monster Venerables who were driving the giant beast battleship were suddenly attacked and all were taken down without exception.

Only Xu Fan had an accident. The one driving the moon-level giant beast battleship turned out to be an invincible Monster Venerable.

I sensed the space fluctuation in advance and avoided Xu Fan’s attack.

“Invincible Monster Venerable, dare to fight?”

“You won, how did you bring these giant beast battleships? How did you bring them back?”

“If you lose, you don’t have to say anything, you just die.”

There were three more Great Ascension Realm puppets in the main control room at this time, all of them staring at the one who was guarding. Invincible Monster Venerable.

The invincible Monster Venerable took a deep look at the three Great Ascension Realm puppets, then directly broke the space seal and teleported away.

It all happens in an instant.

The invincible Monster Venerable could not be found within the range of Grape’s perception.

“It’s a bit of a big trouble now, but it’s okay.” Xu Fan said while looking at the other Monster Races who were scared to the point of shivering in the main control room.

Although the three puppets can match the invincible Monster Venerable, he can’t stop him if he wants to run.

The original trapping of the Nine Swords Venerable was due to the array credit laid down by the power of the whole sect.

Now this incident happened suddenly, I thought it was just a normal Monster Venerable, how could I have imagined that there was a king fried in the middle of the miscellaneous brand.

(End of this chapter)

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