My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 644

Chapter 644 Puppet Giant City

Xu Fan and the two Avatars discussed for a long time and didn’t have a good idea, so wait until the sword array puppet is refined and see the effect.


Not far from the hidden Spirit Sect, there is a valley surrounded by mountains.

At this time, Xiong Li and thousands of soldiers were hiding behind a mountain.

“The structure of these puppets seems to be a tool puppet of sect.” Wan Wan recalled.

“This is not the key, the key is that this is not the city established by sect.”

There is a giant puppet city in the valley, and a huge puppet army is stationed in the giant city. , was discovered by Xiong Li and thousands of soldiers passing by.

Thousands of soldiers watched the spirit boats rise and fall within the giant city one after another, and they couldn’t help but start to think.

“The sect gift package does not contain a super long-distance communication magic weapon. I think it is necessary to tell the sect Great Elder the news of this puppet giant city.” Xiong Li said.

“This is necessary, but let’s not rush it. If we observe it for a while, there may be other gains.”

Just as the two discussed, in the sky appeared A huge star boat slowly descended outside the puppet giant city.

Xiong Li and Ten Thousand Soldiers suddenly became energized.

“This puppet giant city even has a star boat!” Ten thousand soldiers exclaimed in amazement.

At this time, the hatch of the starship opened, and the next team of Integration Realm came back. The two of them calculated a little, and there were 500.

At this time, a group of puppets emerged from the giant puppet city, which attracted the attention of the two.

“How did that puppet get promoted to Void Refinement Realm.” Ten thousand soldiers said in shock.

“Most of these puppets look the same, how do you tell them apart?” Xiong Li asked curiously.

“You don’t have much contact with the puppet, I just control the puppet, and each puppet will have its unique aura over time.”

“And the first few puppets The core of the sky is still at the Divine Transformation Realm level, how come it has now become a Void Refinement Realm.” Ten thousand soldiers said gravely with a facial expression.

“What do you think the spirit ore was transported to the giant city every day?”

“Isn’t it just used to upgrade these puppets?” Xiong Li as it should be by rights said.

“Senior Brother Xiong Li, you don’t understand. Compared with the puppets of our sect, these puppets are a lot weirder. It seems that every one has self-awareness.” Too much will lead to a very terrifying consequence.

“Watch for a while and wait for the star boat to leave, we will send a message to the sect.”

“If those Integration Realm puppets find us, they will be finished.” Xiong Li said.

Millions of soldiers nodded.

The starship didn’t stay in the giant puppet city for long. After unloading some cargo, it took off and left.

Xiong Li and Ten Thousand Soldiers took the opportunity to leave the puppet giant city area, sent a message to sect, and attached a light and shadow image.

At this time, Xu Fan, who was thinking about his life, suddenly received a message from Xiong Li.

“A giant puppet city, it seems not too far from the sect.” Xu Fan watched the news appear.

A light and shadow appeared in front of Xu Fan, and inside it was the appearance of the giant puppet city and some moving lights and shadows.

Looking at the structure of the puppet, Xu Fan was stunned for a moment, then laughed.

“It seems that the little Imperial Teacher who works for me is still not giving up.”

A splendid treasure of merit and virtue appeared behind Xu Fan, already in a solid state.

Behind the merit treasure cover, there is a merit wall illusory shadow.

“It’s all like this, and you still miss me, I guess you have a killer move?” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Grape, have the seeds of freedom we released have any news back?” Xu Fan asked. He was busy recently and didn’t pay attention to things over there.

“It is a bit of news that the Jiufeng Dynasty has grown to the scale of Linsen Immortal City, and is currently expanding rapidly.”

“The entire endless sea, the offshore area The island has been almost unified by the Jiufeng Dynasty.”

“The Jiufeng Dynasty has also gathered the strength of the whole country to make a puppet promoted to the Great Ascension Realm.”

“And that One is a puppet, the seed of freedom.” There was a smile in Grape’s tone.

“It’s amazing, since you can build a puppet of the Great Ascension Realm level.” Xu Fan said with some exclamation.

“Master, if those puppets dare to approach the hidden Spirit Sect, then they are my most delicious food.” Grape said.

“Don’t just want to devour those puppets, isn’t it good to assimilate? Let them become our family.” Xu Fan corrected.

“At worst, let them find you some more evolutionary things you need.”

“I see, Master, what about this giant puppet city? ‘ asked Grape.

“Since he is so determined, then you can turn this giant city into a free city.” Xu Fan laughed.

“Do you need to go out with your body?”

“No, sending an Avatar is enough, but you need a puppet from the Great Ascension Realm.” Grape said.

“Bring that cube, it’s fast, don’t let Xiong Li have any accident when the time comes.” Xu Fan instructed.

“As you order, Master.”

A large spirit boat, flying out of the Spirit Sect, and then directly Spatial Teleportation to the location area.

“I have to say, the world without space seals is really good before. A large spirit boat only needs one energy Dao Item to drive Spatial Teleportation.” Xu Fan watched the large spirit boat disappear. direction said.

Xiong Li and Ten Thousand Soldiers did not wait long before they received the news.

After receiving the information, Xiong Li and Ten Thousand Soldiers waited early at the expected meeting point.

The hatch of the spirit boat opened, and a group of puppets came down.

“sect has dispatched all the puppets of the Great Ascension Realm!” Thousands of soldiers said in surprise.

“Are the puppets the only ones coming to this sect?” Xiong Li asked, looking at the puppet of the Great Ascension Realm.

“The most intelligent grape Avatar of the Hidden Spirit Sect has also come.” The Great Ascension Realm puppet said, and the grape Avatar had already been loaded onto the Great Ascension Realm puppet when it came.

“What happened to the puppet giant city? I feel it has something to do with our hidden Spirit Sect.” Ten thousand soldiers asked.

“It’s related to sect. It’s a hostile force, but it’s not a big problem. From now on, the giant city will be a base for sect.”

The Great Ascension Realm puppet said Walking in the direction of the puppet giant city, when it came, the surrounding terrain had already been ascertained.

Xiong Li and Ten Thousand Soldiers followed behind the puppet, and some did not understand what the puppet meant.

“Grape, do you want to collect them?”

“We found this giant puppet city, can you divide me into several puppet teams and join my puppets? Great army.” Ten thousand soldiers said with saliva.

“I came here to assimilate them, but after assimilation, they still have their previous self-awareness. It may be difficult for you to want them to join your puppet army,” said the puppet of the Great Ascension Realm.

“It’s a bit of a benefit anyway~” Wan Bing said, rubbing his hands together, he knew that dao sect was always generous, and he never stingy with rewards as long as he did meritorious deeds.

“You can take any part of the treasure in the puppet giant city.”

If the puppet of the Great Ascension Realm is a puppet, let the two stared wide-eyed.

(End of this chapter)

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