My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 645

Chapter 645 Hidden Spirit Sect outer sect

“One percent!!” The two exclaimed in surprise.

Not because there are too few, but because there are too many.

The two of them also saw the scale of the puppet giant city, which is comparable to Human Race, a city with a population of millions.

The two puppets in the giant city estimated that there were at least 500,000.

More than half of these 500,000 are mining an unknown spirit ore every day.

Although I don’t know what that spirit ore is, it must not be a mortal thing.

“If you want more, go to the Great Elder and apply.” The Great Ascension Realm puppet said looking at the expressions of the two.

“A lot, it’s simply too much!” Tens of thousands of soldiers said happily.

Although he claims to have an army of tens of thousands of puppets, most of them do not have magic weapons of the same level.

Even if sect takes good care of him, he will have to buy the equipment needed by the puppets under his hands one by one.

“I don’t know how many puppets I can equip this time.” Ten Thousand Soldiers said with saliva.

“It’s probably enough to equip all your puppets.” Xiong Li said with a smile, and then to the Great Ascension Realm: “Can we wait until we return to the sect before choosing.”

He’s worried about having too much stuff on him.

“Yes, your 10%, if you don’t choose in time, I will exchange it for you points.” The Great Ascension Realm puppet said intimately.

“Let’s take a look at it first,” hehe said.

Not long after, the puppet of the Great Ascension Realm brought the two to the giant city of puppets.

At this time, the entire giant puppet city seemed to have not found them, and was doing its own thing.

“Grape, how are the quality of these puppets?” Ten thousand soldiers asked curiously.

“The quality is okay, better than the mass-produced puppets in the sect.”

“Because of self-awareness, you can refine spirit ore and fill your own upgrades, so it is generally better than The sect puppet is strong.” The Great Ascension Realm puppet said slowly.

A wave emanated from the Great Ascension Realm puppet itself, sweeping across the entire puppet city.

In an instant, all the busy puppets gathered in front of the giant puppet city as if they had been brainwashed.

According to the type, the 10,000 puppets were condensed into a square, and there were 63 squares, which was a little more than what Xiong Li and Ten Thousand Soldiers had guessed.

“Grape, you have controlled them all at once!” Ten million soldiers said in shock.

“I control tens of millions of puppets in the sect. Does it seem very difficult to forcefully control these puppets?” Grape asked rhetorically.

After the grape Avatar in the Great Ascension Realm puppets extracted all the information of the puppets, they began to modify their core programs.

“These puppets take a day to assimilate. You can follow the sect puppets to this giant city to see if there is anything you need.” The Great Ascension Realm puppet said.

“Sorry about that~”

Thousands of soldiers were polite and ran towards the giant city with their bear power.

A day later, the entire puppet city was restored to its original appearance, but their treasure trove was empty.

Hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan’s expression became more and more exciting after listening to Grape’s report.

“This Imperial Teacher has a very deep routine. I don’t know how many puppet giants are around the sect.”

“Sow a seed and let them grow wildly, Wait until it grows to a certain point and start to jointly weaken the Spirit Sect.”

β€œIf nothing else, the cultivator in the immortal city of Linsen is estimated to have been bought, so please pay attention to the grapes.” Xu Fan instructed.

“As you order, Master.”

A giant cannon appeared in front of Xu Fan.

“This is the real rune cannon in the cultivation world. Filling Spirit Stone and spells can trigger a huge might spell.” Xu Fan said while touching the cannon.

“But these cannons are obviously much more advanced and comparable to the formidable power of the cannons I’ve researched.”

“As expected of the Imperial Teacher who regards me as an opponent , I don’t know which world was before reincarnation?” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Master, Grape has studied the rune formation above. This should be a simplified version of the cannon. Complementing the rune formation above can seriously injure the Integration Realm monster beast.” Grape said.

“Of course I saw it. This Imperial Teacher simplified the original Xianwen Formation, and it was still a fairyland thing before.” Xu Fan pondered.

“Let me take a look at what you looted from the puppet giant city, maybe I will be inspired to figure out a larger cannon with formidable power.” Xu Fan said.

“As you order, master.”


Two months later, the large star boat of Tianlianzong came to hundreds of thousands of li on the giant lake.

This time, Tianlianzong not only brought the spirit ore that Xu Fan needed, but also prepared a rich gift for Xu Fan to celebrate his promotion to the Great Grandmaster.

The three elders of Tianlianzong discussed the Dao of Refining with Xu Fan for a few days, and then left in a hurry.

They also saw that Xu Fan was busy.

In the underground space, Xu Fan is working in a frenzy with two Avatars.

“Master, there are more and more Monster Races sneaking into Linsen immortal city recently. Do you want to focus on destroying them?” Grape asked.

Xu Fan, who was refining the Artifact Spirit sword, thought about it.

“Let’s do it first, then save up, anyway, the little news circulating in Lin Linsen’s Immortal City is irrelevant.”

“When the number of outer sects is large, the outer sect will start recruiting on a large scale. People, those cultivators in the disguise of Monster Race will definitely come, when the time comes, it’s all right,” Xu Fan said.

“Yes, Master,” Grape responded.

“Ontology, you have a good method. When the time comes, you can cultivate it again, and turn it on to deal with Monster Race. Wouldn’t it be great!” No. 2 Avatar suggested.

“Then let Xing resign as the cultivator leading this Monster Race disguise,” Xu Fan said.

“This is fine.” The two Avatars said with a smile.

At this time, No. 1 is refining the Great Ascension Realm puppet, and Xu Fan and No. 2 are refining the fairy sword.


A year later, there is some great news from Linsen immortal city.

Yin Ling began to recruit cultivators above Nascent Soul Realm, and the whole immortal city of Linsen began to stir in an instant.

The cultivators who live in Linsen immortal city all know that it is the hidden Spirit Sect that keeps the entire Linsen immortal city and those mortals.

Not only that, they also sell the Peak Treasure Item magic weapon at a very low price, which greatly improves the battle strength of Linsen immortal city cultivator.

In the years protected by the hidden Spirit Sect, they fully realized the power of the hidden Spirit Sect.

Implicit Spirit Sect Those inner sect disciple, they are not common.

But the Disciple that the outer sect performs tasks, they often meet, and many are local cultivators.

So they know the treatment of Outer Sect Disciple very well, and their saliva is also clear.

Whether it is the magic weapon cultivation technique Spirit Stone or the Spirit Pill needed to advance, no matter which one can make them feel the benefits of becoming an Outer Sect Disciple.

Therefore, the expansion of the Spirit Sect outer sect immediately touched the hearts of those loose cultivators.

The hidden Spirit Sect outer sect is not only an enviable treatment, but also a status symbol.

The loose cultivator in Linsen immortal city was excited, and so was the Monster Race disguised as a Human Race cultivator.

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