My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 654

Chapter 654 Little Girl

Xu Fan could not help sighed slightly after feeling this strange aura.

Compared to him, his good brother is more like a protagonist.

Wherever he goes, he will meet a female partner who loves him, and a good brother who cares about him very much, is meticulous, and has an extremely high innate talent.

The point is that the good brother will give him the best of everything.

“Aren’t you able to continue your cultivation at all?” Xu Fan said, looking at the good brother who was more like the protagonist than himself.

“Since Brother Xu woke up, it’s even more difficult to enter the meditation cultivation.” Wang Yulun’s tone was a little sad.

“These are all minor problems, isn’t it that you can’t enter the meditation cultivation normally?”

“The cultivation must not sit cross-legged, you can also fish the method of cultivation.”


This problem is not too easy for Xu Fan to solve. It is enough to deduce a cultivation technique that can cultivate while fishing.

“Is there such a cultivation technique?” Wang Yulun asked in confusion.

“I didn’t have it before, but now I have it.” Xu Fan said with a flash of the Great Dao scriptures in his eyes, and planned to recommend it for him on the spot.

At this moment, the fishing rod in Wang Yulun’s hand sank, and something was hooked again.

Just when Wang Yulun was about to lift the pole, he suddenly found that you couldn’t lift it with your own strength.

The other end of the fishing rod seems to have caught a ten thousand zhang mountain, and Wang Yulun’s spiritual power will be in vain.

A huge Heaven and Earth Dharma Idol appeared behind Wang Yulun and blessed Wang Yulun to increase its power.

Xu Fan looked at him and laughed, you caught a fish and got Heaven and Earth Dharma Idol out.

“Brother Xu, the hook end is probably a big one, I can’t get it out.”

Wang Yulun had no choice but to ask Xu Fan for help.

“You, this Void Refinement Realm, is really a little empty.”

Xu Fan was a little empty, and directly activated all the spiritual powers around him, all of which blessed Wang Yulun. .

At this time, there was only a little movement on the other end of the fishing rod.

Wang Yulun lifted the rod little by little and finally caught the big one.

Xu Fan was almost stunned when the hook at the end of the fishing rod came out of the water.

I saw a chubby little girl in animal skins being fished out.

The little girl who was caught out of the water looked all around blankly with the fish hook in her mouth, and then saw Wang Yulun hanging him with a fishing rod.


The little girl shouted at Wang Yulun, seemingly asking why she appeared here?

Wang Yulun, who reacted at this time, looked at the little girl’s face getting more and more weird.

What kind of little girl is this, this is an Ancient Species.

In Xu Fan’s eyes, the little girl became a giant statue of heaven.

With its feet on the ground and the stars on its back, the giant elephant’s long trunk seems to be able to communicate with the endless world.

Although Xu Fan couldn’t name the specific species of this giant elephant, he knew that this thing must not be trifled with.

The little girl looked at Wang Yulun in a daze, took the hook out of her mouth, swayed the air with the most primordial force, and charged towards Wang Yulun.

“Brother Xu, I caught a little girl.” Wang Yulun said in shock.

In the past, it was enough to just catch some dead things. How did you catch people this time?

“Let’s solve the problem in front of me first~”

Xu Fan waved his hand, and a layer of soft Five Elements shield protected the two of them.

The little girl also rushed to Wang Yulun, but was blocked by this soft shield.

β€œ#&%_&οΏ₯.” (We are not enemies.)

Xu Fan expresses such a message in the language of Dao.

The little girl stopped as if she understood Xu Fan’s words.

β€œ#@^0^”(Don’t resist, I will teach you what we have to say here.)

A light group appeared in Xu Fan’s hand, directly hitting the little girl’s eyebrows .

“Why am I here? Do you still have the food on your hook?” the little girl said naively, like a little girl.

Wang Yulun is very dedicated every time he fishes, even if he sometimes knows that he is not catching fish, he still habitually hangs fish food on the hook.

A jar was pushed towards the little girl.

The little girl ignored her and ate the fish food in the jar.

“Brother Xu, can this little girl figure out the origin?” Wang Yulun said with some headache.

At this moment, the spirit boat where Xu Fan was in a sudden burst.

It turned out that the little girl stomped and smashed the bottom of the spirit boat.

Xu Fan quickly patched it up with spiritual power.

“I can’t see it, but I know that it cannot afford to offend, this little girl’s soul dharma is a giant elephant bigger than the giant beast in the sky, with the ability to carry the starry sky and communicate with Myriad Realms. ”

Xu Fan felt a little emotional, and felt that his good brother was more like the protagonist than him, didn’t expect fortuitous encounter.

“Little girl, where is your home?” Wang Yulun asked cautiously, for fear of rushing to the giant beast-like little girl in front of him.

“I don’t have a home. Since I was born, I have been wandering around.” The little girl said nonchalantly while eating fish food.

At this time, Xu Fan directly used spiritual power to pick up a deep-sea giant shrimp from the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li.

Peel the shells, take the shrimp meat, add the sauce, and bake it with a spirit fire.

For a moment, a person-high charcoal-grilled shrimp appeared in front of the little girl.

The little girl who was eating fish food sniffed her nose and followed the smell to see the shrimp meat that was bigger than her two.

“Is this for me?” the little girl asked a little sorry.

Xu Fan nods.

Seeing Xu Fan’s nod, the little girl suddenly burst out with a powerful force and rushed towards the two big shrimp meat on top of him.

After a meal of strong wind scattering the last clouds, the little girl who finished eating the charcoal grilled shrimp looked at Xu Fan with pitiful eyes.

Xu Fan waved his hand, and another big green-tailed fish was pulled out.

This process continued all morning.

The little girl patted her chubby belly and smiled happily.

Wang Yulun looked at the animal skin on the little girl, took out a ball of ten thousand clothes and shot it directly on the little girl.

The little girl suddenly changed from a wild orc to a beautiful Eldest Young Lady.

The little girl looked at her clothes and nodded with satisfaction.

“What’s your name?” Wang Yulun asked.

“Just call me Xing.” The little girl said while touching her clothes.

“Where’s your father mother?” Wang Yulun asked again, this little girl was caught by himself, so he should be responsible.

Wang Yulun feels that although he has a lot of experience, he has never been a scumbag.

The little girl thought for a while, then looked the head and said, “They gave birth to me and didn’t care about me.”

Hearing this, Wang Yulun sighed, he suddenly thought of his own daughter.

“If you have nowhere to go in the future, just follow me.” Wang Yulun sighed said, as if he was distressed that the little girl’s parents didn’t want her.

Hearing Wang Yulun’s words, the little girl suddenly became happy.

β€œIs there such food every day in the future?”

β€œYes, every day~”

(End of this chapter)

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