My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 658

Chapter 658 Advances to Nine Steps to Heaven Puppet Master’s Method

“The past is unbearable, Great Elder don’t expose my scars.” The Imperial Teacher shook the head.

Then began to discuss Refiner Dao with Xu Fan.

At first, Imperial Teacher’s expression was still calm, but the more time went on, the more shocked his expression became.

“Great Elder, have you arrived at that realm?” The Imperial Teacher’s voice trembled a little.

“I saw it, and didn’t touch it~”

A nonsense remark made Xu Fan’s proven mystery temperament to the extreme.

The Imperial Teacher’s performance was also particularly shocking. He just wanted to kneel down and worship Xu Fan as his teacher!

“Great Elder, it was wrong to be Junior before.”

“I hereby sincerely apologize.” The Imperial Teacher said with a formal salute.

Unlike the appearance of bankruptcy and disaster at first, the current Imperial Teacher has become a little fanboy.

Four more fairy artifacts appeared next to Imperial Teacher, and they were given to Xu Fan as an apology.

“No need to do this, the grievances between you and me have been cleared, so there is no need to send anything more.” Xu Fan said.

“No, Junior has offended the Great Elder, and now he can spare my life, so what if these things outside his body can be taken out.” The Imperial Teacher said with a firm expression.

“Take it back, it’s better to give these fairy weapons to the puppets under the Jiufeng Dynasty. When the time comes, you can also increase some battle strength.”

Now it’s Xu Fan’s demand for immortals is not as strong as before.

Even if there are magic tools, none of Direct Disciple can be used now.

“That’s fine. With these puppets, the stability of the Jiufeng Dynasty can be better maintained.” Imperial Teacher said with a smile.

Then the two discussed Refiner Dao.

Until half a year later, the Imperial Teacher, who has become Xu Fan’s little fanboy, reluctantly sat in the star boat and left.

Xu Fan couldn’t help sighed slightly as he looked at the departing star boat.

“It’s not easy, I finally emptied the Imperial Teacher in half a year.”

“Master, is the grievance between you and the Imperial Teacher just resolved like this?” Li Xingci asked next to Xu Fan.

β€œImperial Teacher has come up with a lot of good things to resolve the grievances, and in the future, the Jiufeng Dynasty will still need him, so forget it.”

β€œWe The only loss here is that grapes will be less snacks in the future.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

In the past, the Imperial Teacher sent puppets to attack, and the most excited was the grapes.

In the eyes of the grapes, what kind of threat are those Great Ascension Realm puppets, they are clearly sandwiched biscuits, each ka beng crispy.

“It seems that those who infiltrated the Jiufeng Dynasty have to withdraw a group.” Li Xingci said.

“Just stay in the Jiufeng Dynasty, there is nothing to call back.” Xu Fan said.

Li Xingci nodded.

“The family has been harmonious recently~” Xu Fan asked with a smile when he had nothing to do.

“Tian’er is obsessed with cultivation recently and has been in retreat for a long time.” Li Xingci said.

“Among the disciples, if you are really released, you must be the best one.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Master is making fun of the discipline again.” For some reason, Li Xingchi thought of Wang Yulun.

A jade plate appeared in Xu Fan’s hands.

“This is the latest version of Hundred Worlds Reincarnation Divine Ability, you put it away, go back and slowly cultivate.” Xu Fan said.

Li Xingci took Yudie and scanned it with his divine sense, and suddenly found that the entire Hundred Worlds Reincarnation had changed a lot.

And he felt that the Divine Ability of Hundred Worlds Reincarnation had reached a kind of Peak.

“Master, your ability to deduce the cultivation technique has risen again.” Li Xingci said.

“It goes without saying that your master is now an Integration Realm.” Xu Fan laughed.

A few more jade discs appeared in Xu Fan’s hands.

“You happen to be here, please send them a few.”

Xu Fan finished speaking and flew towards his small courtyard.

It took Xu Fan a lot of energy to discuss Taoism with the Imperial Teacher for half a year.

In the cultivation room, Xu Fan’s eyes slowly opened, and then. Opened the system that usually simply does not exist.

“Little system, your death is coming, you can’t limit how long I am.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

In the nightmare realm, when he was about to advance to the Golden Immortal, he suddenly felt the Great Dao Law contained in the system.

Unfortunately, it was only a fleeting moment, but Xu Fan really felt it.

He believed that if he was given time, he would decipher the mysteries of the system.

Xu Fan opened the only log in the system.

Suddenly I found a few different pieces of information on it.

After reading the information, Xu Fan’s expression became solemn.

“Shouldn’t there be such an existence to pay attention to me?” Xu Fan said in surprise.

“I have to admit, this system is still useful.” Xu Fan said happily.

There is a message like this in the log on the system.

“The existence of the Immortal Emperor Level pays attention to the host and has been blocked.”

This is why Xu Fan is lucky.

At this time, Xu Fan looked towards the sky slightly inductively and muttered: “Past, future, time is long.”

“It feels a bit messy.”

Just when Xu Fan was thinking about the reason, he suddenly received a message from Sui Ying who wanted to see him.

β€œLet him come over~” Xu Fan said.

At this moment. It has been upgraded to Divine Transformation Realm under the accumulation of many resources.

“Great Elder, I touch the Nine Steps to Heaven puppet master’s realm,” said the shadow salute.

At this time, Xu Fan looked at the shadow with some surprise.

“Are you sure you’ve realized it?”

In Xu Fan’s opinion, becoming a Nine Steps to Heaven puppet master is more difficult than becoming a Great Ascension Venerable, even with the talent of the shadow. , at least 3000 years.

“Disciple realized it, so I begged the Great Elder to set up a soul-moving array for me, and put my soul into the core of the Great Ascension Realm puppet.” Suiying said firmly with his eyes.

“This method is what you realized!”

“When Disciple attacked the Nine Steps to Heaven puppet master, it always felt a layer of estrangement, invisible and intangible, but He’s there.”

“Disciple has been thinking about it for several years, and feels that as long as the soul and the puppet are reconciled, they can be promoted to the Nine Steps to Heaven puppet master.” Suiying said.

The method Sui Ying said was something that Xu Fan had already thought of when he founded the profession of Puppet Master.

At that time, his idea was to find a group of Monster Races with aptitude and bring them back to train.

Wait until a certain level before letting those Monster Race souls join the puppets.

But after refining the Great Ascension Realm puppet, this sentence was rejected by Xu Fan again.

As for the reason, it’s because the Great Ascension Realm battle strength is enough.

“That’s the case, what’s the point of it with the puppet in the future?”

“This is a crooked way. If your soul really wants to merge with the core of the puppet, you will gradually lose spiritual wisdom. , and finally turned into a puppet like a wild beast.”

“If you don’t leave the right way, then where will you go?” Xu Fan said with a laugh.

“Besides, sect is developing smoothly now, even if you become a Nine Steps to Heaven puppet master, it’s just the icing on the cake.”

“Go back, this road won’t work.” Xu Fan persuaded.

Just kidding, what will Linger do after you become a puppet?

(End of this chapter)

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