My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 666

Chapter 666 Tear the Genealogy

“Okay, cheap that stinky brat.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this time, thousands of soldiers looked at the three Monster Venerables who only had a slight wound on their heads and laughed a little bit from ear to ear.

Speaking of this is a return to the original.

At this moment, Xu Fan expression changed, and a scream came from the sword array ball.

“The hedgehog is dead, now we can start the formation.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

The sword array ball dissipated, turned into a Spirit Sword that filled the sky, and returned to the sword box behind the sword array puppet.

The real body of the hedgehog Monster Venerable was also collected by Xu Fan.

The last small thorn appeared in Xu Fan’s hand, which is the monster bone of the invincible Monster Venerable.

“Let me see what’s good.” Xu Fan said expectantly, as if opening a blind box.

A bunch of Spirit Stone debris fell from in the sky, leaving only a Dao Item bottle gourd in Xu Fan’s hands.

“Immortal Spirit Energy of a bottle gourd is a bit of value.” Xu Fan waved the bottle gourd into the Dao Item palace.

“Grape, place a great array here, and then place a great array from the outer layer.”

With these two large arrays, Xu Fan can use sword Array puppets, slowly strangling them in this great formation.

“I don’t know where this Transmission Formation will be sent.” Xu Fan was a little curious, but then instantly became alert again.

“Don’t try to trick me~” Xu Fan said, looking at the sky.

“Great Elder, do you still want these things below?” Ten Thousand Soldiers asked next to what Xu Fan poured out just now.

“Take it all, you use these things, build a hidden Spirit Sect outer sect in Celestial Phenomenon immortal city, recruit some potential Disciple.” Xu Fan said.

“Great Elder, do you want to do this work from afar, I’m not suitable for this.” Ten Thousand Soldiers said with some embarrassment.

“Since you don’t want to do it to someone who is willing to do it, Celestial Phenomenon immortal city has so many loose cultivators, can’t you find a managerial talent?” Xu Fan said.

“I understand, Great Elder.” Ten thousand soldiers said with a smile.

If you let him manage it by himself, he wouldn’t even want to kill him. It would be cool to kill Monster Race with a puppet.

After a day, everything changed, centered on the weird Transmission Formation.

Inside the Great Spiritual Formation, outside the Great Space Formation, Xu Fan and the others were waiting outside the Great Formation.

After everyone was idle, Xu Fan began to point out Xu Gang and the others.


3 months later, a starship descended on Celestial Phenomenon immortal city.

Qianling Venerable excitedly came to Xu Fan who was basking in the sun.

β€œEvery time I see the Great Elder, it is so leisurely, which makes me envious.” Qian Ling Venerable said.

β€œThat’s how retirement is,” jokes Xu Fan.

“Is the Monster Race in Heavenly Dragon State stable?”

“Let the boss go there personally, it’s basically stable, with the boss Avatar guarding there, it shouldn’t be something wrong.” Qianling Venerable said.

“But the situation on your side is not right, do you want me to ask sister-in-law to help you?” Qianling Venerable said while looking at the big formation not far away.

Although he is not an Array Master, he still has eyesight.

The power of this great formation, even if it is an invincible Monster Venerable, cannot break through for a while.

β€œThis matter can bother the sister-in-law, but I can handle it myself,” Xu Fan said.

“Now in the battle between the monsters, Monster Race has the upper hand, and I don’t know what to do next.” Qianling Venerable said with a sigh.

“Has there been another war in the extreme sky recently?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

Xu Fan still remembers the scene when he left the ceiling of the Elder Council headquarters last time.

“There was a war, which just ended some time ago.”

“The highest experts in both the human and the demon world have all appeared, and the fight is dark and dark.” Qianling Venerable said.

He came this time to deliver melons to Xu Fan.

“Because of what?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

“Because the eggs laid by the blood phoenix of Monster Race were stolen by our Human Race.”


Why is the plot different from what he imagined?

Isn’t the big battle because the Monster Race’s conspiracy was discovered by the Human Race?

Xu Fan didn’t think it was Human Race who started it first.

“Who is so fierce?” Xu Fan exclaimed.

“It’s the third Elder of the Elder Council. It’s called Huantian. It’s said that he was left behind by the superior.”

“What’s the final result?”

“In terms of its top expertise, our Human Race side has always been good, but the Monster Race side has put forward conditions that no one can refuse to get back that egg.”

“What? Conditions?” Xu Fan frowned said.

He didn’t think he had any conditions to hand over the egg that was the greatest threat to Human Race in the future.

“I don’t know what the specific conditions are. Anyway, there have been a lot less battles between Human Race and Monster Race recently.” Qianling Venerable said, in fact, he was also curious about the conditions.

I can’t find out at his current level.

“Don’t you even know about sister-in-law?” This made Xu Fan even more curious.

You brought me this melon, but what do you mean by letting me eat half of it?

β€œsister-in-law knows, but doesn’t tell me.”

β€œI can tell from her expression that Monster Race has paid a very high price. .”

“Of course I’m listening to your words, like listening to your words.”

Xu Fan, who ate a boring melon, expressed that he was very depressed.

“Great Elder, although I didn’t bring you the most important news, I brought you the light and shadow of the peak expert battle.”

“This is in the serial number. The things that are only circulated in Elder, ordinary people can’t get it at all.” Qian Ling Venerable took out a magic weapon in the shape of a ball and said to please.

Xu Fan’s eyes shined, this is a good thing, maybe we can analyze what conditions Monster Race paid from this light and shadow.

“Let’s watch the Great Elder together. I haven’t seen this thing in my hands, so I came over to share it with the Great Elder.” Qianling Venerable said.

β€œmany thanks Venerable.”

Xu Fan waved his hand, and the two instantly came to another side World.

The top powerhouse of human and demon races is facing off in the extreme sky.

Xu Fan also saw Mingkong’s silhouette from it.

Ming Kong, who was standing in the C position, opened his mouth, not knowing what he was talking about.

But Xu Fan understands lip language and can analyze it indirectly.

Mingkong said that the meaning is roughly, the battle between human and demon races is a battle of races, there is no despicable statement, the Monster Race slaughtered the Human Race, and the Human Race fought against the Monster Race. ability.

A purple jade Flood Dragon with thousands zhang is spraying wildly at Human Race.

Xu Fan doesn’t need to think about it, he knows it’s a human race score.

“Sure enough, he is a top-level expert. Just looking at this imposing manner makes people trembling in fear.” Qianling Venerable said beside him.

Qianling Venerable’s battle strength is not low, but in the eyes of the group of Human Race Peak experts, it is also a casual existence.

“What this stupid Flood Dragon is saying doesn’t seem like a good word.” Qianling Venerable said while looking at the Flood Dragon in the distance.

“He’s tearing up the Human Race genealogy.” Xu Fan said indifferently.

“What do you mean?”

“Go and understand for yourself.”

(End of this chapter)

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