My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 678

Chapter 678 Practical Training

In the Holy City of the Purple Flame Snake Clan, Heavenly Flame Monster Venerable is patrolling its territory.

He watched with a smile on his lips as he single-handedly built Holy City.

The huge snake body flew directly into the clouds, looking at his Holy City in a different way.

“must keep up with the pace of Lord Ziyu Monster Emperor. Without the Lord, our Ziyan Snake Clan would not be what we are today.”

6000 years ago, their Ziyan Snake Clan was still one An unknown clan, there is not even an invincible Monster Venerable in the clan, and they are also excluded by the major snake clan, and they also say that the Ziyan Snake clan is an alien.

At that time, he was still young, just a little demon snake of the Foundation Establishment Realm, not even full of spiritual wisdom.

I was out foraging one day and accidentally broke into the land of cultivation of Ziyu Flood Dragon.

Ziyu Flood Dragon was just Nascent Soul Realm at that time.

For some reason, the Foundation Establishment snake seemed to have seen his own beliefs after seeing Ziyu Flood Dragon.

Become the younger brother of Nascent Soul Realm Ziyu Flood Dragon.

The Ziyan Snake Clan has lost a little snake from the Foundation Establishment Realm, and the Ziyu Jiao dragon body has a little brother.

He has followed Ziyu Flood Dragon for thousands of years. The little brother who only knew how to run errands at the time has also become an invincible Monster Venerable, the right-hand man of Ziyu Flood Dragon, and their Ziyu Flood Dragon. The savior of the Fire Snake Clan.

Heavenly Flame Monster Venerable The more you look at this newly built Holy City, the more satisfied you are.

“I’ll build a palace here for Lord Monster Emperor after Lord Monster Emperor officially becomes Monster Emperor.” Heavenly Flame Monster Venerable is thinking beautifully.

Suddenly the entire sky darkened, and the newly established Holy City area was instantly shrouded in darkness.

Heavenly Flame Monster Venerable, who was planning a bright future, looked towards the sky instantly.

“Who is it! Is disturbing the interest of this Monster Venerable!”

I saw Yinling Island like a flatbread covered with sesame seeds, and directly put the beautiful Holy City in the eyes of Heavenly Flame Monster Venerable. Cover the void.

“Breaking your grandma’s legs!”

The angry roar sounded in the sky, and a sword array puppet appeared in the sky, with an expression like I was looking for something.

Nine fairy swords and a thousand Dao Item Spirit Sword came out of the way, formed a giant whale in the air, and swallowed it against Heavenly Flame Monster Venerable.

At this time, countless rays of light flew out from the Yinling Island above!

Like a meteor shower in the already darkened Holy City.

“Hurry up, hurry up! This is the first action, you must act according to the plan, don’t be greedy for war, don’t be greedy for money!”

“Look for the Purple Flame Snake Clan at all levels, If you can’t beat it, you will form a three-three battle formation. If you can’t beat it, remember to run quickly and pass the problem to other senior brothers who can solve it.”

At this time, almost all the Disciples on Yinling Island participated in the battle.

“Brothers, our goal is the outer city, and we must kill these little snakes and demons to the fullest.”

In the sky in the outer city crosses 100,000 meteors , forming a circle in the sky, covering the entire periphery of Holy City.

In the inner city, there are naturally two generations of Disciples to deal with.

Xiong Li, holding a giant hammer, rushed to the front row, his expression extremely excited.

β€œIf you encounter other powerhouses at the Monster Venerable Level, don’t be a match for them. You will have sect senior and puppets to deal with him.”

β€œAny other activities, as long as you don’t go to the outer city. Just grab food with the Little Junior Brothers.”

After Xiong Li finished speaking, it smashed into the palace of Holy City like a 10,000-ton meteorite, and the buildings within several dozen li collapsed in an instant.

A high Five Elements golden movement method with a hundred zhang appeared in the middle of the ruins, exuding a sturdy aura.

As soon as Xiong Li appeared, it attracted the attack of the Purple Flame Snake Clan that had already been prepared for.

“It’s good to come!” Xiong Li said excitedly, raising his hammer and smashing it around.

Then the second generation of Disciple coming one after another, for a time, sword array, sword light, Five Elements Divine Ability, various attribute attack pagoda appeared.

The Ziyan Snake Clan, who fought in various ways, suffered for a lifetime.

At this time, the sword array puppet in the sky is looking at the ball that has been transformed from the sword array giant whale into a sealed sword array.

“You still have one hour. If the Holy City Monster Race is not killed by more than 70%, all points will be deducted.” Xu Fan said while controlling the puppet.

The fierce white on the shoulders was also infected by Xu Fan’s imposing manner, and the small head stuck out from the jade white turtle shell, showing a fierce expression.

“Follow your orders, Great Elder!”

Xu Fan above Holy City heard the echoes of countless Disciples.

Xu Gang, who was beside Xu Fan, looked a little hot and wanted to go and play.

But it was blocked in time by Xu Fan.

“Don’t fight with those juniors. If you want to go up, the Monster Race below the Great Ascension Realm is not enough for you to kill alone.” Xu Fan put Xie Bai in the palm of his hand and stroked, but said This does not affect his manipulation of the puppet at all.

“As you order, Master.” Xu Gang felt a little pity.

β€œYou are born to deal with big scenes, and Holy City of this size is not your turn,” Xu Fan explained.

The Purple Flame Snake Clan has just risen not long ago. Except for one invincible Monster Venerable in the clan, there are only two Monster Venerables in general.

All have been beheaded by the Great Ascension Realm puppets.

At this moment, three Great Ascension Realm puppets appeared, holding fairy weapons in their hands, and rushed into the seal sword array.

“It seems that in the future, I need to bring sect disciples to practice combat. Although they all look slick in battle, they seem to be experienced, but the actual combat experience is still needed.” Xu Fan looked He said with the performance of Disciple below.

At this moment, in the Holy City below, two sword arrays suddenly combined, turning into a thousand zhang giant sword horizontally in the air, and then a Supreme sword intent erupted.

Wang Xiangchi, who was beside Xu Fan, looked at each other.

“The sword array is perfect, it seems that they have not practiced less in the sect.” Xu Fan nodded happily.

In terms of combat, Xu Fan is happy with all Disciples.

However, the cooperation of the battle formation and the tacit understanding between Disciple and Disciple have not yet met Xu Fan’s psychological expectations.

“Grape, how long?” Xu Fan asked.

“Master still has half a quarter of an hour.”

Xu Fan looked at the seal composed of the sword array, raised his hand and pressed it down.

The Heavenly Flame Monster Venerable in the sword array suddenly let out a piercing scream.

“Not bad, you should cherish the last half of your life.” Xu Fan said.

“There is still half a quarter of an hour, senior and junior brothers, come on! We must complete the task given to us by the Great Elder.”

Li Leihu holds a giant blade, like a butcher. Wherever you go, flesh and blood fly.

Lin Mowan frowned looking at Li Leihu, and from time to time used the purification technique to remove the blood on Li Leihu’s body.

“Flower sea mantra~” Lin Mowan made a seal, and immediately turned the area in front of her into a sea of flowers.

All the snakes in the sea of flowers are parasitized by flower seeds, and finally suck up the nutrients and turn into a demon flower to help Li Leihu clean up the surrounding Monster Race.

At this moment, a mushroom cloud rose in the center of Holy City, sweeping directly across 1/3 of the inner city.

There are 6 Disciples majoring in Five Elements Taoism in the sky.

In order to end the battle as quickly as possible, together they cast the Dongfeng 15 Divine Ability.

“I didn’t dare to use the formidable power to the maximum, I was afraid that I would rob you of your life.”

“How is it? Do you want to help?”

Five Elements Dao lineage Disciple, asked with a smile to the sword dao lineage Disciple in another area of the inner city.


(End of this chapter)

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