My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 682

Chapter 682 Wanluo Tianjing

The last Purple Jade Flood Dragon was deeply sighed.

“You magic machine Turtle Clan, an old turtle has died, go back first.”

Ziyu Flood Dragon couldn’t help it, since he was promoted to the invincible Monster After Venerable, except in front of the Golden-Winged Great Peng, I have never been so wronged.

“This revenge must be repaid~” Ziyu Flood Dragon said, turning and teleporting to the Secret Realm of the cross-border Transmission Formation.

The Great Grandmaster, the Monster Race refiner of the cross-border Transmission Formation, was arranging, and glanced at the purple jade Flood Dragon.

“What did you put in this time?” Great Grandmaster said with a smile.

“An old tortoise, it looks like it won’t be out for a while.” Ziyu Flood Dragon said and glanced at the Great Grandmaster.

The Great Grandmaster was originally a rare stone in the Monster Realm. It was discovered by the Golden-Winged Great Peng. He had the innate talent of the forge, so he brought it with him.

If this Monster Race didn’t want the Golden-Winged Great Peng Avatar to come to this world, please don’t move the Great Grandmaster, the refiner of strange stones.

“Just say it if you want me to help, don’t be so circumspect,” said the Great Grandmaster of the Refiner.

“Tianshi Great Grandmaster, it is said that you have a Wanluo Tianjing there. You know the past and the consequences. The Great Thousand Worlds can check everything.” Ziyu Flood Dragon said with a smile.

Don’t look at him now that he is one of the very best characters of Monster Realm.

Once ascended to the Great Thousand Worlds, compared with the Great Grandmaster, the status can be a million miles apart.

“You know quite a lot, so do you know my rules?” Great Grandmaster said with a smile.

“1000 years is 1000 years, it is not ashamed to work under the Tianshi Qi Refinement Great Grandmaster.” Ziyu Flood Dragon said through gritted teeth.

“It’s not that exaggerated, maybe I won’t use you a few times in a thousand years.”

The Great Grandmaster took out a Wanluo Tianjing.

“By the way, can you give me the tortoise shell of the old tortoise?”

“Of course!”

So, Ziyu Flood Dragon He successfully took the Wanluo Tianjing from the Great Grandmaster of the Heavenly Stone Refiner.

“There is one additional condition. Don’t come to this Secret Realm to disturb me for three years. I have to concentrate on setting up the grand formation, and I don’t need you to supervise the work.” said the Great Grandmaster.

I’m not afraid that you have something to do, but I’m afraid that you won’t come and beg me, otherwise how can I hear it?

At this time, on the other side of Monster Race’s extremely empty domain, the entire Yinling Island was actively preparing for the battle, and only Xu Fan felt that something was wrong.

Because, the Heaven Chopping Secret Array outside Yinling Island was broken again.

“I’m really willing to pay for it.”

The great formation he arranged naturally knew how much it would cost to break this great formation.

“Grape, start the plan to hide the sky and cross the sea.” Xu Fan lightly saying.

“You don’t like to divination my position, this time I will let you do enough divination.”

The Yinling Island, which was sailing fast, began to tremble, and finally divided into two, and at the same time Disappeared in the extremely empty domain.

When Xu Fan planned to refine the entire Yinling Island into a fairy weapon, Xu Fan designed this Yinling Island Avatar.

is designed to deal with this situation.

“The Avatar on this Hidden Spirit Island is not strong, but the puppets on it can bully the big clan with weaker battle strength.” Xu Fan said sinisterly.

There are two Great Ascension Realm puppets, 10,000 Integration Realm puppets, 100,000 Void Refinement Realm puppets on the sub-island of Hidden Spirit Island, plus some useful and useless railguns.

As long as you don’t encounter the invincible Monster Venerable, you can walk unhindered at the Monster Realm.

“Grape, go to the sky above the Evil Shadow Leopard Clan’s territory,” Xu Fan instructed.

“Follow your orders, master.”

In the territory of the Wuling Ming Monkey Clan, an old monkey is teaching a group of little monkeys the Divine Ability of Monster Race.

“Our Wuling Ming Monkey family used to be one of the Peak clan, and our Mingling Monster Venerable 20,000 years ago was the invincible Venerable of Monster Realm cream of the crop.” An old monkey used Light and shadow art depicts the power of their clan at that time.

“At that time, we all have inheritance of the Divine Ability Art cultivated by Mingling Monster Venerable.”

“As long as you work hard, the glory of our family will be reproduced again.”

At this time, not far from the old monkey preaching, there was a fake monkey with five spirits watching this scene.

“The atmosphere is here, and Avatar is here too. Why is it the Wuling Ming Monkey Clan?” said a little boy on Avatar on Yinling Island.

“Is it better to contact the owner in this case?” the little boy said to himself.

“Wu Ling Ming Monkey Clan, to be destroyed or not to be destroyed?” said Cricket, touching his chin and thinking.

“I remember that I seem to have agreed to the Five Spirit Monkeys of Integration Realm at the beginning.”

“Forget it, let go of the Five Spirit Monkeys, leave a mark and leave. Right.” Xu Fan decided.

Because he thought that a five-spirited monkey in the demon department was about to advance to the Monster Venerable Level, and his talent was not weak. If he can work hard later, he can reach twice the battle strength of the original slaying spirit.

“Just find a big clan around him and kill it directly, just help the Wuling Ming Monkey clan.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“I understand the master.”

On the other side, the old monkey who was preaching to the little monkey suddenly felt a wave of battle in the distance.

Although the battle fluctuations are weak, the old monkeys can still feel it coming from the direction of their old rival, the Ironhide Demon Pig.

At this moment, a purple light swept across the sky, and that imposing manner frightened the entire Wuling Monkey clan to lie down to acknowledge allegiance.

The breath of the invincible Venerable scared the entire Wuling Monkey clan.

In the territory of the Iron Skin Demon Pig, Ziyu Flood Dragon stared at the ruins below with a dark face.

Then took out Wanluo Tianjing, and after some deduction, disappeared in the sky again.

What the purple jade Flood Dragon on top didn’t notice at this time was that a tiny hole was cracked in Wanluo Tianjing.

On Yinling Island, Sui Ying and Butcher Li are watching with envy as groups of Disciples get together to make battle arrangements.

Even on the plains after the main peak, there are large groups of tens of thousands of people gathered together.

On the high platform in front of the group, Li Leihu was calmly making tactical arrangements.

“Why didn’t the Great Elder let our Heavenly Puppet Department go out.” Butcher Li said with a pity, he could only watch the battle on the Yinling Island, and he was very greedy.

“According to Grape’s explanation, it is enough for the Ziyan Snake Clan to have an inner sect disciple. We don’t need to go out.”

Actually, Sui Ying also had itchy hands. The itch is not due to fighting, but the desire to meet the right enemy.

“Besides, these Disciples have no experience in large-scale battles, so they should indeed experience it.” Sui Ying said.

“The next battle is about to start, why haven’t we been notified about the battle.” Butcher Li rubbed his hands, looking towards his son who was arranging the battle plan on the high platform in the distance.

It’s like getting to know my son again.

“Your son seems to have matured a lot recently and is more stable than before.” Sui Ying followed Butcher Li’s gaze to see Li Leihu.

“What’s the use of being mature? Strength is like that.”

“It used to be okay, and I can fight against me for a while.”

“Recently The boy’s strength has regressed, and even I can’t take ten moves with all my strength.” Butcher Li said with some dissatisfaction.

Hearing Butcher Li’s words, Suiying looked at Li Leihu on the high platform in the distance with some sympathy.

It’s not that your son is weak, but that you are too strong.

(End of this chapter)

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