My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 685

Chapter 685 1.5 Soul Slaying

“The package can be added, do you still want it?” The sword array trapped the invincible Monster Venerable.

He was answered only by the roar of the invincible Monster Venerable.

The sword array is transformed into a cage, firmly trapping the invincible Monster Venerable of the Vile Shadow Panther Clan.

The great formation cast by Yinling Island sealed the outer space.

At the same time, the sword array also has the ability to seal the space.

“Don’t worry, I will leave you a complete corpse.”

Xu Fan uses the sword array to control the invincible Monster Venerable, just attacking its vital points and hurting its Divine Soul.

Apart from this, even a little skin Xu Fan is reluctant to go.

The dark black leopard print looks quite textured. If there is a trace of damage, the whole will feel almost like something.

Wind Attribute Thunder Attribute The fairy sword zips around the invincible Monster Venerable.

The two swords merged together in an instant, like lightning, directly passing through the head of the invincible Monster Venerable.

A sad cry resounded throughout the Holy City.

The Evil Shadow Panther Clan who are fighting all look towards the infinite sword array in the central area of Holy City.

There is still sadness in his eyes.

They know that the Supreme Great Elder of their family has been killed by these people.

“The Great Elder moves so fast, this is an invincible Monster Venerable!” Zhan Ling, who was fighting, took a moment to glance at the establishment in the center of Holy City.

Immediately, the Monster Venerable of the Evil Shadow Leopard Clan seized the opportunity and tore off the arm that cut off the spirit with one claw.

“Does the Elder Zhan Ling use help?” Xu Fan’s words reached Zhan Ling’s ears.

“many thanks to the Great Elder, don’t care.”

The Five Elements spiritual realm surrounding Zhan Ling turned into a huge might of Five Elements Divine Ability, directed towards the evil shadows. The leopard Monster Venerable smashed it,

“Although the battle strength has surpassed the Peak period, the Five Elements spiritual realm is still not fully cultivated.”

Zhan Ling waved his hand, A Fire Phoenix and an Ice Phoenix form in the Five Elements spirit realm.

Flying towards the evil shadow and evil leopard at extreme speed, and then collided with each other.

A small mushroom cloud rose, and endless ice and hot breath shrouded the evil shadow and evil leopard Monster Venerable.

Finally, the giant blade in the sky, chopped off to Monster Venerable.

Zhan Ling has a large sword formed by the Five Elements spiritual realm in his hands.

“I still feel that the big sword is a little easier.”

Zhan Ling said holding a five-colored big sword. Pounce on the evil shadow Monster Venerable.

Xu Fan, who is waiting for the return of another invincible Monster Venerable, also took time to watch a glance slashing spirit.

“Cultivation is not at home. It seems that warrior-turning-mage still needs an adaptation process after all.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Then he cast his eyes into the distance, looking towards the outermost periphery of Holy City.

Those third generation disciples were like chicken blood, besieging and killing one evil shadow leopard clan after another with their delicate cooperation.

Xu Fan looked towards another area, where the Outer Sect Disciple is in charge.

“Grape, who do you think will win?” Xu Fan asked with interest.

“The probability of the outer sect is higher, because they dispatched the strongest 1000 Disciple in the outer sect.”

“The overall battle strength is higher than that of the third-generation Disciple. 1000 is better.” Grape replied.

“It seems that they are going to have a hard time for a while.” A smile appeared on Xu Fan’s face, which was reflected on the sword array puppet’s face.

At this time, Yuguang Monster Venerable was hiding in a small town outside Holy City while protecting a group of Cailing rabbits.

Both the evil shadow leopard clan and the hidden Spirit Sect Disciple all avoided here.

As if this is a forbidden War Zone.

“Lord Yuguang, is the Yin Spirit Sect really as good as you said?” A gray little bunny looked brightly and intelligently at their great benefactor.

“Of course, I have been in the hidden Spirit Sect for more than 1,000 years. After a period of cultivation, I can soar to the upper realm and meet our Old Ancestor.” Yuguang Monster Venerable said with a smile .

“Just stay here and wait until the battle is over, and I’ll take you back to the Spirit Sect.”

“When the time comes, all your labor will be fair. The reward.” Yuguang Monster Venerable said, looking at the group of bitter rabbits.

She was stunned when she came to the place where the Cailing Rabbit family lived.

The shabby Cave Mansion, the shabby environment, the vegetable spirit rabbits that are so poor that they can only eat grass, the whole clan does not even have an Integration Realm powerhouse.

“It’s really like what the adults said, generally Spirit Fruit carrots can be eaten casually.” Another gray little bunny asked.

“Of course, as long as you work hard, these can be achieved.” Moonlight Monster Venerable touched the little bunny closest to her.

Silently sighed, in Monster Realm, the Rabbit is the lowest existence.

Although the number is very large, the biggest use is to become the slaves of those big clans, doing some trivial things without any dignity.

Those big clans don’t like rabbits, so it’s fine to kill them.

“The battle should be over soon.”

Yuguang Monster Venerable, remember that this battle is expected to last two hours.

At this time, the Purple Jade Flood Dragon, which had been ambushed somewhere in the Monster Realm, suddenly received a message that the Evil Shadow Panther Clan was attacked by the Human Race.

Purple Jade Flood Dragon wanted to come down to stop it, then looked at the crack on the Wanluo Tianjing and held it back.

“Human Race Great Grandmaster, I’ll make you look good when I catch you.”

“Even if you submit to me Monster Race, I’ll skin you and take your soul out for thousands of years. The suffering of ghosts.”

The expression of Ziyu Flood Dragon, who was hiding in the dark, was a little cold.

This time he paid a huge price to pursue the Great Grandmaster, the human race’s refiner.

It was an invincible Monster Venerable of Monster Realm Peak to attack and kill a Great Grandmaster of Human Race, but it failed.

The most important thing is that he was killed by the Great Grandmaster, the Human Race refiner.

My relatives were slaughtered, and I was played around by the Great Grandmaster, the Human Race refiner.

What is all this about?

Purple jade Flood Dragon is thinking about this now.

It seems that it started with the words of the Great Grandmaster of the Heavenly Stone Refiner.

“I seem to have been tricked~” Ziyu Flood Dragon thought for a while and said.

At this time, the battle of the evil shadow leopard clan is coming to an end, but Xu Fan still did not wait for another invincible Monster Venerable.

“Is this too scared to come back?” Xu Fan asked in confusion.

I knew that I would take a breath and bring another invincible Monster Venerable to talk about it.

Unknown to Xu Fan, the invincible Monster Venerable of the Evil Shadow Leopard clan used their clan’s secret technique to send a message to another Wuji Monster Venerable before dying.

As the entire Holy City slowly fell into peace, only sporadic sounds of battle could be heard in the distance.

“It seems that next time I have to use some routines, and in this case, I will be weaker first.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

A group of five-color Spiritual Qi appeared beside Xu Fan, and finally turned into Zhan Ling.

At this time, Zhan Ling was extremely embarrassed, and there was a bone-deep claw wound on his chest.

“It seems that the cultivation is still not at home.” Zhan Ling sighed said, and then took out the Spirit Pill and ate it.

“The Spirit Slaying Elder has been very difficult to deal with. The Monster Venerable opposite you has a battle strength of 1.5 before the rebuild.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

β€œCan this battle strength be calculated like this?”

(end of this chapter)

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