My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 686

Chapter 686 Family Planning

“Master, mission accomplished.” The grape’s voice sounded.

“Then we can withdraw.” Xu Fan said, looking at the battlefield below.

A strange sound came from the Hidden Spirit Island, which was a signal to stop the fighting.

Disciples that have no enemies are flying towards Yinling Island. If the battle is not over, there will be high-level puppets to take over.

A puppet of Integration Realm with a Spirit Sword appeared next to Xu Fan.

“Great Elder, I realized.”

A powerful breath rose from the puppet.

At this time, another pink swordsman puppet also came to Xu Fan.

“Uncle Xu, Suiying is going to be promoted to the Nine Steps to Heaven puppet master.”

Wang Linger looked even more excited than Suiying.

“Congratulations, I have long said not to be so extreme, and you will eventually realize it with your aptitude.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“The battle is over, go back and rest for a while.”

“The Nine Steps to Heaven puppet master also has requirements for the cultivation base, don’t forget the cultivation when the time comes.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Follow the orders of the Great Elder.” After Sui Ying finished speaking, he left with Wang Ling’er.

At this time, all Disciples have returned to Yinling Island.

“Grape, leave, digest the spoΓ­ls of war, and come to the next one.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“As you order, master.”

The Yinling Island slowly flew towards the direction of the sky.

Then Xu Fan used his magic puppet to give the Dongfeng Divine Ability with all his strength, and the entire Holy City of the evil shadow leopard tribe was reduced to ruins.

“I’m in a better mood.” Xu Fan said, looking at the huge mushroom cloud rising below.

“Master, can you leave me that purple jade Flood Dragon?”

“When I have enough cultivation base, I will catch it for the master myself,” Xu Gang said.

“This is a bit difficult, Ziyu Flood Dragon is a Monster Realm Peak figure, and has been rising for more than 6,000 years.”

“You want to use the remaining 3,000 years to catch up with him, It’s still a little difficult.”

“Wait a little longer, and let you go out next time when someone is a teacher again.” Xu Fan said.

Xu Gang’s expression is a little regretful, he doesn’t know when his childhood wish will be fulfilled.

Xu Yuexian looked at her big brother and laughed. She felt that her brother’s wish would be difficult to achieve in the future.

Hundreds of thousands of grey cabbage rabbits gathered on the plain behind the Yinling Island Lord Peak.

Each Cailing Rabbit held a large carrot in his hand, intoxicated with small bites.

Yuguang Monster Venerable watched this scene with some distress.

Remorse for being stupid and generous and inviting them to eat carrots?

At this time, a large spirit boat slowly landed in front of a group of vegetable spirit rabbits.

The spirit boat is equipped with a communication Magical Artifact, which is a must for every member of the Hidden Spirit Island.

“We will send you a newsletter Magical Artifact soon, and in the future your daily work newsletter Magical Artifact will be arranged so that you can do whatever you want.” Yuguang Monster Venerable’s voice reached every one of them. Cailing rabbit ears.

“Understood, my lord.”

Hundreds of thousands of chirp rabbits chirp chirp twitter twitter The scene was very lively.

Xu Fan also saw this scene and suddenly thought of something.

“Grape, implement family planning for the Cailing rabbit family, each pair of rabbits can only have one litter.” Xu Fan said.

He saw the innate talent of the Rabbit Clan in the grape database.

One is to plant all spiritual objects.

The second is that they like to give birth to rabbits. As long as they are born fast enough, their family will not be wiped out in Monster Realm.

“Understand the master.” Grape’s voice sounded.

Cailing Rabbit is different from Yuguang Rabbit.

The Yuguang Rabbit Xu Fan wants to give them more births, but they can’t have many, because the breeds are different and relatively rare.

Cailing Rabbit is different, almost the entire Monster Realm can see their silhouette.

Unnecessary measures may be taken in the future if left unchecked.

In the treasure house of the hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan looked at the Spirit Treasure, which contained the Avenue of Time, and his expression became more and more uncontrollable.

β€œI have enough Spirit Treasure for Time Acceleration 1000 years, and if I get a few more, maybe I will be able to advance to the Great Ascension Realm.”

Xu Fan admits that he is underestimating For a race that has survived in Monster Realm for tens of thousands of years and hundreds of thousands of years, its heritage should not be underestimated.

“Grape, go to the area where the giant stone mountain demon is first.”

“Let’s do more while the little Flood Dragon is led away.” Xu Fan said with a smile, it was like finding the most correct way to rob a bank.

“Yes, Master, do you need to teleport?”

“The two places are far apart, and it takes half a year to sail,” said Grape.

“Let’s fly over, anyway, the huge lake of hundred thousand li hasn’t been filled yet. I looked at the big hole and felt stuck in my heart.” Xu Fan said.

“As per your order, master.”

At this time, Yinling Island had already flown into the extreme sky, opened the invisible formation, and flew towards the destination rapidly.

In Yinling Island, a small world newly opened by grapes, Xu Fan sat cross-legged for a while.

“Grape, when can you evolve the world and control all the laws of the Smaller Thousand Worlds.” Xu Fan asked.

“The master still needs to work hard. I have just advanced to the Immortal Artifact, and there will be a lot of improvement in the future.”

“As long as the master does not give up the grapes, that day will come eventually. ‘ said Grape.

“Look at what you can say, it took such a big price to raise you so hard, how can you be abandoned?” Xu Fan laughed, although he at first wanted to refine a few more. A magic weapon like a grape.

But somehow, something is always delayed.

Now that Grape’s computing power is up, Avatar is also convenient to use, so Xu Fan doesn’t think about it anymore.

At the edge of the Holy City ruins of the evil shadow leopard clan, a demon wolf is watching this scene in shock.

“Boy, now you know what there is Person beyond the Person, there is Heaven beyond the Heaven?”

“The puppet just now, raised his hands and feet to control With sword array, the array killed an invincible Monster Venerable.”

“Nine immortal swords and thousands of Dao Item Spirit Sword, that person’s sword array is about to reach the Peak of this world.”

“This is the formidable power of the sword array and the Great Ascension Realm. The existence of Monster Race highest will kill you.”

“In comparison, you still have a long section of the road. I have to go.” Ye Xiaoyao’s heart sounded the voice of the old sword.

“Nine immortal swords, thousands of Dao Item Spirit Swords, how did he get them?” Ye Xiaoyao’s incarnation of the demon wolf was still in shock.

“Didn’t you see it just now? The treasure accumulated by the evil shadow leopard clan for hundreds of thousands of years was all taken by that force.”

“We gathered thousands of them. Dao Item Spirit Sword is not simple.”

“So, developing power is the fastest way to accumulate resources quickly.”

“You don’t have this fate, you can only be strong enough , go do this again.” Lao Jian said in Ye Xiaoyao’s heart.

“One invincible Monster Venerable, six ordinary Monster Venerables, these Peak forces were destroyed within two hours.”

“Old Sword, you know this What kind of power is it?” Ye Xiaoyao asked in confusion.

Ye Xiaoyao has just entered the Great Accomplishment Venerable realm, although he can kill ordinary Monster Venerables.

Once encountering two or more Monster Venerables, he can only retreat tactically.

(End of this chapter)

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