My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 688

Chapter 688 Three Stone Tools

At the top of Yinling Island, there is a starry sky fishing spot specially prepared by Xu Fan for good brothers.

While fishing, you can admire the star river.

Xu Fan was too lazy to fly, so he teleported directly to the starry sky fishing platform.

At this point, one big and one small silhouette are all intently holding fishing rods.

“Your godfather can catch good things by fishing like this, what can you catch like this?” Xu Fan looked at Xing’s little fishing rod and said with a smile.

“I can also catch it.”

Xing threw his fishing rod, and the fishing line was instantly stretched and began to extend infinitely, fishing in a certain direction in the extreme sky. go.

After a while, the line on the new small rod suddenly straightened, as if it had caught something.

“Uncle Xu, did you see it? I didn’t catch it.” Xingxiao said hehely.

“Are you hooking that spirit ore star?” Xu Fan said, looking at the tight fishing line.

“I don’t know, but I think it should be a living creature. He is pulling me.” Xing said with a small fishing rod in one hand and the other hand, with a very relaxed expression.

“Living creatures?”

At this moment, the sound of grapes suddenly sounded.

“Master, Yinling Island is disturbed by external forces, and the speed has become unstable.”

Grapetone barely fell , the whole Yinling Island shook slightly, and it felt like it was suddenly pulled .

“What did you hook up with?” Xu Fan asked in shock.

“It looks like a turtle, it’s quite big, but I don’t think the taste is good.” Xing said and glanced in the direction of the unicorn in the distance.

Xu Fan took him with him when he went out.

Xu Fan followed the taut fishing line and looked at the direction of the depths of the Extreme Sky Domain. There was a thought in his mind, didn’t he catch the Old Tortoise?

He was a little flustered, but the tortoise on the other end of the line was even more flustered.

He was looking for food in the extreme sky, and the turtle shell was suddenly hooked by a small iron hook.

He wanted to break free at will, but an irresistible force came from the other end, pulling him little by little in that direction.

The sky tortoise tried its best to maintain its shape, but it would be pulled in that direction by the fishhook if it didn’t last long.

“Where did you get this little fishing rod?” Xu Fan asked in surprise.

That fishing line can actually drive the entire Yinling Island to vibrate.

“It was caught by my godfather, and if I like it, give it to me.” Xing said with a smile as he reeled in the line.

And the tremors of Yinling Island began to become more frequent.

“Star, why don’t you let this turtle go. After you fish this turtle, our place will also be discovered by Monster Race, and it will be very troublesome when the time comes.” Xu Fan persuaded.

If it were the past, Xu Fan would definitely encourage Xingxing to eat this turtle.

But there are important things behind, which should not be exposed now.

“Alright then, listen to Uncle Xu.”

Xing waved his little hand, and the tight fishing line was instantly retracted.

The Hidden Spirit Island has also returned to normal.

The one caught sky tortoise was also freed and rushed back in the opposite direction in horror.

As if there is a natural enemy that restrains it.

At this time, Wang Yulun next to the star slowly opened his eyes.

Looking at Xing and Xu Fan’s expression, he asked: “What happened during my cultivation just now?”

“Father, I caught a little turtle, and I heard it later. Uncle Xu’s words put it away.” Xing said happily, as if being around Wang Yulun was the happiest thing.

“Good child, you must be right to listen to Uncle Xu.” Wang Yulun touched Xing’s little head with his hand.

Xu Fan looked enviously at the scene of the filial piety of the father and daughter.

You must know that the little girl is an extremely powerful Ancient Species, and now she is able to oppose the existence of the Old Tortoise.

At this time, the fierce white on Xu Fan’s shoulders saw the little girl and immediately became vigilant.

Stretch out her small head in a defensive posture.

At this time, Xingcai noticed the fierce whiteness on Xu Fan’s shoulders.

“There’s actually a little Baibai here.” Xing said happily.

“Xiao Baibai, what is that?” Xu Fan asked in confusion.

“Xiao Baibai is Xiao Baibai. My parents seemed to have been looking for this kind of Xiao Baibai, but they never found it.” Xing raised his head and looked at the fierce white on Xu Fan’s shoulder.

“Is this Xiao Bai Bai powerful?”

“What are your parents looking for him for?” Xu Fan asked with interest, thinking that now he can determine what Xiao Bai is. Variety.

“I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s Xiaobaibai.” Xing said.


Listening to your words is like listening to a word.

“Fierce White seems to be very afraid of you.” Xu Fan said, looking at the fierce white gesture on his shoulders.

At this time, Xing suddenly covered his little head and shook it.

“My inherited memories haven’t been fully absorbed yet. This little Bai Bai should be very important to our family, but I can’t remember how important it is.” Xing said with a wrinkled head.

“Okay~” Xu Fan said in disappointment.

At this time, Wang Yulun took out a square stone box from the space construction and handed it to Xu Fan.

“Brother Xu, I can’t see what’s inside this stone box, can you help me see it?” Wang Yulun said.

Xu Fan waved his hand lightly, and everything in the stone box flew out.

A stone blade, a stone tower, and a stone gate.

β€œThese three things are interesting.” Xu Fan said with interest.

As long as he can’t see the depth of things, the background must be not small.

Xu Fan lightly placed one hand on the stone pagoda, which was less than ten feet high.

Begin to perceive carefully.

After a while, Xu Fan determined that this was just an ordinary stone tower, and the other two things were the same.

“Xing, do you know these things?” Xu Fan asked.

Xing shook his head, indicating that he did not know and was not interested.

Xu Fan held the stone blade in his hand and slashed towards the outside of the formation.

A blade light of pure wind pressure shoots out, and after flying for several kilometers, it dissipates with exhaustion.

Xu Fan took out another Dao Item Spirit Sword and handed both the stone blade and Dao Item Spirit Sword to Xing.

“Do Uncle Xu a favor, collide this stone blade with the Spirit Sword.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Then I want a bag of Spirit Fruit candies that Uncle Xu made by himself.” Xing Chu thought about it with his small head.

“It’s small, the layout is small, isn’t it just Spirit Fruit candy?”

“I’ll let the cream of the crop gourmet Disciple in the sect refine it for you, guarantee It’s even better than Uncle Xu’s own refining.” Xu Fan said with narrowed eyes.

Gourmet is the most special existence in the hidden Spirit Sect, with only two Disciples.

Their idea is to replace medicine pills with gourmet food and carry out rapid cultivation without erysipelas.

However, over the years, the food has become more and more delicious, but the effect of replacing the cultivation medicine pill is minimal.

“Really? Then thank you Uncle Xu.”

Xing took over the stone blade and Spirit Sword from Xu Fan’s hands, and then tried his best to collide.

“Wait a minute!”

Xu Fan waved his hand, and a Transmission Formation appeared at the feet of the three of them, and then teleported to another dojo with the highest level of protection in the sect.

(End of this chapter)

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