My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 689

Chapter 689 core area


The hidden Spirit Sect, the dojo with the highest level of protection, directly raised a mushroom cloud.

The platform ground of the super-hard Dao Item alloy was directly shattered by this huge collision aftermath.

Above the dojo, Xu Fan grabbed Wang Yulun and looked at the dojo, which had been turned into ruins, in shock.

“This is too terrifying. I feel that as long as I am swept away by the strong fluctuation just now, my life will definitely be Wuhu~.”

“Brother Xu, does this count as you? Saved me again.”

At this time, Xu Fan was still holding Wang Yulun in his hands.

“Don’t do this now, let’s see if Xing is okay.” Xu Fan said.

The smoke cleared and a small silhouette stood on the ruins.

He holds a stone blade in his hand, and the clothes on his body are broken.

When Xu Fan saw this, he immediately popped out a ball of ten thousand clothes. The clothes were on Xing’s body, and they had to become brand new clothes.

“Uncle Xu, this stone blade is amazing.” Xing said in surprise as he looked at the stone blade in his hand.

“Just take it if you like it, it’s your godfather’s thing anyway.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

The starshook the head.

“I can’t use it, I’d better use it for Uncle Xu, you need him more.”

“What is the origin of this stone blade, it has such hardness.”

Xu Fan had an idea to try another fairy weapon, but then gave up the idea.

Although he is rich, he is also not the master of experimenting with fairy weapons.

“Uncle Xu, do you want to try the fairy weapon?” Xing seemed to see what Xu Fan was thinking.

“No, things fall into our hands. Sooner or later, we will know his origins, so don’t worry now.” Xu Fan said hurriedly.

“This stone blade is very hard, there is no other special place apart from this.” Xing said.

“There is a chance to try it another day.”

Xu Fan said that he would bring the two back to the starry sky fishing platform.

“I just finished my cultivation today, I will accompany you to catch some fish.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

He also had a fishing rod in his hand, which was made in the same batch for the good brother.

“Well, I still have some questions to ask Brother Xu.” Wang Yulun said happily.

“Forget it, you should have a problem, so I came here to find you.”

Good brother is like this, you fill my gap, and I will preach your way.

In this way, two big and one small sat on the fishing seat and started starry sky fishing.

The reason why Xu Fan fake fishing here is because he has an idea, he wants to try if he can pass through the strange space of Wang Yulun and put his fishing hook in it.

The two of them flicked the rod, and Wang Yulun’s hook seemed to leap into another world.

Xu Fan followed closely from behind the hook, and was repulsed unsurprisingly.

“I also had this idea before, and I tried it with Xingxing. It seems that no one else’s hook can do this except me.” Wang Yulun said.

“That’s a pity.”

At this moment, the Tianlu turtle, who fled in a hurry, came to Sixiang City.

A golden giant tiger appears in the palace above the tortoise’s head.

“What’s the matter?” Giant Tiger asked, looking at Tian Lu Turtle’s panicked expression.


A long and slightly frightened voice sounded, which made people clearly hear the fear of the tortoise.

“There is something in this world that can make you afraid?” Giant Tiger said in surprise.

Sky tortoise nodded.

“I’ll send a demon to investigate, so don’t panic. If there is such strength there, they won’t do it easily.” said the golden giant tiger.

The tortoise’s mood stabilized, and then waited beside Sixiang City, and no longer went out for food easily.

The golden giant tiger looked at the direction of the human world in the distance and said, “I hope this is not a means of Human Race, or everything will fall short.”

3 months later, the giant stone Mountain Monster Race is above the territory, and likes to look at the huge mountain range below.

The giant stone mountain monsters are huge in size, and when they move, they are as huge as hundreds of thousands of zhang. They move slowly and like to be quiet.

Under no special circumstances, the giant stone mountain monsters will unite and turn into one after another mountain range.

“This doesn’t seem to be easy to fight. They don’t seem to have a treasure trove.” Xu Fan touched the chin and said.

“Master, the giant stone mountain demon clan has extremely strong defensive power.”

“The innate talent of their clan is to refine the spirit transformation pulse to improve their defense hardness. It’s quite laborious to clean up.” The grape’s voice sounded.

“Let’s just forget about it.”

Xu Fan felt that fighting like this wouldn’t bring much gain.

“It can’t be in vain, wait for me to get a few rounds of Dongfeng Divine Ability before leaving.” Xu Fan said.

He has always adhered to the principle that a thief never leaves empty space.

At this moment, the Heaven Slaying Machine formation on the periphery of Yinling Island suddenly shattered.

In the sky, a dazzling purple light erupted, and then the Purple Jade Flood Dragon appeared not far from Yinling Island.

A dragon claw is holding the broken Wanluo Tianjing, and a pair of dragon eyes are like red blood moons.

“At this time, the space has been sealed by me with the Great Divine Ability. The Human Race Refiner Great Grandmaster will see how you escape this time.”

A Dao Accumulation sounded with infinite anger. .

Two purple lights swept directly towards Yinling Island, followed by Purple Jade Flood Dragon ten thousand zhang Golden Body Dharma Idol, rushing towards Yinling Island, as if stake all on one throw generally.

“Grape, let’s go.” Xu Fan said calmly.

A strange energy erupted directly from the Hidden Spirit Island.

With the huge Power of Space, disappear in midair.

“I only know that you have this hand.”

The ten thousand zhang Golden Body Dharma Idol of the ten thousand zhang Golden Body Dharma Idol exploded with tremendous power, directly shaking the sealed space. Got waves.

It’s a pity that Yinling Island was not forced out.

After everything calmed down, Ziyu Flood Dragon looked at the disappearing direction of Yinling Island a little dazed.

He has exhausted all means, even at the expense of urging the source power of the Wanluo Tianjing to deduce the location of the Yinling Island.

I thought everything was ready, but he still escaped.

“Is this my nemesis?” Ziyu Flood Dragon murmured.

“Human Race Refiner Great Grandmaster, Yinling Island, I remember you!” Purple jade Flood Dragon’s eyes were filled with hatred.

At this time, Yinling Island was already in the unfamiliar realm of extreme sky.

“Where did this teleportation go?” Xu Fan said corresponding to the location of Star River.

“Grape, can you figure out where it is?” Xu Fan asked.

“Based on the main Star River, it is inferred that we should be in the core area of the extreme sky.” The grape’s voice sounded.

“The core area, isn’t it the inner area of the extremely empty domain?” Xu Fan said in confusion.

“It’s even more central than that area. We are now in that circle of disaster-intensive areas.”

“The space turbulence stirred by the Purple Jade Flood Dragon actually teleported us. to this place,” said Xu Fan frowned.

“Can the grapes be teleported back?” Xu Fan said, looking at the distant Star River.

“There are various spiritual power disordered and in a mess in this area, the space is unstable, so it is not recommended to transmit.”

“If you force teleportation, you are likely to be involved in the space. turbulence,” Grape said.

At this moment, the star appeared beside Xu Fan.

(End of this chapter)

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