My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 694

Chapter 694 inescapable net

Nuclear bomb Monster Venerable heard Xu Fan’s words, made a similitude in both hands, and slowly closed his eyes.

When I opened my eyes again, the nuclear bomb Monster Venerable had transformed into Xu Fan.

“This feeling is really amazing, it deserves to be 100% sympathetic.” The nuclear bomb Monster Venerable said after a while.

A door of light appeared in front of Monster Venerable, a nuclear bomb controlled by Xu Fan.

The nuclear bomb Monster Venerable stepped out in one step and appeared outside the protective great formation on Yinling Island.

β€œGrape, transfer me 10% Spiritual Qi and 5% Five Elements Essence.” Xu Fan said.

“As you order, Master.”

Then the huge Spiritual Qi and Five Elements Essence were introduced into the body of the nuclear bomb Monster Venerable through the Spirit Gathering Array.

Xu Fan clicked four times in the starry sky, Azure Dragon, White Tiger Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise.

Four Sacred Beasts condensed to form, exuding a breath that does not fall into the Great Ascension Monster Venerable.

Xu Fan couldn’t help laughing at the giant beast flying towards Yinling Island in the distance.

“You also know how to find helpers. It seems that you are smarter than the general giant beast in the extreme sky.” Blood red eyes revealed a trace of greed.

“Do you just like sucking creatures? Or are there other special reasons.” Xu Fan pondered.

A huge virtual image of a thousand hands rises from behind Xu Fan, behind which there is a Five Elements spirit wheel with a diameter of thousands zhang.

There is still an unknown avenue rune, exuding endless mystery.

It seems to represent the origin of the Five Elements in the world.

A thousand-hand virtual image hand-knotted seal, and 8 Dongfeng missiles formed by the Five Elements method appear all over the body.

But then he went away in a dashing manner and switched to the Thunderbolt method. The formidable power is too large, and it is easy to kill them all in one wave.

Eight lances formed by the strength of Thunder as thick as a palace pillar appeared around the virtual image of Qianshou, shining with dazzling lightning.

Then shoots towards the giant beast in the distance.

“Let’s try the water first, and it will be Wang Zhuang. It’s boring to win.”

The strange wind that the eight lightning lances avoided, along a special trajectory, toward The bat giant beast shoots away.

Originally, when Xu Fan thought he could seriously injure at least one or two, he directly took the giant beast, suddenly flapped his wings, and blew a strange wind, and directly wiped out the eight lightning lances.

“A little underestimated.” Xu Fan said in a tranquil voice.

The last big Five Elements Protection Divine Ability falls on the nuke Monster Venerable.

A shield of invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable envelopes the nuclear bomb Monster Venerable.

“That’s what makes it interesting.”

At this time, the Disciple that was originally cultivating in the hidden Spirit Sect was also called out.

Ride quietly in the spirit boat and watch Xu Fan fight outside the protective great formation.

“Is this the strength of the Great Elder again? He randomly created four Sacred Beasts, each of which is no weaker than the Great Ascension Monster Venerable.”

The Disciples were a little shocked .

“This is the Five Elements summon Divine Ability in the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, which is one of the most difficult Divine Ability to cultivate besides the Ionic Divine Ability.”

Disciple recognized it The origin of the Divine Ability used by Xu Fan.

“It turns out that at the end of this Divine Ability cultivation, it can sum up other battle strengths of the Great Ascension Venerable Level.”

The most exciting at this time should belong to the Five Elements Dao Fa lineage. Disciple, which points them a new path.

“Master Ancestor will not be in danger, right?” Han Feiyu said with some concern.

“You didn’t see that the Great Elder was just moving his muscles and bones. Otherwise, these giant beasts, who are not even as good as the invincible Monster Venerable, can be killed by sending sword array puppets directly.” Yin Feiyu next to Han Feiyu Thorn said.

Jian Wuji is not in the sect, he is Han Feiyu’s best friend.

“I’m just worried about the strange wind, these giant beasts, I don’t have to worry about it.” Han Feiyu said.

“What’s there to worry about? The Great Elder is the most cautious. Since he dares to go out, he has a way to deal with this strange wind.” Yin Thorn comforted.

At this moment, the battle outside the great formation was about to break out.

I saw Xu Fan control the nuclear bomb Monster Venerable, while avoiding the invasion of the strange wind, while fighting with 13 giant beasts.

Occasionally control the four Sacred Beasts.

I saw Azure Dragon One wagging its tail, shot the giant beast out of several dozen li, and then was about to take advantage of the situation to attack, when a strange wind blocked his way.

Azure Dragon can only wait for the next opportunity.

The Black Tortoise Sacred Beast, at this time, has fiercely bit the wings of a bat giant beast, no matter how hard it struggles, it will not let go.

In the end, it was the other bat giant beast that created the strange wind that forced Black Tortoise to let go.

Vermilion Bird Control the endless Vermilion Bird spirit fire and burn the bat giant beast.

White Tiger assists Xu Fan in fending off the remaining giant beasts.

But the premise of their battle is to avoid the strange wind.

This has led to the fact that the original fierce battle has become a strange turn-based game.

The thousand-hand avatar behind Xu Fan is displaying various huge might Five Elements Divine Ability.

“East from Heavenly Fire.”

“Three Sources of Heavy Water.”

East Heavenly Fire on one side and Heavy Water Ocean on the other.

Under the control of Xu Fan, it exploded around the giant beast again and again.

“This bat giant beast is not flesh and blood, not stone, not gold, not wood.”

“How did it come about?” Xu Fan asked in confusion.


A pair of big purple hands instantly pinched a giant beast.

Xu Fan tried to pull him into the fantasy world, which is mixed with a bit of nightmare power.

At this time, the giant beast, the bat pinched by purple’s big hand, spit out a strange wind from its mouth, and wiped out the big purple’s hand.

Then jumped at Xu Fan again.

“A giant beast can spit up to three mouths of that weird wind.” Xu Fan observed.

The last pair of giant rock giants slapped the giant beast flying towards Xu Fan.

“It’s really hard to do.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

While controlling the nuclear bomb Monster Venerable, he moved nimbly in the strange wind, while letting the Thousand-hand avatar cast Five Elements Divine Ability.

This set of extremely delicate positioning and manipulation amazed the Disciple who was watching the battle.

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to practice this position of Great Elder in my entire life.” Hidden Thorn said.

“It doesn’t matter, you can learn slowly, and sooner or later you can become like Master Ancestor.” Han Feiyu said.

When he saw Xu Fan’s nano-level position, he immediately gave up his hope of learning, thinking that it might be better to get a few more protective fairy weapons.

At this moment, the situation outside the big formation began to change.

A bat giant beast was caught by Xu Fan and directly trapped with Five Elements Divine Ability.

Then a giant sword with a thousand zhang appeared on the head, and the flickering golden light was inserted with the breath of destruction.

Divide the bat giant beast directly into two.

Just when Xu Fan wanted to see what the giant beast was made of.

The bat beast that was divided into two turned into a strange wind and merged into the extreme sky.

Xu Fan lost interest when he saw this scene.

β€œinescapable net ~”

Xu Fan directly used his ultimate move.

Except for the large array, nanometer-level cutting rays appear in all areas.

It directly covers the entire battlefield, begins to close, and gathers to a point.

In an instant, the rest of the bat giant beasts were all cut into irregular pieces.

The battle is over.

“This bat giant beast is actually conceived by that strange wind, but this condition is not true!” Standing on the sect array, Xu Fan was a little puzzled.

(End of this chapter)

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