My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 697

Chapter 697 Ask for advice after giving gifts, the effect is particularly good~

“The sect has already taken a lot of money from you, and you offer treasure, really let me be an Ancestor Master. Guilt.” Xu Fan said, but in his heart he was still looking forward to what treasure his Heavenly Venerable disciple would offer.

“I am with the sect if one prospers, all prospers, if one suffers, all suffers, when the sect encounters difficulties, how can I do it for myself.”

Han Feiyu took out six dim- blue cube.

Xu Fan looked at the six dim-blue cubes and couldn’t help but sigh.

“Nothing is worse than life~”

Hearing Xu Fan’s sigh, Han Feiyu scratched his head, not knowing what to say.

When it comes to wealth, it’s not a problem for the things he has accumulated and cultivated over the years to conquer the entire treasure trove of the hidden Spirit Sect.

But when it comes to Divine Ability Art, innate talent, and cultivation base battle strength, even if there are 100 of them together, they are not as good as the Ancestor Master in front of him.

It is said that Ancestor Master is still an Integration Realm, but Ancestor Master’s faint and determined in the world temperament is a bit better than the coercion of the invincible Monster Venerable.

He envied Master Ancestor’s innate talent in the world, and maybe Master Ancestor also envied him such a heaven-defying opportunity.

“Master, the space around Yinling Island has been suppressed by the power of this space Rubik’s Cube, and it has stabilized. As long as you pay a certain price, you can teleport out of this area.” Grape’s voice sounded.

Xu Fan looked at the space cube exuding strange power, and then looked at his disciple and grandson.

“You, these six space cubes, sect will borrow them first. As for the cost, you can go to the treasure house and choose a fairy.”

“When the sect leaves this area, Give these six space cubes back to you.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

He is also a person who wants to be shamed. He feels that it is not enough that people cannot take advantage of others.

Even among disciples and grandchildren, it should be the same.

“Master Ancestor, I don’t want fairy weapons. It doesn’t matter if you give these six space cubes to the sect, as long as the sect can get out of the predicament.” Han Feiyu said.

Over the years, he has regarded the sect as his home, and even his consistent principles have gradually begun to be broken, and things that could not be taken out by death have begun to be slowly revealed for the sect. .

But sect didn’t live up to his expectations, and every time he paid for it was what he desperately needed.

Xu Fan waved Han Feiyu to stop her words.

“It’s enough that you have this kind of intention. If I accept your space cube this time, and you don’t ask for anything in return, then next time, next time, what if I get it right? “Xu Fan saw his disciple and grandson with a faint smile.

At this moment, he will suddenly have a feeling of being stripped naked.

Hearing Xu Fan’s words, Feiyu Han felt that it was nothing at worst, but also felt that something was wrong.

“Okay, I won’t tell you so much. Master Ancestor will accept your heart.”

“You will also accept what Master Ancestor gives you.” Xu Fan patted the shoulders of his own good disciples.

“My disciple many thanks to Master Ancestor.” Han Feiyu said with a salute.

“What are you talking about?”

Xu Fan said and took the Fierce White that rushed towards him from the turtle’s nest. Clockwise coiled with fierce white turtle shell.

Fierce Bai showed a comfortable expression.

“Master Ancestor, my disciple and grandson still have some doubts about cultivation, and I want to ask you for advice.” Han Feiyu said.

Han Feiyu sometimes asks Xu Fan for advice, but finds that the effect is not good enough after sending the items.

So, of course, I couldn’t miss such a good opportunity this time.

Xu Fan waved his hand, and a Transmission Formation appeared at the feet of the two of them.

With a flash of light, Xu Fan and Han Feiyu appeared in the Secret Realm dojo.

Here are the places where Xu Fan preached the few disciplines to him.

“Do you have any doubts about the sword array?” Xu Fan asked with a smile, thinking that this time, he would give more pointers.

“The change and combination of the sword array, the disciples and grandchildren have been unable to grasp the point, and the conversion between sword arrays always feels a little awkward.”

Hearing the words of his disciples and grandchildren, Xu Fan nods.

To be able to get stuck at this point with the aptitude of his disciples and grandchildren, it means that he has really worked hard.

“This is simple. One is to practice diligently, and the other is to have a deeper understanding of how the sword array works.”

Xu Fan waved his hand, and five hands The Five Elements Spirit Sword of attribute appeared in the sky, and combined into a small Five Elements sword array, which belongs to the other sword arrays at the entry level of the sword array.

“Believe in this little Five Elements sword array, you have already practiced the state of your heart.” Xu Fan asked.

Han Feiyu nodded.

Then these small Five Elements sword arrays are combined with each other and become the wind and thunder sword array.

After some evolution, it turned into three sword arrays, and finally became two swords arrays.

Han Feiyu fell into contemplation while watching the evolution of the sword array in the sky.

He had some insight, but there was still a fog in front of him, and he could only see the phantom once.

Xu Fan couldn’t help but sigh when he saw the reaction.

There are pros and cons. If he were to be the protagonist of an ordinary extraordinary crowd, it is estimated that he would have understood what he meant by now.

The sword array in the sky evolves again, from the two sword arrays to the small Five Elements sword array.

Han Feiyu’s eyes became brighter and brighter, and finally he saluted Xu Fan excitedly and said, “many thanks to Master Ancestor, the disciple and grandson understand.”

Xu Fan shook his head lightly saying: “No, you still don’t understand, keep reading.”

The sword array in the sky evolves again, from a small Five Elements sword array to a large Five Elements sword array, and finally to a lore Five Elements sword array, Fenglei Five Elements sword array, Yin Yang Five Elements sword array, Life and Death Five Elements sword array.

In the sky The number of Spirit Swords in the sword array gradually increased, and finally there were 10,000 Spirit Swords.

10,000 Spirit Swords in the sky are changing various sword arrays, stirring Heaven and Earth Might, the changes of Five Elements.

Afterwards, the number of Spirit Swords in the sky began to decrease slowly.

From the largest sword array of formidable power to the most basic strategy.

Finally, it became the most basic two-meter sword array.

“Do you understand?” Xu Fan asked again.

“My disciple and grandson have half understood.” Han Feiyu had a hint of confusion in his eyes.

“Continue to see~”

The sword array has evolved again, but this time the evolved sword array is higher level and more mysterious.

Three talents sword array, four phase sword array, five thunder sword array, six source sword array, seven star sword array…

It has evolved from the most basic to the most high level.

Evolve from the highest level to the most basic sword array.

“Do you understand?” Xu Fan asked again.

Han Feiyu was a little confused at this time, feeling that she had forgotten all about the sword array method she had finally realized just now.

“Besides this, do you have any other doubts about the sword array?” Xu Fan was satisfied and asked with a smile.

“This is the biggest doubt of the disciple and grandson.” Han Feiyu said.

Just when he thought that the Ancestor Master around him would also evolve a sword array for him, Xu Fan’s voice sounded.

“Okay, the problem you are confused about has been resolved, you can go back if you have nothing to do.”

(end of this chapter)

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