My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 700

Chapter 700 Blind Box

Thousands of Spirit Sects are located between mountains, and the core area is surrounded by several large mountain ranges.

At this time, Spirit Sect Disciple, who had done his early homework, noticed a dark shadow in the distance, slowly descending to the ground like a small island in the air.

There is a huge valley not far from the Thousand Spirit Sect, just enough to accommodate the entire Hidden Spirit Island.

With the trembling of Yinling Island, it can be regarded as taking root in this valley.

At this point, all the Disciples in Yinling Island began to cheer.

It was like being locked up for months, now I can finally go out.

“Grape, give Disciples a few days off. You can play wherever you want. You must be suffocated in the extreme sky.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“As ordered, I will issue a notification now.”

After a while, all the hidden Spirit Sect Disciples received the news of the holiday, and there was another burst of cheers.

For this reason, the sect also opened the Transmission Formation to Qianling immortal city, and teleported to Qianling immortal city within 100 miles.

“Supreme Great Elder, if we two sects Disciples fully communicate with each other, do we still have the same locale as last time, so that Disciples can communicate freely?” Xu Fan asked, he learned from Grape , did the same thing last time.

“That’s it, shouldn’t our reward be higher this time?” Qian Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder said with a smile.

β€œIs the Dao Item still good?”

β€œHow about the fairy item? Let’s get a fairy item from each of the two sects and reward those outstanding Disciples.”

Thousands of Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder said, and took out a giant hammer.

“What kind of magic weapon does the Supreme Great Elder want?” Xu Fan said while looking at the magic weapon and giant hammer, thinking that there must be some tricks in it.

β€œHow about the Great Elder make a fairy sword?” Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder laughed.

Not long after, a puppet handed over a sword box to Xu Fan.

Gently open it, and inside is a azure blue fairy sword.

“Sword name: Extreme Cold, I wonder if Supreme Great Elder can be satisfied.” Xu Fan asked with a smile.

“Yes, I take advantage of the Great Elder.” Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder said.

“It seems that there is a Disciple that is very difficult to deal with in Thousand Spirit Sect, otherwise Supreme Great Elder would not be so confident.” Xu Fan laughed.

“Haha, you can’t compare to those Heaven’s Chosen that hide the Spirit Sect.”

“How would the Supreme Great Elder want to reward these two celestial artifacts?” Xu Fan asked.

“The Disciples of our two sects are mostly virtual practice and Integration Realm, so how about rewarding the best Disciple of the two realm?” Qian Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder thought for a while and said.

“No problem~”

The two discussed the details, and the Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder left.

“Grape, what excellent Disciple has appeared in the Thousand Spirit Sect in recent years?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

The fairy is not a Chinese cabbage, so if you dare to take out the reward of the fairy, you must have full confidence.

“It’s not displayed in the database, it’s all the original Thousand Spirit Sect Disciple data.” Grape’s voice sounded.

“It’s quite hidden~” Xu Fan touched the chin and said.

At this time, there are many hidden Spirit Sect Disciples in the immortal city of Qianling. They are carrying a lot of Spirit Stones and want to consume them.

Let’s go, Han Feiyu and Shadow Thorn, together in the most prosperous stage of Yinling Island.

“Have you missed your iron girl for so long since we came out of the hundreds of thousands li?” Shadowthorn asked with a smile.

Han Feiyu just rolled her eyes and strode forward.

“Don’t be angry, I’m just curious, what is it that you don’t like Iron Girl?” Shadowthorn came up and said.

Looking at Shadow Thorn who wanted to break the casserole and asked to the end, Han Feiyu turned directly into a chamber of commerce.

When the shopkeeper in the chamber of commerce saw the business, he hurried forward to welcome him.

“Welcome to two distinguished guests.” shopkeeper greeted warmly.

After looking around for a week, Han Feiyu found that they were just some ordinary magic weapons and Spirit Pills, and their quality was not as good as those of the senior and junior brothers in the hidden Spirit Sect.

“What’s your specialty here? Don’t introduce magic weapons and medicine pills.” Han Feiyu said flatly, he just came to buy things to shut up Yin Thorn.

“The two Fellow Daoists, the biggest feature of our chamber of commerce is the blind box space ring,” the shopkeeper showed a mysterious smile. His shop has been closed for three years, and it has been open for three years.

“Blind box space ring, let me introduce it.” Han Feiyu was interested.

“Our chambers of commerce are located in all counties in the entire culture world. The empty bones of these space rings and Monster Races are all obtained through formal channels, and they are directly sealed in advance, and no second person has seen them.”


“The most basic space ring is a 500,000 Spirit Stone, and a high-level Spirit Stone of 2 million. Maybe you can open a Dao Item, and even a Spirit Treasure at the fairy level.” The shopkeeper used temptation said in a tone of voice.

The two were taken to another special hall, where the showcases were filled with sealed space rings and the empty bones of Monster Race.

“It’s been an old trick for many years, shopkeeper, you thought I would believe it.” Shadowthorn said contemptuously, only a fool would sell these things.

“Give me 10 high-level versions first.” Han Feiyu took out a small cloth bag and handed it to the shopkeeper, with 2,000 High-Grade Spirit Stones on one side.

“Junior Brother, you can’t waste it with a Spirit Stone. Why don’t you go back and treat me to a big meal.” Shadowthorn loudly said.

“I feel good luck today, maybe I can drive something good.” Han Feiyu selected ten from the large plate of space rings and empty bones brought out by the shopkeeper.

Then start viewing one after another.

Han Feiyu’s eyes suddenly lit up, and she took out a Dao Item level Spirit Sword from a space ring. Looking at the treasure light contained in the Spirit Sword, the level was not low.

Shadowthorn was also nearby, stared wide-eyed looking at the Dao Item Spirit Sword.

“There really is a Dao Item!” Shadowthorn said in surprise.

The shopkeeper next to him also said congratulations.

You can also open all the remaining space rings, and find that even if there is no Dao Item Spirit Sword, it can be considered a return.

Surprised look in the eyes of the shopkeeper on the side.

At this time, Shadowthorn took out his Dao Item dagger and looked at it, and meditated in his heart, trying to make a Treasure Item into a Dao Item.

“The shopkeeper also gave me 10.” Shadowthorn clenching one’s teeth and said.

Han Feiyu next to her laughed.

As a result, among the 10 space rings selected by Shadowthorn, only ordinary magic weapons, Spirit Pill and some spirit ore sundries were opened. to 5 million Spirit Stones.

Shadowthorn’s face suddenly collapsed, feeling that this time he lost a lot.

“I have a hunch that if you pick 10 more, there are probably good things.” Han Feiyu said bewitchingly beside him.

“shopkeeper give me 10 more.” said the shadow thorn already on top.

“Fellow Daoist will definitely be able to drive something good this time.” The shopkeeper smiled and handed the large plate of space rings and empty bones to Shadowthorn.

“Would you like to drink the northwest wind or eat meat in the future? It’s up to you,” Shadowthorn said.

The space ring was opened one by one, and Shadowthorn’s face became darker and darker.

When the last space ring was left, Han Feiyu took the initiative to take it and said with a smile: “I’m good luck, maybe I can help you get something good.”

(End of this chapter)

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