My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 704

Chapter 704 spoíls of war

The Great Ascension Venerable panicked and the worst happened.

He originally thought that as long as he suppressed these three Integration Realms, he would immediately send them back to their Chamber of Commerce headquarters, where there were several Great Ascension Venerables.

As long as he goes back by himself, no matter whether he uses the fairy weapon or not, he will definitely get the greatest benefit.

But he absolutely did not expect that suppressing these three Integration Realms would be so laborious that there was even a possibility of counter-killing.

“Don’t be so frustrated, since you can’t escape, then fight with all your strength, at least you have a glimmer of survival.” Great Ascension Venerable rushes.

The battle continued, with a hint of determination in the eyes of the Great Ascension Venerable.

But as the fight continued, the Great Ascension Venerable’s expression slowly turned desperate.

Extremely pulling and defending, his Divine Ability and Dao Item can only hit Xiong Li, but it is useless.

The deadly attacks of Shadow Thorn, coupled with Han Feiyu’s sword array from time to time, really made Great Ascension Venerable physically and mentally exhausted.

How many years have passed, even the battle with Monster Race has never been so suffocating. I only feel that a mouthful of blood is stuck in my chest and I can’t spit it out, and I can’t swallow it.

At this time, the three of them became more and more careful, they knew they were doing Stranded Beast’s Struggle.

In this case, the more dangerous it is to the end, the three of them are very careful, and several small weak spots that Great Ascension Venerable deliberately exposed were also ignored by the three of them.

The giant hammer in Xiong Li’s hand once again smashed towards the Great Ascension Venerable.

With a click, the defensive Dao Item guarding the Great Ascension Venerable finally reached its limit, and the protective cover was broken.

The Great Ascension Venerable slammed into the chest fiercely.

The Great Ascension Venerable falls into the distance as a meteor.

At the moment of being knocked flying, the three of them started a heated discussion.

“Good chance, I can’t get on it!” Shadow Thorn

“Stabilize, I just got the information about this Great Ascension Venerable, he also has a defensive Dao Item.” Han Feiyu .

“I feel that there is a fraud, be sure!” Xiong Li decided to say.

The body of the Great Ascension Venerable directly collapsed a small broken attic, and then lay there looking towards the sky, his eyes full of disappointment.

“Are they all thousand-year-old old foxes? How can they be endured!”

Seeing the failure of their seduction tactics, Great Ascension Venerable’s despair added another point.

“Interesting, the experience of fighting and fighting the enemy is really full.” Xu Fan praised.

“What a wonderful battle.” Xu Gang said beside him, with fighting intent flashing in his eyes, he has been in the sect for many years, and he has not fought for a long time.

“If you have an itchy hand, ask them to bring back the True Spirit of the Great Ascension Venerable and build a simulated battlefield. You can go in and fight and see if you can suppress the Great Ascension Venerable alone.” Xu Fan said.

“I just envy them for fighting with all their might. As for this Great Ascension Venerable, it won’t last long under my hands.” Xu Gang said confidently, his current cultivation base is Integration Realm Peak, The comprehension of Five Elements Dao has almost reached the realm of Taoist nature.

A few years ago, Xu Fan had been sleeping, and Xu Gang had also been studying by Xu Fan’s side. In the eyes of the hidden Spirit Sect Disciple, he had not done much.

“Should we practice?” Xu Fan said, looking at the itchy eldest apprentice.

Xu Gang instinctively shook his head, he could still distinguish between fighting and being abused.

“Every time the master makes a shot, it will affect the Dao Heart of the Disciple, so it’s better not to practice.” Xu Gang shook his head and said.

The disciples also laughed.

“Okay, the Venerable on the other side is panicking, and the battle should be over~” Xu Fan glanced at the light curtain and said.

Sure enough, the three of them cooperated together, and the Great Ascension Venerable was directly blasted into the sky by Xiong Li’s heavy hammer.

Shadow thorn, who was in the air, easily sent the Dao Item dagger into the dantian of the Great Ascension Venerable.

Shadowthorn’s dagger directly smashed the dantian of the Great Ascension Venerable and forced out the True Spirit within the dantian.

Seeing this scene, the three of them breathed a long breath at the same time, they knew the battle was won.

True Spirit of the Great Ascension Venerable saw that the three had no intention of arresting him, and immediately wanted to break through the space and escape.

You know, True Spirit can travel through space better than the real body.

The Great Ascension Venerable, which turned into True Spirit, failed again.


“You really don’t want to stay with me at all, so just die with me!!”

Originally The True Spirit of the cyan color instantly swelled, and the color changed from the original cyan color to red, and the clothes looked like they were about to burst at any time.

And Xiong Li and the others just looked at him lightly, and didn’t say much.

Because cleaning the battlefield is the work of grapes, and it is fast and convenient.

At this moment, a net appeared in the void, directly holding the True Spirit of the Great Ascension Venerable disappeared.

And all the space rings and magic weapons on the Great Ascension Venerable appeared in front of the three of them.

“Harvest time~” Shadowthorn looked at the space ring floating in front of them and said with a smile, feeling that he was one step closer to the fairy weapon.

“Eldest Senior Brother, how far are you from the exchange of fairy weapons?” Shadowthorn asked.

“It took so many years to save up to 30%. With all these years in mind, I should be able to barely make the fourth layer.” Xiong Li also laughed. The cultivation technique he practiced was extremely resource-intensive. property has been really difficult.

The two automatically ignored Han Feiyu, there was a legend inside the sect.

It is said that Han Feiyu donated the Heaven-defying Treasure to the sect, and got a great reward from the Great Elder. There are piles of Dao Items, and there are several immortals, so this kind of topic automatically ignores him.

“Junior Brother, should you give me the fairy weapon from the space ring blind box?” Shadowthorn said with a laugh.

“Give you a fart!” Han Feiyu gave her a blank look.

“You forgot the promise, you have to call me Big Brother Han in the future.”

“Isn’t this also a good thing? You put those things on purpose into the space ring, right?” Shadowthorn said with a smile.

“How can you get so many things if I don’t put them in?” Han Feiyu said, and opened the space ring one after another of the Great Ascension Venerable.

All kinds of Spirit Treasure spiritual medicine spirit ore and rare treasure piled up into hills for a time.

“Just based on these things, shouldn’t you call me Big Brother Han?” Han Feiyu said while looking at the Dao Items.

“What are you talking about? Hurry up and divide the spoíls of war.”

“According to the old rules, Eldest Senior Brother 40%, and the rest will be divided equally.” Shadowthorn changed the topic said.

“It’s a tie, this battle was really enjoyable.” Xiong Li looked at the spoíls of war and didn’t care much.

All he can care about is the flaws he exposes in battle and the completion rate of sect missions.

“The main attackers account for 40%, and the rules cannot be changed.” Han Feiyu said, he didn’t care much about this thing, and the total value might not be half a fairy.

“That’s it.”

“Grape, exchange my spoíls of war for points.” Xiong Li said.

“Me too~”

“And me~”

A Transmission Formation appeared under the pile of spoíls of war, and finally all were teleported To the treasure trove of the Hidden Spirit Sect.

(End of this chapter)

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