My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 705

Chapter 705 Zishi

Qianling immortal city is the same chamber of commerce.

At this time, a group of puppets were moving things from the chamber of commerce, while Xiong Li and the three stood at the door of the chamber of commerce and watched silently.

“I really didn’t expect that the Chamber of Commerce is the big one~”

Shadowthorn is very happy. This time, as long as the income is divided a little, it can be allocated to it. The Dao Item dagger is replaced with a high-end version, and it seems that it can be exchanged for another Dao Item that increases the speed.

“You are an entrapment, and the Dao Items you brought out are all yours, just to frame our stuff.”

“You are a group of robbers!!”

The shopkeeper watched the items in the chamber of commerce being moved out, and suddenly shouted in distress, his eyes looked towards Xiong Li and the three of them were once afraid.

The shopkeeper estimated that the Great Ascension Venerable who was in the Chamber of Commerce should have been killed by three people, so he estimated that there would be no good results.

“If you agree to bet you must accept to lose, that’s how it was originally set.”

“It’s good for you to recognize those things, but you and the Great Ascension Venerable Don’t blame me for this result.” Shadow Thorn said with a smile, feeling very relieved.

He still remembered the smug and sarcastic look of the shopkeeper when he opened the last few space rings for the second time.

Now this tone is completely out.

“Big Brother Han, thank you.” Shadowthorn looked at Han Feiyu seriously and said, if it wasn’t for this game he did, maybe his 40 million Spirit Stone would have been lost.

“This Big Brother Han call is very sincere. I am very satisfied. I will call it this way in the future.” Han Feiyu nodded with satisfaction.

Shadowthorn didn’t answer, just continued to turn his head to look at the things brought out from the Chamber of Commerce.


There is a huge plain between the thousand Spirit Sect and the place where the Yinling Island landed.

At this time on the plains, there are hundreds of thousands of tool puppets building two sects communication areas.

Dojos and reward palaces are rapidly taking shape.

There are even two Great Ascension Venerables, working together to pull a Small World over the two sects area, transforming a total of grapes into a semi-virtual and semi-real Life and Death Battle field.

In the great hall of the Thousand Spirit Sect Taiyi, a man wearing a Thousand Spirit Sect daoist robe is standing respectfully in front of the Supreme Great Elder.

“You are the Disciple that I am most satisfied with, so I will give you my old face to help you find a chance. It depends on whether you can grasp it.”

“Hidden The younger generation of Spirit Sect, I took a look, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to get the first place in Integration Realm, if the Great Elder Disciples of Spirit Sect don’t come out.”

Supreme Great Elder’s words made the man stunned for a moment, his expression a little unconvinced.

“If you don’t believe me, you can try it, except for the only female disciple of the Spirit Sect Great Elder.” Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder said.

β€œThe recipe will give it a try,” the man said.

“These are secondary, you take this opportunity first and then challenge it, when the time comes you will know what there is Person beyond the Person, there is Heaven beyond the Heaven. ” The Supreme Great Elder laughed as he looked at the Disciple he was most satisfied with.

Nine hundred years ago, let him discover this monstrous child.

From a cultivation, you will know all the ways and know all the ways.

Divine Ability have the words at hand, and every shot will always carry a trace of Heaven and Earth Might.

So he made an exception to accept the last Disciple. After hundreds of years of secret and careful teaching, he has no rivals at the same level of sect.

As long as you advance to the Great Ascension Venerable in the future, it will not take many years for Human Race to have another Peak battle strength.

This is what the Great Ascension Venerable expects from his Heaven’s Chosen Disciple.

“disciple, I understand.” The man was nodded, with a touch of emotion on his expression.

He, the Master, has already stood at the position of Human Race Peak. For a fairy weapon suitable for his own use, he even dropped his face to ask for a Great Grandmaster.

At this time, a starship fleet appeared above the Thousand Spirit Sect, and the Thousand Spirit Venerable returned with a full load.

“Boss, guess what I found?” Qianling Venerable said excitedly.

“Spirit ore at the level of fairy.” Supreme Great Elder said with a smile.

“Xingyue crystal sand is exactly what the hidden Spirit Sect is in desperate need of. When the Great Elder returns from Monster Realm, I will go and see if I can get a pit.” Qianling Venerable said excitedly.

“Meet the second Martial Uncle.” The man salutes respectfully.

“Zishi is also here. This time, your second uncle will help you to get a pit and make a fairy weapon for you.” Qianling Venerable said excitedly.

At this time, Qian Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder and Li Zishi’s expressions became strange.

“Second son, if you had come back a few days earlier, I wouldn’t have to risk this old face to seek opportunities for Zishi.” Qian Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder regretted a little.

After all, there are times to brush your face, and one brush is less than once.

In the future, if you don’t brush this world, you will have to brush it when you reach the fairy world. Now you have wasted an opportunity.

“What’s the situation?” Qianling Venerable asked in confusion.

“A few days ago…”

Hearing Qian Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder finish speaking, Qian Ling Venerable laughed.

“Don’t regret it, I’ve brushed my face, that’s all.”

“It seems that the stone is not used for this pit, so I can only use it myself.” Qian Ling Venerable hehe said.

“Don’t think about it, Zi Shi will be our Spirit Sect leader in the future, and also the Peak battle strength of the Human Race in the future. No matter what, there must be two fairy weapons to support the scene. You don’t want this pit position.” Thousands of Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder stared.

“Zishi, it’s still small now, it’s a waste to use a fairy weapon, one piece is enough.” Qianling Venerable continued.

“You haven’t cleaned up for a few days, are you itchy?”

Sisi thunder sounded from the great hall, and the thunder whip appeared in the hands of the Supreme Great Elder.

“Boss, I’m going to see the Great Elder, you don’t have to send me off~”

Qian Ling Venerable shivered after seeing the Thunder Whip, and quickly changed to Escape Light flies out of great hall.

Thousand Spirit Sect, Xu Fan is coiling fierce white, Qianling Venerable will visit.

Because I was an acquaintance, I went directly to Xu Fan’s small courtyard.

“Great Elder long time no see, I know all the things you did at Monster Realm.”

“It’s really amazing!” Venerable exclaimed.

“Nothing at worst, just relying on some puppet power.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Great Elder, I just came back from mining in the extreme sky. This time I found a batch of star and moon crystal sand. Since you are here, it will save me a trip.” Qianling Venerable said with a smile.

Xu Fan’s eyes instantly lit up when he heard Xingyue Jingsha.

The star and moon crystal sand is an important spirit ore for him to make the Great Ascension Realm golem.

The number of puppets in the Great Ascension Realm hidden in the Spirit Sect for so many years is also limited by this spirit ore.

“many thanks Venerable for sending such an important spirit ore.” Xu Fan said happily, thinking about how to trade.

“The relationship between our two sects is as it should be.” Qian Ling Venerable laughed, and he didn’t talk about how the Xingyue Jinsha traded, and just gave you the attitude of giving it away.

(End of this chapter)

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