My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 708

Chapter 708 Combat

Xu Lingtai, who was hiding in the dark, didn’t know yet that Xie Peng’s silhouette appeared behind him.

“The power of the earth, the weight of Futian, give me pressure!”

A mysterious aura flashed through Xie Peng’s body, like the roar of the earth.

In the sky, a hundred zhang-high black mountain appeared, directly pressing Xu Lingtai under the mountain.


As the earth trembled, the black peaks of hundred zhang began to merge with the earth, directly sealing Xu Lingtai in the peaks.

“This is specially prepared for you.” Seeing that the black mountain peak completely sealed Xu Lingtai, Xie Peng seemed to let out a breath.

Two spells of the Immortal Palace feast appeared in Xie Peng’s hands.

β€œYou know, Fellow Daoist, I have entrusted a lot of people to get this Immortal Palace feast spell from your five Martial Uncles, it is the highest spell.”

β€œ And this one given by your good Junior Brother is simply not enough to pull you into the illusion.”

Xie Peng said and put away the weakest Immortal Palace feast charm.

“Retrieve grievances and revenge for revenge. After this incident, if you can overcome this hurdle in your heart, you will still be my Fellow Daoist.” Xie Peng said indifferently, and then activated the Immortal Palace in his hand. The feast spell was slowly attached to the black peak.

“My seal Divine Ability can not only suppress your true body but also your Divine Soul, allowing you to fully experience the deliciousness of this Immortal Palace feast.”

At this time, Xu Lingtai, who was sealed in the black mountain peak, was a little flustered.

Although he was sealed in the black mountain, so that the scene in the mountain could not be seen from the outside, but he couldn’t hold back the imagination of others.

At this moment, the ring in Xu Lingtai’s hand lit up, and he was in a trance, as if appearing in front of the gate of Heavenly Palace.

There are fairies on both sides who want to help him into the Immortal Palace.

“The heart of all laws, nothing that cannot be broken!”

Xu Lingtai bit the tip of his tongue and forced out a drop of blood essence.

Blood Essence Combustion, Xu Lingtai has returned to reality, but it has not helped.

While he can escape the Immortal Palace feast, he cannot escape the seal of this black mountain.

So in front of two sects hundreds of thousands of Disciples, the Immortal Palace feast spell posted in the black mountain began to dissipate little by little and merged into the black mountain.

two sects Disciple looked at the Immortal Palace feast spell dissipating in the light curtain with all odd expressions.

“Never provoke the Disciple of the hidden Spirit Sect in the future, this Divine Ability is really too dangerous.”

“It’s a pity that the power of the illusion cannot be manifested.”

“I hope the Dao Heart of Lingtai Fellow Daoist will not collapse.”

“Lingtai Senior Brother resist, we will not discriminate against you in the future.”

“Even if you have eaten xx , you are still our good senior brother.”

At this moment, Xu Lingtai, who was sealed in the black mountain peak, conceded defeat and the battle was over.

The two came out at the same time from the exit of the fantasy world.

Another burst of staring at each other.

“Xie Peng, Fellow Daoist, many thanks, you finally gave up.” Xu Lingtai said, he knew that Xie Peng had indirectly protected his last trace of dignity.

“Aren’t you useless?” Xie Peng laughed.

“Grape, transfer my cultivation quota of Five Colors Mountain to Xie Peng.”

“Xie Peng Fellow Daoist, we will see you in the future.” After Xu Lingtai finished speaking, he turned into a message Escape light flew towards Yinling Island.

Xie Peng laughed as he looked at the direction where Xu Lingtai disappeared. The knots and demons in his heart for many years were finally resolved.

It doesn’t matter whether Xu Lingtai eats or not.

“didn’t expect there is still an unexpected harvest, and the quota for the five-color mountain is really hard to get.” Xie Peng said.

With the much-anticipated battle of the First Stage over, the two sects Disciple exchanges are in full swing.

Range Life and Death Battle, Life and Death Battle Royale, Divine Ability Races, Group Life and Death Battles, Massive Life and Death Battles…

It’s not just a battle here The comparison of strength is more of a comprehensive nature.

Strength, speed, awareness, and spirit all have corresponding competitions.

Whether it is a thousand Spirit Sect or a hidden Spirit Sect, they are all familiar with these.

The Supreme Third Elder who used to be a Spirit Sect has spent several decades in the hidden Spirit Sect. After returning, he began to reform, and the effect is very outstanding.

At this time, Xiong Li was the first to stand up.

“I set up a ring in the virtual world, and if the Fellow Daoist can beat me, I will transfer the cultivation quota of the five-colored mountain Holy Land.”

Xiong Li’s domineering voice is in the ears of everyone sounded.

Then Xiong Li turned around and threw himself into the arena of life and death.

Thousand Spirit Sect’s Disciple lost interest when he saw that it was Xiong Li.

It’s too hard to beat.

At this time, the plum stone in the crowd flashes through a bright light.

Get up and walk towards the direction of Xiong Li’s life and death arena.

At this point, the two sects Disciple was drawn again.

“I have never seen Little Martial Uncle make a move. It is rumored that it is very difficult to deal with. This time I can finally see it.”

“This bear power is overwhelming our Spirit Sect this Generation Disciple has been on his head for hundreds of years, hoping Little Martial Uncle can beat him.”

As Plum entered the Life and Death Battle arena, all Thousand Spirit Sect Disciples began to spontaneously support him.

Although the relationship between two sects is good, it should be divided into high and low.

As the two sects communicate with each other over the years, Xiong Li has almost smashed all Heaven’s Chosen of the Thousand Spirit Sect with the Mingjin hammer in his hand, casting his invincible image.

“The Great Elder told me when he came, that I can have a good time in this battle.” Xiong Li looked at Li Zishi and said, he felt a danger from Li Zishi. breath.

But it was this breath that made Xiong Li even more excited.

“You’re strong, but you’re not that far.”

A Dao Item Spirit Sword appeared in Li Zishi’s hand.

At this time, everyone watching the live broadcast on Yinling Island stopped chatting and watched the battle seriously.

Xu Fan looked at Li Zishi and couldn’t help nodding.

“Heaven’s Chosen, who can make an exception for the Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder, is indeed extraordinary.” Xu Fan praised.

Arriving at his this realm, you can see a lot at a glance.

“Master, how strong is this Li Zishi?” Xu Gang asked curiously.

“You can barely beat him, but this plum stone has been in cultivation for hundreds of years. If you haven’t advanced to the Great Ascension Venerable, you won’t be able to.” Xu Fan said.

“It’s so strong!” Xu Gang exclaimed.

“The innate talent is there, plus its own efforts, it is not surprising to have today’s achievements.” Xu Fan as it should be by rights said.

Xu Gang once again felt the importance of innate talent.

“Master, if I change my mind and rehabilitate, can I increase my innate talent?” Xu Gang thought about it and said.

β€œDon’t think about the good things, the innate talent won’t change if you turn your mind, it just allows you to relearn another way.”

β€œThe teacher chooses the path of cultivation for you. , is the most suitable for you.” Xu Fan waved and said, telling Xu Gang not to think wildly.

While everyone was talking, the battle between Xiong Li and Li Zishi began.

I saw Li Zishi holding a Spirit Sword and cut out one after another. The dazzling sword light directly drowned Xiong Li in it.

(End of this chapter)

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