My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 709

Chapter 709 The battle is over

Every sword light cut by Li Zishi contains terrifying formidable power.

Every time you hit Xiong Li’s heavy armor, a special spiritual power melts into Xiong Li’s body.

And the sword dao contained in each sword light is also extraordinary.

Heart Slash of Heart Sword Dao, Tyrant Slash of Power Sword Dao, Soul Slash of Liu Yun Dao…

Several kinds of sword dao have the words at hand in the hands of Li Zishi, As soon as he made his move, Xiong Li was so pressed that he couldn’t raise his head.

The Disciple of the Thousand Spirit Sect was stunned, and the Disciple of the hidden Spirit Sect also mouth opened wide, and their invincible Eldest Senior Brother was just suppressed.

Li Zishi slashed with a sword in one hand, and pressed down against Xiong Li with the other hand.

For a moment, Xiong Li only felt that the sky darkened.

Looking up, a huge palm print appeared in the sky, and slapped him fiercely.


The earth shook, Xiong Li lay in the middle of a huge palm print, his face flushed, and his eyes were already showing scarlet color.

“That’s right, I finally met an enemy at the same level that I can attack with all my strength.”

Five types of Spiritual Qi rose from Xiong Li’s body, and then formed a ten-zhang Golden Body Dharma Idol. Finally, after another transformation, the Golden Body Dharma Idol becomes the color of Primal Chaos.

The sword light continued to slash, hitting Xiong Li like a stone sinking into the sea.

It’s just a wave of waves on the Chaos Dharma.

Li Zishi’s expression began to change, it was the kind of obvious interest.

“Keep fighting!” Xiong Li shouted.

The Chaos Phantasm is holding a giant hammer and heading towards the plum stone strikes.

The plum stone made a seal with one hand, and a golden light rose up.

He directly took over Xiong Li’s full strength attack.


The whole battle Small World began to fight.

“The strength of the world is not enough, it is blessing~” the voice of the grapes sounded.

Countless Five Elements Source Power began to flow towards Small World.

But that didn’t affect the battle between the two.

At this time, Li Zishi, with his left hand Five Elements Dao Fa right hand holding a sword, has the words at hand, and uses his extremely flexible movement method to fight Xiong Li.

At this time, everyone watching the live broadcast on Yinling Island suddenly felt a little strange. They actually saw a trace of Xu Fan’s shadow from Li Zishi.

“Master, this plum stone looks a bit like you.” Wang Xiangchi said.

“Battle method is like, thousands of ways, thousands of Divine Ability to use.” Xu Gang said.

“It’s like one or two percent. After all, I don’t have to be so troublesome.” Xu Fan said indifferently while watching the live broadcast screen.

He felt that if nothing else happened, this plum stone was the aptitude ceiling of the cultivation world, and if it was any higher, it would hang.

“I really want to fight with him.” Xu Gang said.

“Don’t worry, after he defeats Xiong Li, he will naturally find a way to challenge you.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this point, the battle between Xiong Li and Li Zishi was at its most intense.

The collision of body refinement with Taoism and sword dao.

Xiong Li’s Chaos Law can accommodate more and more attacks, and his size is also getting bigger and bigger.

When the Chaos Dharma swelled to a high, Xiong Li launched the strongest blow.

The two giant hammers suddenly strikes together, and the entire Chaos Law explodes.

Small World, where the two fought, also cracked a little, but it was quickly repaired by the grapes.

When the strongest blow exploded, Li Zishi just quickly dodged aside and disappeared into the void.

It wasn’t until after Xiong Li’s strongest blow erupted that Li Zishi stepped out of the void calmly.

Looking at Xiong Li, holding a sword in one hand and a Five Elements seal in the other.

“You are strong, but not strong enough.” Li Zishi’s cold voice sounded.

After the strongest blow, Xiong Li gasped and looked unscathed, and the calm Li Zishi laughed.

“You are a good opponent, I admit defeat~” Xiong Li raised his head and said.

With all his means, he couldn’t hurt Li Zishi, and there was no point in hitting him.

“I’m just taking advantage of the space. If I’m hit head-on by your blow, there’s no chance of me surviving.” Li Zishi said.

“If you lose, you lose, and there is no such thing as taking advantage of you.” Xiong Li left the virtual world after speaking.

At this time, all the two sects Disciple watching the battle were in absolute silence, and they were all shocked by the imposing manner that broke out when the two were fighting.

“It’s something that Integration Realm can do.”

“I think Xiong Li’s Eldest Senior Brother’s move can take at least half of the people away in the square. .”

“Zishi Little Martial Uncle is so powerful that he has mastered several Taoist methods at a young age.”

“didn’t expect, this cultivation world is still There are people who are better than Xiong Li’s Eldest Senior Brother.”

Li Zishi also came out of the virtual world and began to participate in various projects to accumulate points.

Li Zishi participated in all the projects and won the first place with ease, and set a lot of records that are beyond the reach of everyone.

“It’s really a monster, boss, you didn’t get this Disciple in vain.”

In the Supreme Unity Palace, Qian Ling Venerable said to the Supreme Great Elder, who only knew himself before. This Martial Nephew was very difficult to deal with, but I didn’t expect it to be so powerful.

“It’s still almost a problem. Compared with the elders whose serial numbers are in ten, they are inferior in every aspect.” Supreme Great Elder said with a smile, although he said so, but his face showed extreme satisfaction look.

More than 900 years of careful cultivation, and now it has finally come to fruition.

“It looks like this is a solid first.” Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Third Elder said.

At this time, Qianling Venerable shook the head instead.

“It’s almost too late, the Hidden Spirit Sect has lineage’s unique Heavenly Puppet Masters, they can control the puppets to fight.”

“Some people have weak cultivation bases, but they can control Integration The Realm and even the Great Ascension Realm puppets have good battle strength.”

“If they show up, I don’t know what will happen.” Qianling Venerable said.

“Second, are you worried about that Sui Ying?” Qian Spirit Sect Supreme Third Elder thought of Sui Ying, with a look of amazement in his eyes.

<> Thousand Spirits Venerablep nod.

“Don’t think so much, just look at Zishi’s performance. Anyway, he has already won for him. Whether he can get it or not depends on his ability.” Qian Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder said with a smile, yes The discipline taught by myself is very confident.

After Li Zishi participated in all the projects, he contacted Grape, saying that he wanted to challenge the disciples of the hidden Spirit Sect Great Elder.

“I’ll just say it, you don’t have to worry, he will definitely come to you.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this time, Wang Xiangchi was a little moved.

“If you go to Xiang Chi, it will be a tie at most. A little negligence may overturn the car. You should wait.”

“Xingci and Xu Gang go, be a little more stable.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this moment, Xu Fan suddenly got a reward from grapes, saying that Zhou Kailing, a good discipline he had gone out to practice, returned to Yinling Island.

Xu Fan suddenly thought of a funny thing when he heard the news.

“Master, I finally saw you.”

“When I went back, I found that the huge lake of hundreds of li had turned into a big hole, but it scared me, I I thought something happened to you guys.” Zhou Kailing finally returned home.

(End of this chapter)

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