My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 710

Chapter 710 There is no way, the pressure is too high

“It didn’t take long, why did you come back?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

“I was just passing by and went back to the sect to see the situation, didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen when I left.” Zhou Kailing said fortunately that you guys are all right.

“Kailing, you didn’t cause me trouble when you were outside, did you?” Xu Fan looked at Zhou Kailing and asked seriously.

Seeing Xu Fan’s serious expression, Zhou Kailing quickly shook his head, expressing that he has always been honest outside.

“Master, my experience this time is mainly to find inspiration, and I will never cause trouble for the master.” Zhou Kailing assured again.

“That’s good. When you taught you Young Martial Nephew’s Immortal Palace feast, you just gave it to others to use it casually. As a result, they held grudges for hundreds of years.”

“If the two sects are not friends, they will be enemies of life and death,” Xu Fan said.

“Master I know.” Zhou Kailing nodded.

“I’ll give you a task now. Someone is going to challenge you. You are the weakest to deal with it first.”

“The grapes will guide you to that place in a while.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Ah, I wanted to see the master and left, and continue to look for inspiration.” Zhou Kailing froze for a moment and said, didn’t expect himself, the weakest, to be caught as a strong man.

“You can go as soon as you go, how can there be so much nonsense, when can’t you find inspiration?” Xu Fan waved Zhou Kailing away.

At this time, Li Zishi, who was meditating in the Spirit Sect, received the news.

It is said that the Disciple of the hidden Spirit Sect Great Elder came to fight and let him go to fight.

Li Zishi received the news, got up and flew towards the two sects Disciple communication area.

At this moment, all the Disciples in the hidden Spirit Sect looked at Zhou Kailing in amazement.

“Who invited this great god here.”

“Does the Great Elder want to break off relations with Qian Spirit Sect?”

“What the hell is that plum stone? What’s wrong? The Great Elder is so cruel?”

The Disciples of the hidden Spirit Sect guessed, only Zhou Kailing greeted the surrounding Disciples with a smile.

Foreign Domain in the two sects exchange area, a ray of light crossed from the sky, fell into the square, and then entered the virtual arena, waiting for the Disciple of the hidden Spirit Sect Great Elder to arrive.

Zhou Kailing also received the news and walked towards the virtual arena.

“Li Zishi, Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder, personally passed down six Disciples.” Li Zishi said, a trace of doubt flashed in his eyes, why the Great Elder’s Chief Disciple didn’t come out.

“Zhou Kailing, the hidden Spirit Sect Great Elder, the fifth disciple.”

Looking at Li Zishi in front of him, Zhou Kailing frowned. He has been obsessed with deducing Divine Ability all these years. He is not good at fighting, how did his master let him fight against such a formidable opponent?

“Zhou Kailing!!” Li Zishi’s heart jumped suddenly, he remembered the Immortal Palace feast.

“Immortal Palace feast, but it was deduced by Fellow Daoist.” Li Zishi, who has always been indifferent, also began to become polite.

He didn’t dare to be rude to someone who could create the Divine Ability of Immortal Palace Feast.

“Yes, it’s been more than 1,000 years, and the Immortal Palace feast has been updated several times, but I haven’t had the chance to experiment.”

Zhou Kailing’s words made Li Zishi start to jump , he suddenly had the urge to admit defeat.

“Fellow Daoist, don’t worry, the master told me that the enemy of life and death can’t use this Divine Ability.”

“Let’s learn and fight normally.”


Zhou Kailing looks like I know what you are afraid of.

Hearing this, Plum Stone was relaxed.

In his perception, Zhou Kailing is just an ordinary Integration Realm cultivator.

Li Zishi made a please gesture, indicating that the battle can begin.

Zhou Kailing is also nodded.

“The battle begins.”

With the sound of in the sky, Li Zishi started to slash with all his strength.

Zhou Kailing turned into an illusory shadow, and the sword lights exploded at his original position.

100 meters away from the original position, Zhou Kailing’s silhouette appeared, and then he waved his hand lightly.

Suddenly, a strange fragrance floated across the battle space.

Li Zishi didn’t even think about it, the five senses were directly closed.

But for some reason, he could still feel the strange fragrance, and it slowly melted into his soul.

For this weird Divine Ability, Plum Stone chose to hide in space.

“Space Yiyi, I have really researched this aspect.” Zhou Kailing laughed, then both hands forming seals.

Li Zishi, who was hiding in the space, also smelled this strange fragrance.

“Fellow Daoist, what kind of Divine Ability is this?” Li Zishi couldn’t help but ask, he was afraid it was the same Divine Ability as Immortal Palace feast.

“This is my original Divine Ability, the name is Fragrance Into the Soul. If Fellow Daoist can’t think of a way to prevent this scent from merging into your soul, Fellow Daoist will perform the follow-up Divine Ability after one hour. “Zhou Kailing said easily.

β€œWhat is the follow-up Divine Ability?”

β€œGods and Demons Breakfast, All Immortals Lunch, Divine King Dinner.”

β€œThese are a series of , but Fellow Daoist, please rest assured, I will not cast these Divine Ability on you, as long as you can defeat me before you fall asleep, you will be victorious.” Zhou Kailing said with a smile.

At this moment, Li Zishi panicked when he heard the name of the Immortal Palace feast.

At this moment, Li Zishi couldn’t care about the strange fragrance that melted into his soul. After coming out of another dimension, he frantically launched an attack on Zhou Kailing.

In the sky, several Spirit Swords appeared, forming a mysterious sword array and slashing towards Zhou Kailing.

Innumerable Five Elements Divine Ability formed a torrent of Taoism and blasted towards Zhou Kailing.

The whole life and death arena, Small World, began to be violent.

And Zhou Kailing flexibly dodges in sword light and Divine Ability.

“Little Junior Brother’s movement method Divine Ability is not bad!” Xu Yuexian praised.

“Ever since I said, as long as others can’t beat you, you can be invincible, this smelly brat is very interested in this movement method Divine Ability.” Xu Fan said with a smile .

“He has been staying in his own nest, he hasn’t come out much, and of course he has no chance to show it.”

Although Zhou Kailing’s Divine Ability is sensitive, but in Li Zishi’s full strength Under the attack, it was also attacked a little, but it was not a big problem.

At this time, the fragrance in the battle field became more and more intense, and Li Zishi’s expression also became nervous.

From the mouths of other Disciples, he knew the horror of the Immortal Palace feast, and he didn’t want to hear about this thing.

Now let him confront the creator of this Immortal Palace feast, and he refuses in his heart.

“Fellow Daoist Li, can you get used to this type of fragrance? Or I’ll change it for you.” Zhou Kailing snapped his fingers as he spoke.

Suddenly, an extremely charming aroma of barbecued meat began to permeate the entire battlefield.

“This kind of natural phenomenon can be changed at any time, it can change into a natural phenomenon, or it can change into a stench, both of which are interconnected.”

Li Zishi Smelling this fragrance, he immediately gave up attacking Zhou Kailing.

He looked up towards the sky and said, “I admit defeat.”

There is no way, and the pressure is too great.

(End of this chapter)

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