My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 711

Chapter 711 The River

Zhou Kailing, who ended the battle, was a little surprised.

“Don’t, Fellow Daoist, you can keep persevering, as long as you put aside the fear in your heart, it will be very easy to overcome.” Zhou Kailing persuaded.

He felt like he was a little out of control, but let him fight the enemy, he only had these means.

“No need, Fellow Daoist’s Divine Ability is amazing, I’m convinced.” Li Zishi said, his tone was still very polite, without the feeling of being angry and saying the opposite.

“So I have completed the task of Master, Fellow Daoist, if fated will meet again in the future, if possible, you and I are in a real battle.” Zhou Kailing said.

“No no no, Fellow Daoist and I have hit it off, and I especially want to call you big brother affectionately. How can there be any reason to do something to big brother?” Li Zishi said quickly, his current thoughts are thousands of dollars. Don’t offend the person in front of you who must not be provoked.

The most important thing is to send him back happily.

“Fellow Daoist is polite.”

Zhou Kailing nodded, then turned into a ray of light and flew towards Yinling Island.

At this time, there was a hearty laughter from the Thousand Spirit Sect Taiyi Temple.

“Haha, didn’t expect Great Elder to play like this.” Qianling Venerable said with a smile.

“But then again, a cultivator like Zhou Kailing, who would dare to provoke anyone who knew a little about him?” Qian Spirit Sect Supreme Third Elder said.

“If this child is promoted to the Great Ascension Venerable, no one in the entire cultivation world would dare to provoke him.” Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder said.

A Thousand Spirits Venerable and Supreme Third Elder agreed nodded.

“In the future wars, put this kid in the Human Race camp, I don’t know how many Monster Venerable Dao Hearts can be destroyed by Monster Race.”

“It can be very useful in the future. I’ll talk to the Great Elder when I have a chance.” Qian Ling Venerable thought for a while and said.

At this time, Zhou Kailing, who returned to Yinling Island, was saying goodbye to Xu Fan.

“Master, I have to go, or I have to wait for the next Xingzhou from Qianling Immortal City.” Zhou Kailing said.

β€œWhere do you want to find inspiration this time?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

“I want to go to Xiangzhou to have a look and develop some Divine Ability for the five senses of Monster Race. In the future, in the battle between sect and Monster Race, maybe it will be useful.”

Xu Fan nods after hearing his disciple.

“Yes, the idea is very pragmatic. Pay attention to safety when you go out. If you get into trouble and can’t solve it yourself, come back immediately.” Xu Fan said.

Although he said that he was afraid that Zhou Kailing would make trouble, but as his master, even if he got into trouble, he was the one who immediately protected him.

“Don’t worry, Master, the Disciple will focus on its own safety.”

“Besides the Great Ascension Realm puppets that the Master put on me, the Disciple feels that it can handle general problems. Solved.” Zhou Kailing said with a smile.

Zhou Kailing left Yinling Island again. Xu Fan looked at Zhou Kailing who was leaving, and suddenly thought that he seemed to have a discipline outside.

“I don’t know what happened to that kid. It seems that I haven’t seen him for a long time.” Xu Fan touched the chin and said.

At this moment, Xu Fan suddenly received a message from good brother Wang Yulun.

“Brother Xu, come here quickly, there are good things here!!”

A sentence and a location are attached, which makes the West a little imaginative.

I didn’t watch the live broadcast of the local two sects Disciple exchange, and flew directly to the location that Wang Yulun said.

It was a small valley surrounded by mountains, and the terrain was very strange.

The whole small valley is like a village-sized mortal, and there is a clear stream flowing through the valley.

The grilled fish that Wang Yulun and Xing are eating together.

“I found something good.” Xu Fan asked curiously.

“Brother Xu, I found that this grilled fish can increase the cultivation talent and perception.” Wang Yulun said with some surprise, motioning Xu Fan to sit down and taste it.

Xu Fan sat down and took the grilled fish from Wang Yulun.

Looking at the burnt color on the grilled fish, I couldn’t help brows slightly wrinkle.

“I’m over a thousand years old, so I can’t even play with fire.” Xu Fan waved summon and replaced Wang Yulun with a Taoist puppet.

Looking at the grilled fish, Xu Fan directly tore off the next half with spiritual power, absorbed the nutrients directly into the body, closed his eyes one after another, and felt it carefully.

Xu Fan’s eyes light up. This seems to really increase aptitude and perception. Although it is not necessary for him, he can feel the feeling that aptitude and perception are slightly strengthened.

“Grape, is this fish recorded in the database?” Xu Fan asked.

“There is no record in the database. There are very few treasures in this world that can increase aptitude and perception. Every piece of grapes that have been recorded are recorded.” Grape said.

The remaining half of the grilled fish is also absorbed by Xu Fan.

“Brother Xu, you should try it anyway. Actually, I baked it very well.” Wang Yulun said.

“I don’t know if you did well in the test, but it’s a waste of your time.” Xu Fan said, looking at the three transparent crystal fish in the stone tank.

β€œWhy waste?” Wang Yulun was a little puzzled.

“You have caught the fish. Of course, you have to control the breeding and cultivate more fish, so as to maximize the profit.” Xu Fan’s eyes flashed with aura, looking at the crystal in the stone tank said the fish.

β€œBut I feel that these fish belong to Spirit Physique, there is no male or female to say.” Wang Yulun said.

“I didn’t have it before I came, but I have it since I came.” With a wave of Xu Fan, he put the stone jar into the Dao Item palace.

“Lend me to study for a while, and then I will pay you back when the time comes.”

“What do you still have to pay? Except for my daughter-in-law, mine belongs to Brother Xu.” Wang Yulun said generously.

At this time, the star next to Wang Yulun was a little unhappy, she still wanted to eat this kind of grilled fish.

A pack of minced fruit gummies crossed a graceful arc in midair and fell in front of the stars.

Suddenly smiling, you can skip the grilled fish.

Then Xu Fan turned his attention to the small valley, the only small river.

Compared to this fish that can increase aptitude perception, this small river is more valuable for research.

“This is just an ordinary small river, there is no reason to breed that kind of fish.” Xu Fan said after scooping a handful of river water with his hands.

At this moment, the spring, the source of the small river, suddenly flashed a little aura, and there was a hint of grandeur and grandeur in the aura.

Xu Fan took one step and appeared in the spring, the source of the river, the next second.

“What kind of Divine Immortal chance is this? You can come across such things.” Xu Fan looked at the spring and said in shock.

Not long after, the stars brought by Wang Yulun also came to Xu Fan.

“Brother Xu, what happened just now?” Wang Yulun asked kindly.

Xu Fan didn’t answer, but looked towards the star beside Wang Yulun.

“Did you feel it just now?”

“Isn’t that the river? Occasionally branching, it’s normal to leak a little breath.”

“But It’s really rare to show fish.” Xing said nonchalantly.

(End of this chapter)

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