My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 713

Chapter 713 Eyes open

Not long after Shadow Thorn finished speaking, the Spirit Sect female disciple with a hot body and beautiful appearance was swiped by a random Space Crack and directly Be eliminated.

Seeing the shadow thorn sighed here, he turned his head and said to Han Feiyu: “Let’s go, let’s go to our teammates to participate in the battle royale.”

“You don’t want to have any contact with that Senior Sister. Maybe? Maybe you will form a Dao Companion.” Han Feiyu said with a smile.

“Do you want to touch it?” Shadowthorn was obviously moved.

“Leave this to me~” Han Feiyu said, looking towards the female disciple who had just quit the life and death race.

“This Junior Sister, the two of us want to team up with you to participate in the battle royale. With Junior Sister joining us, the top 10 is guaranteed.” Han Feiyu went up to invite him directly.

The woman who was asked was obviously stunned, her beautiful little face full of doubts.

“Could this senior brother admit his mistake? I’m Disciple of Thousand Spirit Sect, how can I team up with you.” The woman shook her head softly.

“There are no rules for two sects, Disciples of different sects cannot form a team.”

“We are familiar with the situation of hidden Spirit Sects, and you are familiar with the situation of thousands of Spirit Sects, so we There are also corresponding ways to deal with experts in the battle royale game.”

“The combination of strong powers, maybe we can get the top 10 comprehensive points.” Han Feiyu said with a smile.

Hearing Han Feiyu say this, the female disciple was obviously moved, and her beautiful little face seemed to think of the scene after becoming the top 10.

“But my battle strength is only in the upper middle class in the Thousand Spirit Sect.” female disciple said.

“It’s okay, Fellow Daoist just needs to play a little support, and leave the rest to us.” Han Feiyu said with a smile.

At this moment, Heaven’s Chosen, a Thousand Spirit Sect, appeared beside the female disciple.

“This Fellow Daoist, the girl from our sect, don’t bother you to form a team.”

“Xiao Qi, come with me, my brother will be with you.” That After Heaven’s Chosen finished speaking, he left with the female disciple.

The female disciple named Xiaoqi also turned around and apologized to Han Feiyu.

At this time, Shadow Thorn appeared in front of Han Feiyu lightly saying.

“The goal of the battle royale is clear, dare to hit my Senior Brother Han in the face, I must use a knife to open another eye on his ass, so that he can see more clearly in the future.”

“I feel like you are scolding me.” Han Feiyu said with a pouted mouth.

Although Shadow Thorn is not called Han Feiyu’s big brother, its title has changed from Junior Brother Han to Senior Brother Han.

“This is not important, the important thing is that our must open his eyes.” Shadowthorn said, and walked towards the battle royale area with Han Feiyu.

The two sects Disciple communication area has a special place, which is dedicated to the communication between Artifact Refinement Master and Pill Refinement Master.

As a Refiner Sect division, the second iron has become the Eldest Senior Brother of the Spirit Sect refiner lineage.

Interacting with Refiner Dao with Disciple of Spirit Sect refiner lineage.

Although there are not many Disciples for the two sects refiner, there are nearly a thousand in total. These are the precious Disciples of two sects.

Thousands of Spirit Sect’s Disciples of all refining lineages all looked at the second iron with some envy.

Not because he is a Refiner Sect master, but because his master is the Refiner Great Grandmaster, the legendary Great Elder of the Spirit Sect.

Nowadays, due to Xu Fan’s remarks, the number of Refiner Sects in Qian Spirit Sect is increasing day by day.

Thousands of Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder go out for a walk from time to time, and don’t provoke that kind of top clan, but choose the kind of racial bullying that is neither strong nor weak.

I will borrow a Refiner Sect for you directly, and I will ask you if you can borrow it.

So today’s Thousands of Spirit Sect and Refiner Sect teachers are strong, and almost all the Disciples of the refining lineage can be assigned to a Monster Race Refiner Sect master.

But this is the case, for a thousand years, there is only one Refiner Sect teacher in the Spirit Sect, so the lineage Disciple of the Spirit Sect turned its attention to the Great Grandmaster, the Refiner of the Spirit Sect. , I hope that the Great Grandmaster of the refiner can guide you on a road that suits you.

At this time, all Disciples of the refining lineage have received an exam question.

“Please use spirit iron and thousand-year-old profound stone to refine a Spirit Sword. The top leader will get 5,000 points, the outstanding person will get 1,000 points, and the good person will get 500 points.”

The Disciple of lineage all laughed when they saw this question.

Human Race’s Artifact Refinement Master, at the first entry, is refining Spirit Sword, most of the first Dao Item refined by Refiner Sect masters are also Spirit Sword.

“With 5000 points, the spirit ore you exchanged can be used to refine Two Dao Artifacts.”

“Don’t think about 5000 points, this 1000 can be grasped, maybe we can make it together. , you can hide the number of Spirit Sect training.”

“It would be better if the Spirit Sect could get in touch with Starship Refinement.”

Qian Spirit Sect’s Disciple said excitedly, he thought that the two sects Disciple exchange did not have their Artifact Refinement Master.

But they were happy after receiving the notice, and they also got points for coming to exchange and learn.

With the points, you can exchange for anything of the two, and even if you have enough points, you can exchange for the teaching course of the Great Grandmaster.

A super large square was instantly divided into countless refining rooms for the Artifact Refinement Master to refine the Spirit Sword.

All Artifact Refinement Masters first looked at the quality of the spirit ore provided, and then began to conceive of the kind of Spirit Sword they wanted to refine.

Dirty looked at the spirit ore on the table, and first took out a spirit fire furnace, an iron case and a giant hammer.

Then with a wry smile, he began to smelt the spirit ore on the table.

“It’s been so many years, every time I feel like I’m not a serious Refiner Sect teacher.” Ertie looked at the hammer in his hand and said, but then he didn’t think much about hammering it. Spirit ore that has been smelted.

The sound of hammering sounded like a beautiful chapter.

At this point, the second battle royale begins immediately.

The final winner of the last game was Li Zishi. Although he had the strength to crush everyone, he almost overturned in the last battle royale, but unfortunately only a little.

It’s a pity to let the Hidden Spirit Sect Disciple who participated in the sniper attack on Li Zishi. Back then, they used this method to snipe Xiong Li.

Li Zishi, who had just finished the battle royale, walked out of the virtual world with some heart palpitations.

If he hadn’t used all the means just now, he really wouldn’t have won the first place in this battle royale.

At the same time, this also began to make him reflect, no matter how strong he is in the future, try not to be outnumbered, otherwise it will be too laborious to deal with.

“That Xiong Li has not yet shot, just the cooperation of more than 10 hidden Spirit Sect Disciples can force me to such a situation, really terrifying.” Li Zishi said.

Li Zishi’s previous mentality of being invincible in the world slowly began to change, and the arrogant imposing manner on his body began to gradually soften.

It happened that this change was seen by the Disciple of the hidden Spirit Sect, and I couldn’t help but sigh.

“It will be even harder to deal with next time.”

In the past, when the hidden Spirit Sect civil war sniper Xiong Li, there are often winners and losers.

Xiong Li has always maintained a stance of wanting to crush everything, which is why they often win in the future.

If Xiong Li is wretched, it’s really not easy to snipe in the battle royale.

(End of this chapter)

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