My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 718

Chapter 718 The Sword

Thousand Spirit Sect The largest dojo.

Three Supreme Elders looking towards the two in the dojo.

β€œSecond child, how long do you think Zi Shi can last?” asked Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder.

“Take a breath.” Millennium Venerable thought for a while and said.

“You don’t want to concretize the strength of the Great Elder, and don’t think about comparing it to the invincible Venerable when he was young.”

“If you really want to match the standard, you I have to keep up with the Supreme Great Elder, maybe the Supreme Elder was not as good as the Great Elder at that time.”


Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder was speechless and had some taste.

How many winds and rains I have blocked for you over the years, and how many times have I wiped your stinky and unpleasant ass.

But today you made someone so fresh and refined.

“Second child, are you exaggerating what you said?” Qian Spirit Sect Supreme Third Elder looked at the Supreme Great Elder’s face and said quickly.

“I’m telling the truth. In front of the boss, how could I casually praise outsiders.” Qian Ling Venerable said seriously.

Looking at Qian Ling Venerable’s expression, Qian Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder felt even more uncomfortable.

At this time, Li Zishi was under tremendous pressure.

A pair of eyes exudes a strange brilliance, but the expression is unusually cautious, even a little scared.

He has had a pair of eyes that can see into heaven and earth since he was a child. Whenever he encounters a powerful enemy, he will turn on Heaven and Earth and turn the tide of battle.

It can even be applied to the proven place, using Dao of Space to slow down the surrounding time, with the blessing of the realm, and turn a hundred paths.

But each time these eyes are opened, it will take several years to recover, so he will not use them easily, even when he is discussing with Xu Gang until the last moment, he does not think about opening these eyes.

Because he could vaguely perceive that even if he opened his eyes, the final result would be the same.

But today, in order to fight against the legendary Great Elder in the Spirit Sect, Li Zishi directly opened his eyes.

When he set his eyes on Xu Fan, the expression on his face was wonderful.

One of the wonderful uses of his eyes is to see what the enemy is doing.

The various Dao correspond to various colors, such as red for the main Fire Dao, green for the main Wood Dao, and colorful colors for the Five Elements Dao, and this color is then divided into various shapes .

Some are like swords, some are like flames. Some are like a Taoist disk, and some are like a bell.

In his hundreds of years of career, he has gone through several trials of life and death, and the application of this pair of eyes can be considered to be developed to the extreme.

With these eyes, he has seen countless colors and breaths of various shapes.

But today, when he looked towards Xu Fan with these eyes, he suddenly found that he couldn’t find the words to describe the scene in front of him.

It is like the abyss where all things end up.

It is also like the origin of ten thousand realms and the end of ten thousand realms.

Countless cold sweats emerged from the plum stone and dripped down the cheeks onto the ground, as if a little beast harmless to humans and animals had seen the ancient giant beast, which was cruel and fond of all things.

I was too frightened to move.

“Close your eyes, keep them open. I’m afraid you will plant a Heart Demon today.”

Xu Fan’s voice sounded in Li Zishi’s ear, like a An elder’s admonition to a junior is normal.

Li Zishi used all his strength to close his natural eyes.

The three Supreme Elders in the off-court battle also noticed this scene.

β€œBoss, you are still jealous.”

β€œLook at Zishi’s performance, you are so frightened by the breath of the Great Elder that you can’t even move.”

“When I looked at you with these eyes, I only admired you slightly.” Qian Ling Venerable said with a smile.

“Don’t say it, second, it’s very taunting the boss if you take a chance, you will get whipped.” Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Third Elder said.

“I’m just stating a fact.”

Qian Ling Venerable smiled slightly, I have sister-in-law, no one can whip me, no one! !

I don’t know if Qianling Venerable’s cry in his heart was sensed by the Supreme Great Elder, but Qian Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder said softly: “Netherworld told me some time ago that the Elder Council is going to send her there. The extreme northern region guards the Ice Clan, and needs to go out for hundreds of years.”

“Not much to say, you can do it yourself.”

“Boss, I suddenly remembered something, I need to go to the realm of extreme sky.” Qian Ling Venerable thought for a while and said.

I then wanted to leave early, only to find that the surroundings were all sealed by the Supreme Great Elder.

“Anyway, I’ll leave after reading it. After they’ve finished discussing, I have something to say to you.” The Supreme Great Elder’s expression looked very kind.

Same as Qianling Venerable cultivation base Supreme Great Elder’s expression when he came back from wiping his buttocks.

“Boss, can I take back what I said just now?” Qian Ling Venerable regretted extremely in his heart.

“Second, you have to remember that sister-in-law can protect you for a while, but not for the rest of your life.” Supreme Third Elder said with a smile, feeling that his happy time was coming.

At this time, Li Zishi in the dojo has returned to his former calm, but there is still a hint of fear in the depths of his eyes.

β€œWhat did you see with these eyes?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

As soon as Li Zishi’s eyes that penetrated into heaven opened, Xu Fan noticed the opportunity to trace the origin of all things.

“It’s like an abyss, but anyone who touches it will be pulled into it by Weili”

“Zishi just looks at it, and it feels like the Divine Soul is torn apart.”

“The power of the Great Elder is like the glorious sun in the sky.”

“It is untouchable by mortals.” Li Zishi said respectfully, at this time he was completely convinced.

The corners of Xu Fan’s mouth curled up, and the eyes looking towards Li Zishi began to become kind.

Those who knew Xu Fan well, saw this expression and knew that someone had spoken to the apex of his heart.

“The sky is bright and bright.” Xu Fan said in his heart.

Today he has collected a very appropriate adjective.

“Shoot me with all your strength.” Xu Fan looked at Li Zishi and said with a smile.

Looking at Xu Fan’s kind expression like an elder caring for Junior, Li Zishi put down the fear in his heart.

Power of Space began to stir the dojo, and Five Elements Heaven gathered.

Li Zishi cut out the strongest sword.

This sword contains the power of Five Elements Heaven and Power of Space, as if cutting through space, slashing towards Xu Fan.

The three Supreme Great Elders who were outside the arena showed relief when they saw this sword.

No matter how strong the Great Elder is, as the future bearer of the Thousand Spirit Sect, this sword has deepened the thoughts in the hearts of the three.

“It’s really amazing to have grown to such a point over the years,” Qianling Venerable said.

“Maybe in another thousand years, sect will have another invincible Venerable.” Supreme Third Elder said with relief.

“A pair of invincibles, the old ladies of Acacia Holy Land must envy us to death.” Supreme Great Elder said with a smile.

Xu Fan in the dojo looked at this sword with a hint of surprise in his eyes.

(End of this chapter)

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