My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 721

Chapter 721 Teleportation

In the welcoming hall, Zhan Ling, Xu Gang, Li Xingci, and Qiu Ziyuan were entertaining Venerable.

“didn’t expect to be in the cultivation world for so many years, but such a powerful sect has emerged.” Venerable is a little emotional

“senior, I just said that your layout was broken. Well, do you need Junior to put the Cailing Rabbit family back?” Li Xingci said.

“No need, that clan was actually wiped out by you, and it’s not much fun to go back.”

“I’ll look for another chance, and kill a few more people before ascending. An important and invincible Monster Venerable of Monster Race.” All Souls Venerable said with a smile.

He is lurking in Monster Race, just to find a chance to attack the invincible Monster Venerable that is more important to Monster Race.

The target he attacked this time was the purple jade Flood Dragon.

Unfortunately, Ziyu Flood Dragon did not wait, but instead came to Yinling Island.

“It’s troublesome for senior.”

“It’s okay, just find another chance.” Venerable waved his hand to let everyone not care.

“I’ll leave in a moment, ready to go to Monster Race to lurk again.”

“But before I leave, I need you to pass a few messages to the Elder Council, and what grapes will you take? Just pass the news to Shaoyu.”

“Why didn’t senior pass it on by himself?” Xu Gang asked for a while.

“I went to Monster Realm and sealed everything related to the Elder Council, just to avoid causal connections.” Wanling Venerable said, a jade slip appeared in his hand and handed it over crowd.

“It’s a pity I didn’t see your Great Elder, but seeing the rise of such a powerful sector in Human Race is enough.” Wan Ling Venerable smiled and waved to the crowd, letting the grapes open The space seal was sent out.

Those 7 space cubes can not only break the space seal, but also strengthen the space.

“didn’t expect Elder Council’s most mysterious Venerable, whose serial number is nine, is actually in Monster Realm.” Xu Gang said with emotion.

“This is normal. Whether in Monster Race or Human Race, this method is very normal, and some are even in high positions.”

“Maybe the Elder Council has a certain serial number. The former Elder is the backhand laid by Monster Realm many years ago.”

“It is also possible that the new Peak race on the Monster Realm side was cultivated by Human Race, and when the full-scale war begins, they can stab Monster Race at any time. A knife on the side.” Zhan Ling said, not surprised.

“You can still do this.” Li Xingci said nodded.

Zhan Ling looked at Li Xingci’s expression with a black line on his face.

All sects know that you are in charge of intelligence, but you still don’t know how many Monster Race downlines have been developed in your hands?

“Does the highest cultivation base of the Monster Races you assimilate have an Integration Realm?” Zhan Ling suddenly asked curiously.

He knows Li Xingci’s cultivation technique Divine Ability, which is simply the best choice for developing offline.

“Since the Elder is interested, I’ll let you know.”

“Currently, sect has released Monster Race and the highest cultivation base is Great Ascension Monster Venerable.” Li Xing Ci said with a smile, all the people in the welcoming hall are their own people, and they all have the authority to know this level of information.

Although Monster Venerable is nothing for hidden Spirit Sect now, but in Monster Realm, as long as there is no accident, it is a region’s Overlord.

“Great Ascension Monster Venerable!” Everyone was a little shocked.

“Is it strange to spend thousands of years developing several Great Ascension Monster Venerable Levels and others offline?” Li Xingci said with a smile.

“A few more!” Everyone sucked in a cold breath, almost warming the air in Yinling Island.

“Awesome!” said Zhan Ling.

“Actually, it’s nothing, I took a few Great Ascension Realm puppets and directly beat the Monster Venerable to half death and planted the Samsara Seal.”

“The whole process is very It’s easy, there’s no difficulty.”

“If I were to solve the Great Ascension Venerable myself, or cultivate offline from an early age, wouldn’t it be a bit of a loss?” Li Xingci said leisurely, looking at the expressions of everyone.

“Grape, what else needs to be arranged for sect?” Qiu Ziyuan took the opportunity to ask after everyone finished chatting.

“Arrange another vegetable spirit rabbit to take over the work that Wanling Venerable just did.” Grape said with a smile.

“Grape, if the vegetable spirit rabbit just now was changed by the invincible Monster Venerable, what should be done?”

“Is there a plan?” Zhan Ling suddenly asked curiously .

“Space exclusion, and then the entire Yinling Island will be sent to a backup location.”

“The Yinling Island emergency filing has simulated all situations, and everything that can be imagined is available. The corresponding plan.” Grape’s voice was a little proud.

“What if the entire cultivation world is destroyed?” Li Xingci asked. He had seen such records in the lifetime of the Great Thousand Worlds.

“Escape into the space turbulence, rush out of the destruction range, and enter the area outside the cultivation world range. The success rate is 70%.” Grape responded.

Everyone was curious again and asked about many strange ways to invade the grapes, and the grapes all answered one after another.

After Venerable left, Yinling Island returned to normal.

The cultivation of the cultivation, the work of the work, just like this, the Yinling Island spent three years in the extreme sky.

Until one day, the sealed Accelerated Small World opened, and Xu Fan walked out of it with a tired look in his eyes.

“Grape, teleport to the predetermined location, I’m going to die of fleshy body.” Xu Fan raised his head and said.

“As ordered, Master, the long-distance Spatial Teleportation is starting to prepare, and the core of Yinling Island is charging and warming up.” Grape responded.

At the same time, all the Human Races and Monster Races on the Hidden Spirit Island have been notified and gathered in the core world, and the Hidden Spirit Island will be teleported.

In the core world, everyone also saw Xu Fan who had been in retreat for three years.

“Master, how long have you cultivated in the Secret Realm of Time Acceleration?” Li Xingci asked Xu Fan’s breath.

“It’s just over a thousand years.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

He has explained to several disciplines why he uses Time Acceleration.

According to his statement, cultivation is the source lineage of Wandao, and it takes a lot of time to comprehend Wandao.

If you don’t have Time Acceleration, you may stay in this world for 10,000 years, and you won’t be able to be promoted to Great Ascension Venerable.

This kind of half true half false will instantly make several disciples feel ignorant.

“With the talent of a master, if you major in one, you may become an invincible Venerable long ago. .” Xu Gang said.

“Also, I have been with the master for so many years, and I have never seen him use the same Divine Ability to fight with others.” Wang Xiangchi said.

“Master, are you going to be promoted to the Transcending Tribulation Realm this time?” Xu Yuexian said, otherwise Yinling Island would not have been created from a distance for no reason.

Xu Fan nods.

Everyone was overjoyed when they heard it.

“The master is finally willing to advance to the Great Ascension Venerable.” Xu Gang and the others said in surprise.

At this point, with the core Small World shaking for a while, the remote teleportation of Yinling Island ended.

Tianxi Prefecture is the westernmost Great Province in the entire cultivation world, and is surrounded by the endless sea on three sides.

The Great Province least affected by Monster Race.

(End of this chapter)

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