My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 724

End of Chapter 724

Thunder Dragon saw Xu Fan easily suppress and seal one of them.

The ensuing battle became cautious, but even so, it didn’t take long for Xu Fan to seal two more Thunder Dragons.

Xu Fan stood in front of the virtual image of a thousand hands, looking towards Thunder Dragon said with a smile: “What other means do you have, use them to your heart’s content.”

At this time, there were three more thunder beads in the array disk behind the Avatar of the Thousand Hands.

Around the thunder bead, the illusory shadow of the Thunder Dragon faintly hovers around the thunder bead.

There are only six Thunder Dragons off the field now.

They looked towards Xu Fan with more and more cautious eyes.

“Each Solitaire is equivalent to a Venerable battle strength that is a first-time entry into the Great Ascension Realm. It really looks up to me.”

“If I hadn’t advanced to the Transcending Tribulation Realm, I would have to deal with it. You guys are really struggling.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this moment, the remaining six Thunder Dragons suddenly put on a strange Formation with their bodies.

I immediately felt that the thunderball of the Maple Leaf Thunder Dragon began to vibrate, and the power disappeared in little by little.

And the power of the six Thunder Dragons in the Formation began to slowly increase.

As soon as Xu Fan tried to stop it, he was blocked by a mysterious power.

“Is this a cutscene CG during the battle?” Xu Fan said with a dark face.

He felt that he was being targeted, or that he had to be targeted because he was too strong.

As the three Thunder Beads on the array plate were shattered, Xu Fan suddenly found that the battle strength of each Thunder Dragon had increased to 80% of the original.

A strange force appeared in Xu Fan’s body, and then strengthened Xu Fan’s body in a very fast way.

“Although it’s a little tricky, it’s not a big problem.” Xu Fan said lightly.

The thousand-hand avatars then controlled continued to fight.

In this way, in the end, Thunder Dragon has three left, and it has also been enhanced to the level of Qianling Venerable.

“The last one left, do you want to strengthen it to the invincible Venerable Level and other battle strengths?” Xu Fan said, looking at Thunder Dragon, which had skyrocketed to several thousand zhang.

At this time, Xu Fan’s fleshly body strength has skyrocketed, and his strength has also increased a bit.

Xu Fan looked at the time, fighting these Thunder Dragons for almost one day and one night.

“Let’s go here.”

Xu Fan said that there was a Great Ascension Swordsman puppet beside him, holding a Spirit Sword of the fairy level.

a sword light jumps between three Thunder Dragons.

The three thunder dragon corpse were first separated, but they didn’t seem to be of any use.

The beheaded dragon head turned around in the air and returned to its original position.

“Does it only work if the seal digests the energy in it?” Xu Fan thought for a while and summon out a sword array puppet.

The big Five Elements seal sword array is directly taken out, and the five Spirit Swords are placed on the seal sword array.

The three other battle strengths equivalent to Qianling Venerable Level, without any room for resistance, were suppressed by the sword array seal.

The Storm of Swords is whipped up in the seal sword array, consuming the Thunder Dragon’s power in little by little.

In the raging Storm of Swords, the bodies of the three Thunder Dragons are gradually consumed.

Just when Xu Fan thought it was over, the entire Great Five Elements seal sword array suddenly swelled.

The two Thunder Dragons in the seal sword array exploded.

All power is concentrated on a thunder dragon body.

“Heaven treats me not badly, it looks down on me so much.” Xu Fan said, looking at the Thunder Dragon with the body of ten thousand zhang.

The Thunder Dragon in the Great Five Elements Sealed Sword Array is making a great effort, trying to break through the Sealed Sword Array and have a desperate fight with Xu Fan.

It’s a pity that the wish is good, and Thunder Dragon can’t break free with all its strength.

In the end, it was killed in the seal war, and finally self-destructed.

The thick cloud of robbery above Xu Fan’s head opened a small mouth.

A beam of sunlight is cast, and then slowly expands around it, until the robbery cloud in the sky is disappeared.

“It’s finally over.” Xu Fan said, feeling the power of his flesh.

He did the math. There were nine Thunder Tribulations split from his head, and Thunder Dragon was also nine.

“If I hadn’t filled up the innate talent of the Refiner, I wouldn’t have survived this disaster.”

A unique imposing manner of Transcending Tribulation Realm emanated from Xu Fan come out.

“There are still two calamities left, and I don’t know when it will come.”

After crossing the calamity of fleshy body, Xu Fan felt that there was another power in his body brewing.

Like a seed, it will sprout when the time is right.

After Xu Fan finished speaking, he looked all around, and found that thousands of miles around were turned into ruins, indicating that a battle had just happened here.

A Transmission Formation appeared under his feet, and Xu Fan returned to Yinling Island when his aura flashed.

“Master, when you were Transcending Tribulation just now, all within a radius of 100,000 miles were robbery clouds, and the momentum was really terrifying.” Xu Gang said.

looked towards everyone’s concerned eyes, Xu Fan felt a hint of warmth in his heart.

“Isn’t it just 100,000 miles of tribulation clouds, it’s easy to pass for the teacher.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Master, when is your second robbery?” Xu Yuexian asked with concern.

“I’m not very clear about being a teacher.” Xu Fan shook his head and said.

In general, Transcending Tribulation Realm cultivator, after the calamity of fleshy body, there will be a vague date in the mind, this date is also the time when the calamity of the second spiritual power will come, but Xu Fan did not sense it. road.

“The master is of course different from ordinary people, at least I have never seen any Transcending Tribulation Realm’s powerhouse with hundreds of thousands li.” Wang Xiangchi said with a smile.

“Also, how can a normal cultivator mention on equal terms with a master.” Xu Gang said.

“Go back if you have nothing to do, just finishing crossing tribulation, I need to retreat to stabilize.” Xu Fan waved his hand and said.

Several disciplines saluted and retired, and Xu Fan returned to the cultivation room to retreat.

3 months later, Xu Fan came out of the retreat.

β€œWhat happened recently in the sect?” Xu Fan asked.

“Visit from Three Great Sects in the area of Young Sword Immortal City, Azure Sword Sect, Li Sword Sect, Brahma Sword Sect.”

“Trade with Young Sword Immortal City’s characteristic spirit ore A lot of magic weapons.”

“In addition, the suzerain of Three Great Sects wanted to buy Dao Item, but he couldn’t come up with a high-value treasure. The last three suzerains could only collect and buy one. Dao Item.”

“What is the cultivation base of the sovereign?” Xu Fan asked curiously, and it stands to reason that buying a Dao Item shouldn’t be so difficult.

β€œThe three suzerains are all Integration Realm cultivation bases, but because the resources of Young Sword Immortal City are too poor, they can’t come up with anything decent at all.”

β€œSo now , there is just one Dao Item in the hands of the three sectors.” Grape said.

“It’s really pitiful~” Xu Fan said here and remembered the original Heavenly Tower Sect. It seems that there are not many Dao Items in the whole family.

“For the mission released to the outside world, we, Yinling Island, don’t know how long we will have to stay here, so we can give the local some benefits, so that it is not easy to cause trouble.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

“As per your order, master.”

Xu Fan went to the underground space after finishing his order.

The underground space, Small World, contains various arrays with two bodies with the same face as Xu Fan.

As soon as Xu Fan came in, he said with a smile: “Say hello to me when you wake up, otherwise I thought this array was useless.”

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