My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 726

Chapter 726 Holy Mother Xu Fan

Xu Fan immediately teleported back to Yinling Island with Xu Yuexian, and came to the place where he crossed Thunder Tribulation for the first time by himself.

“Grape, what’s the shortest interval between Transcending Tribulation Realm recorded in your database?” Xu Fan said, looking at the condensing Jieyun in the sky.

He only knew before that the Transcending Tribulation Realm was short-lived.

It is usually about a hundred years old.

“The shortest record is that of the Elder Council’s Venerable. He went through three eons without interruption, directly from the Integration Realm to the Great Ascension Venerable, and then became invincible in the Human Race cultivation world.” Grape replied.

Xu Fan looked at the condensed robbery cloud in the sky. The robbery cloud of the second robbery is not like the robbery of fleshy body.

Now the robbery cloud in the sky is blue and ink, like the compression of the majestic Spiritual Qi.

Feeling the huge Spiritual Qi in the sky, Xu Fan laughed.

“I said that after the first calamity, I didn’t feel the time for the next calamity.”

“It turns out that you started to gather after the first calamity, but now Just put together Spiritual Qi.”

Xu Fan laughed.

“You can tell me if Spiritual Qi is not enough. It’s not that there is none here.” The Thunder Tribulation of Spiritual Qi condensed down.

Transcending Tribulation Realm The Spiritual Qi of the second robbery needs to be hard-connected with fleshy body, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the spiritual power in the body.


A Thunder Tribulation with the thickness of a bucket ran from top to bottom, directly running through Xu Fan’s body.

Xu Fan shivered all over, feeling like he had taken a big tonic, and the spiritual power in his body was obviously a little swollen.

At this time, Xu Fan found that he had forgotten a very important thing, that is, when he was in Transcending Tribulation Realm, he had already compressed his spiritual power to the extreme, even if he was promoted to Transcending Tribulation Realm, after Thunder Tribulation, the improvement will not be too obvious.

So the quality cannot be improved, only the quantity can be worked on.

With Xu Fan’s emotion, another Thunder Tribulation smashed down.

It’s like a water bottle full of water, forcibly filled with water.

Xu Fan felt up again, his face was a little uncomfortable, he wanted to release.

However, he found that the spiritual power in his body had been blocked, and if he wanted to release it, he could only wait until after Thunder Tribulation.

Xu Fan, who has always been calm and easygoing, wants to bullshitting at this time.

It’s like the feeling of being forced to drink water all the time.

“You Thunder Tribulation can change shape for me to fight, but it makes me feel very uncomfortable.” Xu Fan said while looking at the sky.

Just as Xu Fan was feeling bad, the third Thunder Tribulation struck again.

It may be the qualitative change caused by the quantitative change, or it may be Xu Fan’s illusion.

Anyway, Xu Fan felt that the Spiritual Qi in his body was compressed a little, and the quality of Spiritual Qi was also improved a little bit.

There is a feeling of holding back the urine and not in a hurry.

While Xu Fan was lucky, the 4th Thunder Tribulation split.

This time, Xu Fan felt a sense of release, as if the bladder had been strengthened, and that little pee was no longer a problem.

The fifth Thunder Tribulation splits.

With a full bladder, Xu Fan starts to feel sick again.

The sixth way, the Spiritual Qi quality in the body is improved, Xu Fan is still uncomfortable.

The seventh track is bladder strengthening.

The eighth path, the bladder is full.

The ninth track, Spiritual Qi quality improvement.

Thus, Thunder Tribulation ends.

Xu Fan looked at the sky and felt very uncomfortable.

He felt as if he was stripped and molested again.

“I don’t feel like I have improved much except through a Thunder Tribulation.” Xu Fan looked at the sky and said with a dark face.

Xu Fan was not very concerned about the spiritual power contained in the reason.

Because every time the realm is upgraded, it has reached the extreme by just purifying and compressing it.

So now for him, it’s just a little more Spiritual Qi that Nascent Soul True Spirit can hold.

Xu Fan held both hands upward, and a Spiritual Qi group with a diameter of several 10 feet that was compressed to the extreme slowly rose and flew towards the sky.

Finally, Spiritual Qi clusters began to transform and condense into clouds, absorbing the water vapor in the sky, and slowly turning into dark clouds.

In a short while, the radius of a hundred miles was covered with dark clouds.

When the water vapor condenses to the extreme, a spiritual rain starts to moisten the earth.

“Finally comfortable.”

It was like holding back for hours and finally releasing half of it.

β€œSince the calamity of Spiritual Qi is over, the calamity of the soul should be coming soon,” Xu Fan said.

At this moment, he felt that his soul was suddenly pulled into a strange space.

In the strange space, Xu Fan saw another self, the evil that he sealed in the depth of one’s soul.

β€œThe worst happened,” Xu Fan sighed said.

He met the Thunder Tribulation that made all Transcending Tribulation Realm cultivators the most nightmarish, the calamity of the soul.

It is also very simple to survive this disaster, that is to defeat the opposite self, a self who understands 100% of himself and is more pure, may be the darkest and cruelest, and may also be the most The best.

At this time, the true self of the soul opposite Xu Fan turned into Xu Fan, dressed in white, gentle and elegant, just like a fine jade gentleman in the world, with pity in his eyes.

But when he saw Xu Fan’s eyes, he was very disgusted.

As if Xu Fan was the embodiment of darkness.

The two Xu Fans looked at each other for a long time, and finally both sighed.

“You could have saved the cultivation world, but you chose the most relaxed way of living.”

“There is a reason why God reincarnated you into this world. , but you failed him.” Xu Fan, who was incarnated in darkness, said, as if he was berating a villain who refused to act and did not want to contribute to the world.

Xu Fan was sighed again.

“Others seal up the darkest, cruelest and most greedy side.”

“And I, who only have truth, goodness and beauty, seal the most Holy Mother side. If you seal it up, it will make me look like a villain.”

“Holy Mother’s me, all the people in the world, have a certain number. How many people can you save by interfering?” Xu Fan looked said Holy Mother Xu Fan.

“Don’t say anything else, just the Monster Race invasion, you can at least save the entire Linsen immortal city, build a giant city, gather the mortal people, and protect them from the Monster Race.”


“But because of your inaction, the reason why tens of billions of mortals were slaughtered by the Monster Race and not willing to save them is just because of your scruples.”

“Having the best innate talent in the world, if you don’t treat the people of Human Race kindly, you don’t deserve to have such innate talent.” Holy Mother Xu Fan, dressed in white, looked down at the salted fish Xu Fan from the commanding heights of morality.

Xu Fan looked at Holy Mother himself, a little helpless.

“I only do what I can do. When I have the ability, I will save the cultivation world.”

“And I have to say, that is The final result is a fight, and the nonsense that follows is omitted.”

Xu Fan said, turning into a virtual image of a thousand hands.

All kinds of Divine Ability were photographed at Holy Mother for a while.

After entering the Transcending Tribulation Realm, Xu Fan thought about the calamity of the soul and all kinds of situations that could be encountered.

In all cases, the last thing Xu Fan wants to face is being sealed in the depth of one’s soul Holy Mother.

He felt that this thing was hundreds of times stronger than the evil in his heart, and it was very embarrassing to face it, just like he was the villain.

(End of this chapter)

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